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     NWA Promo Zone!

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    PostNWA Promo Zone!

    NWA Promo Zone! A6epqeC

    Here you can write promos about current storylines, matches, shows, or anything else you are involved in. Please make sure the promos which you conduct are relevant to your current position in the NWA roster and storylines. Please do not spam or post images in this area. Feel free to challenge unstorylined wrestlers if you wish, but do realize that even though you challenge a member doesn't mean they will face you. These promos are strictly storyline based. All personal feelings should be kept away from this area.
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    NWA Promo Zone! :: Comments

    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Fri Mar 04, 2016 11:39 pm by Guest
    (The Beginning of the End is the Beginning)

    Be honest: who all thought I had it in me last week?

    One well-placed roundhouse to the back of Drew Stevenson’s head, and just like that, I’m well on my way to backing up everything I’ve said about myself. The lofty expectations will be met, and the self-confidence will be proven not to be misplaced. I hope it’s now crystal clear that I’m just as much of a potential champion as any other man walking this company’s halls.

    I’m not gonna sit here and patronize anyone. I get it, the odds were stacked against me. I was in the ring with three of NWA’s best and brightest. I shared the ring with former -- and future -- World champions. I was put through the wringer. It was made painfully apparent that I’d have to earn my keep here, even from day one. When that bell rung, all hell broke loose. The gravity of the situation set in: there were points, and ultimately, a championship opportunity at stake. And we all conducted ourselves accordingly. It was a knock-down, drag-out, and when the dust settled...I came away with the win, and the valuable points. The victory I promised I would earn is now part of the record books. Going forward, people will remember that Aria Jaxon outlasted three of NWA’s top-tier competitors, and begun her tenure here on a winning note. As happy as it makes me to say all of that, I’ll do my best not to get hung up on it. I can’t afford to do that. The fact of the matter is, in this tournament, the tide can change on a dime. It only takes three seconds for the entire complexion of a match to change. Points are a fickle thing; the leaderboard is surely gonna fluctuate as time goes forward. I’ve got to stay on my toes. If I don’t flick the fairy dust outta my eyes, I won’t be in the clear frame of mind I’ll need to be in to come away with another win this week.

    Before last week, I respected Venom for all that he’d accomplished. Now, I probably hold him in higher regard than I did before, simply because now, I’ve had a front row seat to exactly what he can do. I think it’s a privilege to share the ring with him two weeks in a row. Venom is 100% worthy of being viewed in the light that he is. He deserves to be placed on the pedestal that he is, and so I’ve got no reservations about having him as a partner this week. Let’s be real, “The Fallen Monarch” has every spare thought on getting back to his throne, so he’s not gonna fuck around. If nothing else, he’ll work with me because he wants these damn points. He admitted up front last week that he knew next to nothing about me, and that’s okay. At this stage, he still might not know much, but I hope he took away one thing: that I know how to win. So if you’re clueless about everything else, keep in mind that I’m tough to keep down as an opponent -- as I’m sure you now know -- but I’m invaluable as an ally.

    To be elite is to be a cut above the rest. It’s to excel, and to be almost too great for words, so forgive me if I don’t see anything elite about Chris Elite. I don’t mean to sound rude, sweetheart, but I dunno, you haven’t exactly tried to build a high profile for yourself in the time you’ve been here. I know, you’re probably thinking, “You just got here too, so where do you get off?” but I’m not falling by the wayside, being content with being an afterthought. Time is of the essence. The time period in which we’re here, this is the best time to be here. There’s a rebirth and resurgence going on, so if there’s any time to craft a legacy, this is it. I don’t feel like you’re making the best use of the time we have. In that regard, we’re not on the same wavelength. If you don’t have the same resolve I do, you need to get outta my way. But you won’t. So I’ll go through you.

    I stopped being afraid of monsters under my bed a long time ago, Warden. I stopped being afraid that people like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees would jump off the screen years back. You wanna be the human embodiment of fear, a real-life version of all the things those fictional slashers represented. Or maybe, real killers are more your thing? Maybe you’re a Richard Ramirez and Ted Bundy kinda guy? In any case, there’s no fear or insecurity of mine to be prayed on, not where wrestling is concerned. This is what I was put on this earth to do, so what do I have to fear? That’s the furthest emotion from my mind when I walk down that ramp. Find a new M.O. Rack your brain for ways to get in my head, and I’ll watch as you fall short. This match was never yours to win.

    You can’t just send any random pair of people to combat a dream team, especially not with the stakes being what they are. We won’t be standing across the ring from people who present a great enough obstacle to keep us from winning. NWA TV belongs to Venom and Aria Jaxon -- at least for a night.
    Mark Shadow
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Mar 03, 2016 7:07 pm by Mark Shadow
    [The scene opens to an ancient and decrepit cabin in the woods, there are sounds of birds humming, the trees waving, the branches of the trees snapping off, and the sound of rain banging and slamming down onto the cabin in an intense manner. The cabin's amber and burnished door steadily opens, with Mark Shadow being revealed, gesturing the camera in. Mark paces back and forth, and ultimately, decides to sit on a rocking chair as he stares into the camera.]

    The wheels constantly rotate until they struck upon a roadblock.

    Momentum... Propulsion... Push.... what are these things and why are they a critical and substantial part of human life? The reason is, that without these things, no one would continue their movement forward. No one would pass another, no one would be in the lead, no one would be able to advance and develop. You need momentum to survive in this cruel and harsh world that we live in, and in this wrestling industry as well. There are some who seem to lack the drive and passion to gain these things, but others who just don't have the it factor. On NWA TV, I will be engaging in a belligerent war and battle between another who has demonstrated this so called "momentum," and has established and written down his place in the NWA. Or... that's what people seem to think. Can you be called a victor if who you face, is not a worthy challenger? Can you be called a hero, when the opposition lacks to be a villain? Can you be great when you face others who are not great? The answer to all those questions is negative. Not by any mans, shall a person be granted and acknowledged when all he has done is face mediocre adversaries and competitors. In my humble opinion, Tyler Inspire shouldn't be called a superb athlete, a marvelous wrestler, or even a first-rate man. He has faced off against men that lack the fire deep within them, that lack the different kind of blood in their veins, that lack the factor that you need to be in the top tier of professional wrestlers. He has gotten somewhat fortuitous in who he has had to face, he has had uncomplicated and easy clashes in the ring so far. He has been granted far too many wishes, and far too much for just being a fluke. He has won every single match, but he has done so against imbeciles that should not even belong in that squared circle...

    Until now.

    Tyler Inspire, the clock has struck midnight, and your fairy-tale story is coming to a close. Your wheels have hit the roadblock, and your rise has come to a halt. Everything was ideal for you, everything was laid out and given to you, it seemed foolproof... until my name happened to have landed beside yours for a match. The moment you laid your eyes upon those words, upon my name, you were frightened. You were frightened because you understood that you were no match for my greatness. You have regarded my matches from the back, and have experienced watching from a third person point of view, how incredible and stunning of a man I am, but this time, you can't hide behind your television screen. This time, it's only you and I, in the center of the battlefield, but it won't be much of a war or a battle. I will eradicate and dismantle you, I will abolish and consume you, I will stare at you while you lay there, as uncomfortable as one can be, and I will laugh. I will laugh because I will know that everyone at home, and everyone in attendance, was able to witness me end your pathetic story in 3 precise seconds. It must be aching, it must be agonizing and aggrieving to understand that you cannot defeat me. Sadly, the only thing that could bring pain to you more, and that is unfortunately true, is that you cannot do anything imaginable to adjust or change that fact. I am the conductor of change, and I am display and turn my change into an exhibit, when I express how I perceive your feeble and pitiful attempt at carving out a career for yourself. This is a tournament, and you have unfortunately landed in the worst possible spot, because I am a god among men. I am the golden-outlined name in this tournament, I am the one to watch, and I am the one that will exit this tournament as the victor. I feel a need to apologize, because of how unstoppable of a force, and how immovable of an object I am. Although, don't await or foresee me showing mercy in any way, shape, or form, due to I becoming an absolute behemoth and demon once I enter that squared and roped wrestling ring.

    I foresee a car accident, occuring in your nearby future.

    [Mark Shadow rocks the chair back and forth, as he starts to deliriously and dementedly laugh. He leads his left hand towards his right, and attaches the two together. He then begins to rub them, back and forth, as he leans back into his chair, in an anticipating manner and demeanor.]
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:49 pm by Guest
    Tired of dis...

    Tired of these losses... tired of this inexperience... Tired of these competitors...

    Time for a win... Time for my awakening... Time to get serious...

    I have been repeating this for two weeks and now it's time that I make my mark and show the NWA Universe exactly what I came here to show, and that is to kick everyone's ass in that locker room and if it means becoming NWA champion... Then that's what's going to have to happen. Taurus? Get your ass back to the rodeo we don't have room for illegal immigrants. It's time I started getting into these idiots heads and making them doubt themselves. It's time I kick your ass and leave your blood all over my shoe and the ring. Any surprising chance that your unworthy ass had at holding that title is about to be disintegrated by my sheer determination.

    I'm exhausted from seeing people like you in this industry, the people who stay quiet and hope they can pick up a win out of every once in a blue moon... It's time I started knocking down some of the population.
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:27 pm by Guest

    ---The scene opens outside Terry Chambers private gym in Miami, Florida and the cameraman walks in as Terry is benching 400 pounds and then Terry sits up and wipes his head with a towel and his head has a huge bruise from the hammer shot to the head last week on NWA and then he takes a drink of Gatorade then notices the camera and puts the towel over his shoulder then begins to speak into the camera---

    Terry Chambers: Take a look...take a really long good look because this is who is going to be your NWA World Champion come Extreme Warfare! You don't believe me? Did you see what I did to that street rat Apex Nitro last week on NWA? He got a couple chesapshots in but what did I do? I dusted myself off then from then on I DOMINATED that whole entire match and I T-5ed his ass all the way back to the streets of Detroit! Not only that but I gained 7 points in the world title tournament! I told everybody when NWA got revived, that it was my mission to win that world title and it doesn't matter who you are, it doesn't matter if your name is Pyrite, Apex Nitro, or any of these 7 scrubs in this next battle royal match I have been thrown into this week on NWA TV!

    ---Terry finishes his Gatorade and tosses the bottle and begins to speak into the camera again---

    Terry Chambers: Yes, you heard me right...every single one of these people in this match is not worth my time and is just in the match to make me look good! Let's look at a few examples shall we? First we got Kanie Shiba, who is just another below average wrestler using this industry only to make a good paycheck! I don't know much about him but from what I do know...it is what I just said...no more or no less! Next we have Christopher Kaiden, who I think don't take this business too seriously as he says he does! I think he's more worried about what he's going to say on the mic and he likes to say that he is a gifted performer and to me I think that is a bit of a overstatement because believe me when it comes to me I know when another talent has some potential in that ring! Don't get m wrong, I like his attitude, I really do about he likes breaking necks and being cocky, but he needs to find touch between fantasy and reality! Next up in this match is Kreature! Another man who needs to look up the the difference between fantasy and reality because he likes to say he is going to be the face of this company one day and Kreature, I have got some news for you...that day will NEVER be while I am here in NWA so by my estimation you are going to have to wait for your day and that day won't be until the day I stop breathing, and by the time that happens maybe just maybe NWA will actually have some talented wrestlers and they can be the face of this place and not some little child like you! I will give you your props on traveling the world and doing many thing but I am the person to have traveled ALL around the world and wrestled some of the greatest matches with some of the greatest wrestlers and I have never come across you before and when we meet in the ring, your in for a very rude awakening, and I will also admit you are ok in the ring, that is about all I can say about your wrestling abilities but your abilities compared to mine....you should be holding my fucking jockstrap! And next on the list we have here is someone who goes by the name Emperor Kangxi and all I can say about this fella here is...just...well I just can't stop laughing because he's laughable in the ring and his couple matches he's had here in NWA the past 2 weeks, he has gotten absolutely slaughtered! That's all I can really say about him but now next on the list we got James Cross! A man who I respect in this business! Back when NWA was thriving in it's day, this guy was one of their top stars and he nearly beat everybody that got in his way and that's the type of wrestler you want here in NWA...but guess what..that was then and this is now and I don't have as much respect for him now as I did then because all he is now is a washed up has been who should have stepped away from the wrestling scene a long time ago and all he is doing is just further pushing his body to punishment and not realizing that his time as the star is UP! I'm going to make him realize that come Saturday night in that battle royal match! Next person we have to analyze here is Brayden Cruise! Now this guy actually isn't bad, this guy has the rarity of some kind of respect from Terry Chambers! This guy is an ok talker while at the same time has got some potential to be a star in this business but I'm not sure if he truly loves the business! This guy had a rough childhood growing up and he complains about his dad having a drinking habit well mine was a bit rougher because I never met my dad before and I had to teach myself everything there is to know not only about wrestling but this entire world! You say you were kicked out and you were living on the streets for a while and then you just came to NWA to compete, well I got news for you, we aren't here to give you sympathy and believe me you won't get any from me come Saturday night in that squared circle! And last but not least we have the fucking cancer to the wrestling industry, a piece of trash, and just a guy who I could care less if he committed suicide...Nemesis! Nemesis and I have a huge history in this business, we have fought all over the world and yes he got the upper hnd in the end of the matches and do you want to know why that is? Because like I fucking said they were cheap victories and he likes to take shortcuts to victory and not try to see if you are the better athlete like I do! Then a few weeks ago we had a very bruta; match on the NWA Revival show and I controlled the entire match and what the hell did Nemesis do? He rolls me up and grabs my tights proving exactly what I say he is..a cheap, dirty, disgrace of a human being loser! Nemesis knows the truth, he knows that I am the more superior athlete than he is and I show it each and every time we step into that ring and every other time I am in the ring but then he takes a cheap victory! The fucking guy doesn't belong here...he belongs to the circus, yeah thats right I am going to keep making the circus jokes because that's where not only clowns, but disgraces like you end up! I am on a mission to capture that NWA world title and I am not going to let a imbocile like Nemesis stand in my way! I am going to make quick work of him and get him the fuck out of there! And then I will add 12 more points to my 7 total already in this tournament and move 1 step closer to finally getting what I deserve.....the NWA World Championship!

    ---Terry grabs another Gatorade and takes a sip then pushes the camera out of his face then goes over to the squatting area and Terry is squatting near 550 lbs as the camera fades to black---
    Nero Novak
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:08 pm by Nero Novak
    Saporem, Sanguinis (Taste of Blood)

    *Camera fades into a gloomy atmosphere where a haze of fog appears.*
    *The cameraman rotates around the view 360 degrees as the area is filled with trees, the cameraman assumes that this is a forest.*
    *The temperature is cold out here and the cameraman shudders and grits his teeth as he then looks to see a faint figure silhouette is out in a real far depth of view.*
    *The figure comes closer and closer… what’s this? It’s Nero Novak with a shovel and a swiss army knife holstered into a leather strap that resembles to be a knife leather holder.*
    *As Nero Novak approaches closer… the cameraman backs away much more as he tries to recollect the memories of Nero Novak’s alter ego...*
    *Nero Novak stops in his tracks and whistles loudly.*
    *The cameraman is frozen stiff as he hears Nero Novak say…*
    Nero Novak: Come here! I won’t harm you!
    *The cameraman still is frozen and Nero Novak comes up close to the cameraman uttering…*
    I’m not gonna do anything, let go of the burden…
    *The cameraman relieves some burden off of him, but still has a feeling of it.*
    I am here for one person and he needs to get payback for the dear things he has done last time… Diamond Cage.
    *The cameraman relieves more burden off after hearing that it’s not himself he was speculating on about.*
    Diamond Cage, this is the last time you’ll ever do this to me. And now you want to do it at the perfect match choice, in a steel cage. I will have your flesh hitting the steel as it’ll resemble as a souvenir for me. Souvenirs are what drives me to the point Diamond Cage, I want the part of you as my own souvenir. As they say, a soul makes a person kind-hearted. Diamond Cage, I’m going to take away that soul-driven passion away from you, one way or the other. And you have the fucking nerve to… screw me out of my fucking title match? How fucking dare you Diamond Cage, you see yourself as a man from doing this. I see a degenerate coward from you of your actions.  I wanted to get to the road of becoming the NWA champion, but you take that all away from me, you have angered me even more Diamond Cage and I bet you for sure… things will not go down pretty at the steel cage match. And you had to interfere at that moment where I would win over Mark Shadow… not only what I say will mean it, but it will hurt even more on what I’ll do to you… you got me to the point where… WHERE I CAN… JUST….
    Cameraman: Are you okay Nero Novak?
    *Nero Novak is seen letting out a disgruntled grunt, runs to the tree, and drops the shovel where he threw the knife at.*
    *Nero Novak pulls out the knife to realize that there is sap that is onto the steel blade of the knife.*
    *Wait what… WHAT IS NERO NOVAK DOING? Nero Novak lets out his tongue and what… HE TASTES THE SAP? WHY?!*
    This tastes really good… OH THE SUCCULENT TASTE…
    *Nero Novak tastes even more of the sap and… slowly rotates to the camera.*
    This is what I want to release all my anger on… this sap right here… IT REPERESENTS YOUR BLOOD. SO FUCKING TASTY THAT I CAN FEEL IT WITHIN MY TASTE BUDS.  *Nero Novak gulps the Sap.* This is what makes me real hungry, I want your blood Diamond Cage. You can call me crazy Diamond Cage, but I am more than crazy, I’m a fucking psychopath. And to you, the cameraman, I don’t want your blood or anything, you mean nothing to me. What I want is… I want the prize that is worth more than money, I want DC’s blood, I want his tendons, I want his bones, I want everything taken away from him. Diamond Cage, you’re not going to see a wrestler in that ring, you’re going to see a fucking carnivore. What you did to my race to the title will be unforgivable, I’m going to ruin your image, I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU UP BADLY. You’re going to shed into tears Diamond Cage, what happened last time now triggers a point where I have to make the provoker suffer his own will. As Edgar Allen Poe says, “Thrilled me-filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;” This has thrilled me Diamond Cage, Your blood has thrilled from the point of where I have been terrorized with my own loss of points for the NWA championship. Now I’m going to fill you up with terrors Diamond Cage, terrors of which you’ll regret to even think about. People have told me before that my alter ego was psychotic as this, but believe me Diamond Cage, my own true ego is more suffice and swift than Xplosion will ever be. I’m not as reckless as I was before with my own alter ego, I have learned things to where recklessness can ruin you even more than done. I’m going to make you bleed the smart way, I’m going to knock you down to the ground-
    *Nero Novak then walks to the spot where the shovel is laid down and then picks it up in his own hands.*
     Then I’m going to dig..
    *Nero Novak sets the shovel metal pointing to the ground and then proceeds to dig the terrain.*
    And excavate…
    *Nero Novak digs even more until the shovel stops to the point where some type of stone is blocking from being dug even more.*
    And then Diamond Cage, I’m going to send your dreams below to this very pit.
    *Nero Novak pulls out something from this belt that is hiding from the leather jacket… what is this? It’s…*

    Nero Novak: This is a replica of when you were NWA champion Diamond Cage, It has your name on it on the date of January 6, 2011. If you’re going to rob me of my chance from being NWA Champion, I’m going to ruin your image, dreams, and presence of being NWA champion.
    *Nero Novak violently throws the title to the pit and then… proceeds to spits to the NWA championship with DC’s name on it!*
    If you disrespected me of my chances of being champion, I’m going to disrespect you being champion.
    *Nero Novak now proceeds to bury the ground with dirt with the championship in it! He’s burying the NWA Championship! What a sicko!*
    This title means nothing more to me now since you have raped my chances of becoming one. And you will rue the day… that I’m going to dislocate you every conceivable way from appearance to mental state.
    *The pit is now buried with the title in it!*
    Qouth the raven, Nevermore.

    *The scene fades away with black.* 
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:08 pm by Guest
    king  king  king  king  king  king  king  king  king  king  king  king  king  king  king  king  king

    PPM14 vs Jason Cage
    Promo I
    "Fuck the Media"

    [PPM14 walks around the corner of the hallway humming a familiar tune. He reaches his locker room door, which is like always, studded in diamonds. He looks at it in amazement, obviously taking great pride in the locker room. He walks into the locker room and it's still fancied up. He walks around the locker room corner and hops over the couch, taking a seat. It then becomes familiar what tune he's humming when he starts to speak.]

    "For it's one... two... three strikes you're out in the old ball gaaameee!" PPM14 laughs out loud and smiles at the camera when before he talks, he then gets serious. "Jason Cage, I beat you two weeks ago, I beat you last week. Why the hell would you come back and try again instead of pondering your decisions, running away, tucking your tale and crying, wishing there was a happy ever after, but KNOWING you'll never be good enough for me. You're like that annoying zit that teenagers get during their awkward stage. You come back time and time again, knowing you're going to get popped, but instead of staying away, you always once again rise to the surface only for defeat.

    I fancy myself a Prince and it's because I've earned the right to fancy myself the Prince. It's not a privilege, I had to earn it. Work for it. Be the better man, which isn't really hard because without a shadow of doubt, my worst is greater than or equal to your best. Jacob, the fans are questioning your legitimacy. I'm questioning your legitimacy. I came back here to the United States of America hearing of your great fame, talent, success all over the country. Now I'm really questioning myself. Should the hype be forgotten and it's just the media glorifying certain people based on biasy for no reason  What a Face or am I really that damn good? I mean, the media didn't have to make a name for me. I'm making a name for myself. You can sit this one out, media. I don't need anyone glorifying me. I glorify myself enough anyways.

    Now, there's a great zero in the world right now. Zero gravity? Zero reaction? Zak Zero? No, no, none of that. I'm talking records. Two and Zero. Zero and Two. All you have to do to determine greatness is switch the two around. Two and Zero is great, undefeated actually. Zero and Two means you haven't actually won a match. You've lost your only two matches here. Ironically enough, both of those losses are to me, and both of my wins are against you. Yet, like I stated earlier, you keep coming back? Foolish if you ask me.

    Then again, you're not known for being smart. You're known because the media wants you to be.

    I am your God.

    Look up to me and shield your eyes at the greatness.

    The Prince.
    Mark Shadow
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:44 pm by Mark Shadow
    [The scene opens to some sort of workplace, with a polished floor and creamy and serene walls. There is a ligneous desk located in the center of the room, the camera zooms into it and focuses on the legs of a man on the top face of the desk. The camera pans up to distinguish Mark Shadow, located there with a sinister grin on his face, as he stares into the camera.]

    It is not authority which creates us, but us who creates authority.

    It's come to my realization, it's dawned upon me that power comes from within. Power isn't something that is handed out, not something that's given, it is something that is found inside a human being, deep inside. No matter what circumstance, no matter what situation, power can make you escape from the reality. Not many have this power, not many have this strength, not many have the physical and mental clout, but I do. I am a person that innovates and revisions what a human is supposed to be. I am not a typical wrestler, I am not your average male, I am a barbaric and ferocious mortal that will stop at nothing to accomplish his dreams. In fact, I don't even think you should feel obligated to call them dreams, because they are the future. Dreams are thoughts, dreams are prayers, a dream is a hope. I don't pray, I don't hope, I don't think about what I could become, I instead ponder about what I WILL become. I believe that I was destined from day number one to be an unique specimen. I stand among the rest of my peers, and while they seem to be sitting, I am standing. While they are weak and fragile, I am strong and powerful. While they are shards of glass, I am a human wrecking ball. I am everything you're not, I am everything you wish for, and I am a master at my craft, and that craft just so happens to be professional wrestling. I prove it over and over again, yet I still have the doubters. I still have those that hesitate to respect me, and those who show ambiguity towards my words. They are just delusional fools that will learn soon enough why I say these words, with so much pride. I sometime struggle to declare my statements, and maintain the same level of intellectual reflections, due to the pathetic excuses of humans out there that will never give me credit, but I continue to do it, and I do it great. I am an immortal, an icon among forgotten souls, a king among peasants, I am Mark Shadow, and I am who I said I was since the beginning, and that is the greatest.

    Cryptic thoughts are nothing more than thoughts, when you cannot put fear in others' hearts.

    Nero Novak... with each breath you take, with each word you speak, you expose yourself as more of a perjurer. You seem to regard yourself in such a high manner, in which you believe you will put scars on my body, make me bleed, and then taste that same blood. Sadly, this is reality, and some are just meant to be better than others. I am part of that some, I do not buy into your insufficient mind games, because I am astute than anyone you have ever faced. Scars are a sign of battle, a sign of war, but you know what else they are? They are signs that you're still alive, that you're still standing, that you're not dead. You feel the need to be the judge of me? You think for one second that you are at the level needed to judge ME? I am sorry for you, that your brain can even contemplate these sad thoughts, because they are wrong. You cannot judge me, because the performer can't be superior than the judge. I am just a former shell of myself, you say. I haven't changed, you say. I will allow you to say whatever helps you sleep at night, because you'll eventually discover why I have changed. Maybe in a previous state, maybe in my previous form, you had the logic of you being greater than me, but that isn't a creditable affidavit anymore. I'm a puppet, and you are my puppet-master, that is what you so boldly claimed. You suppose that you control me, that I am capable of being controlled. You are once again incorrect. I am the complete and utter opposite of a puppet, I go against the grain, against the typical ways, because that is what drives me. You are inferior to me, and that will truly be your downfall. Sadly, words cannot describe the amount of pain and struggle you will go through on Friday. Do you want to see the thunder in my fists, the fuel in my tank? You will, and you won't be able to forget. That thunder, that fire, that fuel, will haunt you in your nightmares for eternity. You called my declarations "goals" and "dreams" again, and that agitates me. They are not goals, they are warnings. I will not exit, I will not escape, because I am just entering, and I am going up the staircase to the upper part of the building, and you are just another step.

    I am climbing the staircase, and each opponent is another step for me to rise above.

    [Mark Shadow leans back on his chair, and removes his legs from the desk. He tosses away the paperwork on the table, and slides the chair across the room, while laughing menacingly. He stares at the camera one last time with a evil smirk, as he walks out the door, slamming it on the way.]
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:39 pm by Guest
    The Shiba is here!

    Now, let's all calm down. I know I'm a big deal around here and just hearing my name is enough to make people orgasm on the spot. Despite that, my debut has gone under the radar for a lot of my fellow wrestlers, something I will personally correct.

    Brayden, Chris, Yahoo I care not what you think of The Shiba, which by the looks of it is nothing. Two of them running their mouths, the other one too scared to say anything, hmph, it's only natural seeing how it's the first time you three have heard my name.

    [Shiba scratches his head with an uninterested expression.]

    Hmm, let's start with Mr. Edge over there. That is right, I shall grace you with my words, Brayden, you should be honored judging by how beneath me you are in both talent and status! First impression anyone would get is that you are quite the angry man. I get losing is hard and everything....well, no I don't, for I do not lose! So as I fail to understand where you come from, you seem like nothing but a petty man to me. Do you lack that much confidence? Resorting to the redudant "F-Bombs" and insisting in calling yourself a "monster". If one loss does that to you I can't imagine how your mental condition will be after the show, but worry not! Losing to me should not be considered a failure, in fact, it should be what everyone aspires to do! So, do not be dissapointed and angry at yourself like you are right now, losing to the future World Champion is simply natural. My win will be so convincing you won't be able to mention any excuses, because just like your dream, the chances of you coming on top were dead from the start.

    [Shiba pauses for a minute to admire himself before continuing.]

    On the subject of my "opponents" or should I say the little pests that don't pose a threat to me. I have nothing to say about this Yeehaw person. He was able to obtain his first victory last week and for that I shall applaud him, but his luck will sadly come to an end fairly soon. Yewha, you made a smart decision by not saying anything this time, because unlike Brayden you won't look like an idiot, just a coward will do.


    And finally, the third man. Yes, The Kaidan. He says he's a role model, hmph, what a joke! Everyone knows the only person alive fit to be a role model is The Shiba, Haha! However! I deem you fit of standing in the same ring as me! Unlike those other two morons, The Kaidan simply spoke what he had on his mind, he didn't make up stuff just so he wouldn't look as bad as he is like Brayden, or Yhew who has been invisible this whole time. Simply marvelous! I'm also willing to overlook his little insults he threw at me as it is an honest mistake people make from time to time. You see, Canadians might all be criminals, just like you, but I am no ordinary man! That's right! Some might call me a divine entity! But any title you give me is fine, so long as you accept my superiority over all of you peasants, The Shiba is that kind! And The Shiba will be kind to The Kaidan as well! If you want to be a role model so badly simply say so, for I make anyone I wish look ten times better than they actually are! Even if you're just a weak and pathetic man from a shit hometown, I shall make the great peasants who watch this show think you're the next big thing! We might share the same country of origin but The Shiba has reached a status so high I can no longer assosiate myself with anything that's not on the same level I am....which would mean I can't assosiate with anything but me! The Kaidan, I hope you're not seriously thinking you will leave victorious, as you might have an advantage over Brayden and Y man, but the only person close to a god in this match is me, and you will not even come close to slaying me.


    As for everyone watching NWA, I shall give you lowlifes a huge treat this week. As if watching me was not enough of a privilege, you will see my debut in this company! That is right! You can say you were there when the one and only Shiba made the biggest impact in this sport, it will be the greatest moment of your sad and pathetic lives and I am more than happy I can make everyone feel way more important than they actually are.

    However, even I have a limit to my kindness. I feel like I've wasted way more of my precious breath than all of you deserve...With that said, Brayden, Y, The Kaidan, I hope you are all ready to be part of history, because you three will be the first ones to witness the one and only Kanie Shiba!
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:37 pm by Guest
    Head-starts are nice but let me be the first to tell you that this won’t be a similar story to the tortoise and the hare. I gained those two points like I said I would. The NWA tried to provide some stiff competition but as we can all see, it didn’t work out in their favor.

    As much as the NWA would love to have one of their own, one of their breed win this tournament… It isn’t going to happen. I mean, let’s be realistic… You think the NWA really wants Tyler Inspire as their next world champion? Just so he can drop that pathetic piece of garbage and move on to the next big promotion making waves. Hell no!

    The NWA wants one of their storied legends to win this tournament and interfere with the inspiration that I am trying to bring to this company. The NWA wants this legacy of hardcore nonsense to continue, the tradition of extreme… Well, I have some news for you, NWA…

    This is the era of inspiration and it is just getting started. You can put me in the ring with your Drew Stevenson’s, your Brayden Cruise’s, your Kreature’s, your Warden’s, but in the end, the result will still be the same… Tyler Inspire getting his hand raised in victory.

    Kreature… I hate to say but there isn’t a Kreature in your family that could handle the likes of Tyler Inspire. You’re a decent wrestler, but this hardcore lifestyle is holding you back. Listen to wise words… If you can’t beat ‘em… Join ‘em.

    As far as the Warden goes… Sorry buddy but this is my house, my rules… You’re locked in my facility with no escape. And as much as I hate to use trash and other random filth in the ring, I will make you this promise Warden… You’ll get a taste of your own medicine… When I smash your cranium with some cold steel.

    Keeping this short and sweet, fellas… Those points are mine, that victory is mine, and Tyler Inspire will be your next NWA world champion… Like it or not.
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
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    Supremacy... Apex Style

    *Camera fades in onto Apex, calm, cool, and collected. He can't wait to speak his mind about the battle royal match-up when suddenly, he glares at a poster on the wall... The poster reads...*

    NWA Promo Zone! XevpNs7

    *Apex, with a glum look on his face, begins to think, then, as he is about to say something, someone comes heavily through the door, it's Apex's manager...*

    Manager: Apex... You need to see this...

    Apex: What is it?

    Apex's manager shows him the video of Terry Chambers...

    Apex, with a look full of resent, like he had just seen the biggest stupidity in his life, turns to the camera, and very lightly, begins to speak.*

    Listen here, Chambers, I'm here for some of the same reasons you are. Not all of them, but some of them. However, I'm not going into this match-up to make fun of you, to fire shots at you, or anything. Even if I was, I wouldn't wanna tear that goodie-two-shoes ass up of yours... Well, I wouldn't want to emotionally do that for that matter, no one wants to see a grown man cry. I will make you my baby-backed bitch if that's what it takes to eventually hold that NWA championship. Looking back at my youth is not going to help you stay focused. I've grown since then, I've gotten bigger physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I hate to break it to you but I might be the biggest opponent you've ever had to face. You've only seen my ring performance once, while I on the other hand... I have plenty of tape of you. I know you're weaknesses. I know you can't react to lightning fast moves. I know you can't keep up with my agility. That is why I have the upper hand in this match. It doesn't matter how big you are, how tough you are, how experienced you are. I will analyze your every move and find a way to counteract it. I am Apex Nitro and I will take this W...

    After that W? I'm gonna take that W, and you know what? I'm gonna place that W on my future NWA Championship belt. You might have your eyes set on my past, but my eyes are staring at my future. You are just one stepping stool to my future, and I could not thank the chairman for a better opportunity to show what I've got than to go up against Terry Chambers.

    *Apex, still in his calm state... Seems more focused than he has ever been as he walks out of the locker room... Fade out...*
    Your New Role Model.
    Post on Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:46 pm by Guest

    The scene opens up to a mirror reflecting a rather untidy room; pants, jackets and shirts were scattered all over the floor, and at the bottom of the mirror could be seen a small bottle laying on its side, the cap was missing and it was nowhere to be seen on the section of the room the mirror reflected, out the bottle and onto the floor leaked a gooey-ish, colorless liquid.

    A blond, long-haired man walked up to the mirror and took a thorough look at his reflection.

    "Hey!" he cooed to himself. He raised a hair brush to his head and started brushing his hair down to his shoulders and down the back of his neck. The man had started humming to himself when he heard a knock on the door. "Come in" he yelled.

    A short, middle-aged man dressed in a black suit walked up to him. He was Matthew Schnibble, a SpikeTV journalist. Schnibble looked rather relieved now that his name was only the second most ridiculous name in the company, he had heard earlier today that the NWA had signed a new wrestler from Canada that went by the name Kanie Shiba, who was coincidentally one of Kaidan’s opponents in his debut match.

    Chris, do you have a moment please?” said Schnibble.

    I guess you’re here for an interview? Go ahead Schnibbs.” Kaidan laughed, and you could see all the joyfulness fading from Schnibble’s face, he was no longer in a good mood.

    Alright…so everyone is talking about the debut of Christopher Kaidan and…Kanie Shiba…” Schnibble giggled every time he said that name.

    …Why don’t you introduce yourself to the NWA fans?

    Kaidan dropped the hair brush and turned around to face the camera.

    C’mon, Schnibby. Surely those who follow even the slightest bit of wrestling already know exactly who I am, but for those of you who have no interest in wrestling and were just dragged here by friend or a cousin, for those of you who are counting down every single second wishing for the show to just end because you are embarrassed to be here, and quite frankly, I don’t blame you, well…you no longer have to be embarrassed, because I am Christopher Kaidan and you now have a reason to be interested, a reason to be here. I come to you as your new role model, someone you can look up to, someone you can idolize…someone you can look your kid in the eye and say “son, this is who I want you to be”. You no longer have to cheer for pathetic, hypocritical morons like Venom and Mark Shadow. You can now cheer for a good man, an honest man”.

    The camera zooms out and it turns out that Matthew Schnibble had left the room moments ago, probably heading to the SpikeTV headquarters to quit his job. Even Kaidan looked a little bit confused at how the microphone got in his hand and where Schnibble had left, but he shrugged it off and continued talking.

    So a few moments ago I was told that I would be in a Fatal 4 Way match against some crybaby, a god and a…Kanie Shiba…whatever that is, and a few moments ago I was sitting here watching Brayden Cruise (the crybaby) do what he does best (crying). Basically what he said was this: My match last week was a major screw up, my entire wrestling career was a screw up, my entire life was a screw up, he talked about how he kept making mistakes after mistakes, being all angry and dropping F-bombs all over the place. Then he talked about how I know absolutely nothing about him and that he is actually some sort of monster who’s going to make us suffer. See, Brayden, this is where you make yet another huge mistake. The fact of the matter is that I know EVERYTHING about you. I know that you come from a family of degenerates. Your old man was a binge-drinking lunatic and he kicked you out of the family house, and you ended up in the streets. You pride yourself on the fact that you grew up in the streets of what?...the pathetic excuse of a town that is Peterborough, Ontario? Where you were constantly harassed by what? Children and hipsters? Let’s face it Brayden, you’re just like your father, a deranged lunatic and I’m going to do these people a favor and send you back to that little shithole that you came from... Which leads me to the other moron from the other shithole that every single Canadian, including myself is embarrassed to acknowledge, what was his name again? Kanie Shiba? Now I honestly don’t know anything about this guy, he’s probably some criminal, just like everyone from Thunder Bay, the undisputed asshole of Canada. And finally we have god himself, or that’s at least what he thinks he is. You can’t help but pity the guy, it really tears my heart to see this man who is so wrapped up in his own little fantasies that he has gone completely delusional and he now thinks he’s a god, well in that case, this Friday night, I’m going to SLAY this so-called god in front of your very eyes”.
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Feb 25, 2016 2:08 am by Guest

    ---The scene opens as Terry Chambers is walking out of the office on the night of the Revival show after his loss to Nemesis and he begins throwing and puts his fist through the wall and puts a dent in the rolling box employees use to set up shows then he notices the camera and the cameraman tries to run away but Terry Chambers stops him and grabs the camera and begins to speak---

    Terry Chambers: Did you just see what fucking happened out there? I proved exactly what I said about Nemesis was true...he's soft, doesn't belong in the wrestling business, not the superior wrestler than me, and that the only way he can beat me is by a cheap way! Nemesis can brag and deny all he wants but all he did in that match was just prove me right abut everything!  A cheap victory by grabbing the tights during a rollup doesn't define you as the better wrestler than the other and Nemesis was just lucky as he always is...I am the superior athlete, everybody knows that so Nemesis can enjoy that win because it's the last one he will EVER get over me because I'm going to end the match quickly like I should have out there just a few minutes ago!

    ---Terry Chambers agent comes over as Terry is dumping water over his head and tells him he has to face Apex Nitro as part of the B Block tournament on next week's show, and Terry just stands there with a straight face then begins to laugh then begins to speak into the camera---

    Terry Chambers:
    Oh how sweet of NWA, they want to give me a nice easy opponent to get me started in this tournament to decide the world champion! Now here comes Apex and many other who are questioning why I am not taking Apex seriously! And they are exactly right because that kid is a joke! All that kid is is just a kid who probably trained for a couple weeks at a $2 school then got hired at NWA because he had some connections with management and the management would rather hire somebody like him instead of an actual wrestler with talent which is really rare now in the industry today and quite frankly, it makes me sick! They put me in a match with somebody from the same hometown as me, Detroit! Well Apex you see, while you were out there being just another black guy on the streets in Detroit like everybody else, I was out there even at the age of 9 or 10 trying to make a name for myself because I knew all I wanted to do with my life was wrestle, that's it, not rob banks! In my honest opinion Apex, you should be rotting in jail right now for robbing all those banks and convienece stores and I don't give a shit on how long ago it was, a crime is still a crime and I don't know how you quite escaped from all of it! Some would say that you have a advantage going into this match because of the brutality I just went through out there with Nemesis but I'm going to be honest with everybody, I have gone through so much more brutal shit than that and then the next day I T-5ed a 500 pound giant so if anything you are in more danger because I am not in a good mood after losing to that piece of garbage Nemesis by a cheap rollup, just like Nemesis, Apex, you are just another piece of garbage that's been thrown in my way and you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and there is no way....no fucking way I am losing to lose to an even bigger piece of trash like you especially with points in this tournament to crown the new world champion on the line because my top mission in NWA is to capture that World title and no bank robbing hoodlum is going to stand in my way, you might as well look at your plan B career because a scrub like you stepping into the ring with me NEVER ends well, oh you don't believe me? Just ask the others who are sitting behind desks or are flipping burgers at McDonalds! The only match I have ever seen from you was that battle royal you were just a part of and of course, like anybody else in that match, you didn't show me shit to actually take you in as the slightest bit of competition for me, I mean, the only good thing you did was superkick Drew and Tyler and oh my god those kicks were so god damn dreadful I nearly ran out there and had to save what that mess was and Apex, you looked like a damn lost puppy in that match looking like you didn't know what to do and when you did do something...you were just picking up scraps or cheapshotting somebody and that doesn't put you at the top as a legitimate threat in this company! But don't mind me, I will save you pleasure of humiliating yourself more week in and week out as I take you out in a few minutes and you making me look good to get some points in that tournament and if I have to hurt you, injure you, or even end your very very short career, I am not going to think twice about it, hell, it would bring  smile to my face in all honesty! Apex Nitro, instead of robbing banks, I MADE bank!

    ---Terry Chambers wipes the blood from his face and throws it on the cameraman and pushes the cameraman to the ground and he drops the camera and it breaks causing the scene to end---
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:35 pm by Guest

    Times like now, these are the days when history is made. When a juggernaut like NWA has new life breathed into it and rises from the ashes, people wake up and realize they’re bearing witness to history in the making. For those who are brave enough, now is the time to institute your own version of change. If you’ve got it in you, this is when you stake your claim and make a little history of your own. This is where I fit in.

    I am living, breathing history.

    I’m the signee no one ever saw coming. I’m the breath of fresh air that people are suddenly so grateful for. The fact that I’m even walking NWA’s hallowed halls means this company has turned a corner, whether anyone realizes it or not. The ink drying on my contract meant that things were changing around here -- and changing for the better, at that. I haven’t shown up here content with the idea of getting lost in the shuffle, either. Maybe a lesser woman would think being here was enough of a badge of honor in and of itself, and be okay with that, but not me. Being a pretty face to be plastered on posters and splashed across advertisements is nothing to brag about. Simply having shown up here might not be much to tout either. There’s a glass ceiling to be broken, and I’m up to the task. I don’t expect it to be the smoothest process in the world; cutting my hands on some glass shards is something I’m ready for. The only thing standing between me and the spot at the top I know is mine is the aforementioned clear but ever-present partition, and once I break through? There’ll be no stopping me. The fact of the matter is, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t woman enough to make it happen. The prospect of going toe-to-toe with the best this company has to offer, and beating them? That’s what I’m looking for. That’s the notch on my belt I’m gunning for.

    Being that all of that is the case, I have to prove my worth. I’m going right into the crucible. I don’t know what makes this match more noteworthy: the fact that I’m getting into the ring with Diamond Cage, Venom, and Drew Stevenson, or the fact that this match was World title implications. We’re walking a tightrope, gentlemen, and you should hope your balance is better than mine. One single misstep means gravity is snatching you right off the highwire and your title ambitions are derailed, but it’s not like I need to remind you three how high the stakes are.

    DC, darling, you’re the originator of this shit. You were the first person to ever have held the title we’re chasing and risking life and limb to hold. You’re someone who gave a tremendous amount of yourself, all for the sake of being champion, and I know you’d do it again in a heartbeat. But the thing is, now, when you look to your left and your right, you’re surrounded by people who feel the same way. The field has changed, the date on the calendar is different, and the adversaries are brand-new. The resolve you possessed to be the best gave you the upper hand back in 2011, but if you think you can copy and paste that into the present and expect it to be enough to carry you all the way to that title, well...you’re mistaken, lovely. This isn’t me doubting the mettle of the great Diamond Cage. It’s not me selling short any other man in this tournament. This is just me being well-aware of exactly how much I’m willing to risk and the effort I’m about to put forth not just in this match, but in every one going forward. And if y’all knew my resolve the way I know my resolve, you’d all be worried.

    Venom managed to get his hands on the championship not once, but twice, and the fact that his second reign came to an unceremonious end has eaten away at him ever since. The promise of not only reclaiming gold, but ascending back to the throne he feels he never should’ve abdicated, that’s his light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a fire lit under his ass that no one else really has. He’s gonna need it. I sincerely hope he’s not under the impression that his storied past with the title automatically means he wants it more than anyone else. No, rewind -- he better not be under the impression that he wants it more than me. No one does.

    I’ll gladly admit up front that I know next to nothing about Drew Stevenson. It doesn’t mean that I’m selling him short; it just means I’m not drawing any conclusions, whether for better or for worse. From what I can grasp, he’s being touted as something of a frontrunner in the tournament, and he’s generally a “good” guy. That’s all I’ve got, really. He talks with a conviction and a type of honesty that leads me to believe that he’s in this for all the right reasons. Perhaps he’s doing everything in his power to prove all that “nice guys finish last” bullshit wrong. When that bell rings, I know it won’t matter how much of a stand-up guy Drew might be behind the scenes. He’ll be as hellbent on winning as DC, Venom, or myself, and to that I say don’t hold back. Gimme your worst. I’m ready.

    I have to chart my course for championship gold now. I have to get on the right track now. I need to get off on the right foot, and what better way to do that than by toppling three of NWA’s titans? The first chapter of my tenure in this company begins with victory.

    Because I’m Aria Jaxon, and I write my own history.

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    Nero Novak
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Tue Feb 23, 2016 6:50 pm by Nero Novak
    Umbra Adumbro (Shadow Silhoutte)

    *Camera fades and pans into a scene where Nero Novak is sitting in a dark, dim room in the corner with a steel chair leaning at a wall near Novak.*
    *Novak maniacally snickers and puts his hands on his own head, pulling back his hair.*
    *Novak then catches his own attention to the camera as his own face is visible to the camera.*
    Nero Novak: What happened last night was something that was meant to be… I tried to help him out at our match, I tried to be his partner, but… *Nero Novak cracks Knuckle* it snapped. But as all things go out, it didn’t work well. Diamond cage might’ve wanted to help me all the time, but I don’t need him, he’s just as useless as a wax mannequin. I have controlled the test out of this scenario with that match, now he’s going be my marionette, he’s going to be put into strings, and I’m going to make him my personal bitch.  I control you now Diamond Cage, as they say test of time stands out, your own personal freedom time is over. You’re nothing to me Diamond Cage, and last night was a prime example of that. That steel chair should’ve hit you hard in the Cerebral cortex that should’ve gave you Cerebral palsy. What cerebral palsy does to you is something you’ll end up as I continue to hit you with this… *Nero Novak grabs the legs of the steel chair and brings it upon his own lap* the all-mighty steel chair. It should’ve gave you even more pain than this steel chair, I will excavate you to the ground, and I will bury you to the ground.
    *Nero Novak brings his eyes to the steel chair.*
    I know I have been hit with this… in a gash to the back of my skull, but I am more invincible than that. But as you Diamond Cage, I don’t see you as invincible. I see a pathetic, weak man who failed to impress me. I had to do the right thing, I had to cross the line to his own face, and your face has kissed the metal of this steel chair. It should’ve given you paralysis from head to toe. But due to all of this, I see you as a target and you will have to watch your back Diamond cage, be prepared…
     *Nero Novak sets aside the steel chair and he turns his attention to something else in mind.*
    I am quite enigmatic and cryptic indeed Mark Shadow, but as well that ends well, that won’t be the day for you. You won’t be ended well after I see you after I confront you with scars all around you, seeping with blood as it will be souvenirs for me to look at and taste. You want to be executor Mark Shadow? I’ll be your judge, I’ll be the Judge, Jury, and Executioner you so propose to be. Be my own judgement, your execution will be poor. You say you have changed Mark Shadow, what change have I heard for you? No change at all, you’re still the same person that you are, but I think more than that Mark Shadow, you’re just a former shell of yourself. Do not try to proclaim yourself as you want to be, your ego says a lot about you, but too much ego can really mess you up Shadow, you’ll be too selfish of yourself and not even think about the possible ramifications  that you want to do to your opponent, you’re just in it for yourself Shadow. I will have to turn you into a marionette as well Shadow, you’re just a puppet for me, string attached from your limbs to my own control of my own hands. You claim to have the power you have Shadow, but where is the thunder in your fists? Where is the fuel in your tank? All I see is just wasted dark matter inside of you, I see a dead, weak mirror of yourself. You don’t have the testicular fortitude to overthrow me Shadow, in fact… you’re still a boy Shadow, and your balls will have to rise when you fucking see me. I will have to smash the centerpiece of your life and career with an all-mighty grip, I will have to maim you into oblivion and put an end to your goals and dreams forever. I have to reap on what I want to sow Shadow. Your own shadow, Mark, won’t be visible on the face of this earth as when I’ll have to excavate that too. Exire (to leave, exit) now before I’ll have to make you Mark Shadow. Beware and quoth the raven nevermore.

    *Camera fades out with Corvus cacawing in agreement.*
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    Post on Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:22 pm by Guest
    From the beginning, I searched for something I hadn't felt in a long time. Exhilaration. Through the hell and hardships I endured, my journey ended and found myself again. I rediscovered the attitude, confidence, and fortitude that once made me a monarch. I was exhilarated again. Through the loss, I can be born anew and rise from the ashes as an ever greater monarch and champion than I was before. My ascent begins now.

    Losing to Mark wasn't easy. I always knew his capabilities, but I never believed he'd be able to pull it off. A victory over me had always alluded him. But maybe that's what boosted him over me. Maybe that's what allowed him to do what I couldn't. Throughout the match, we went back and forth. But at the end, I could only endure so much. I was overwhelmed by Mark Shadow I had never seen before. I realized that to win back the title I never lost, I will have to do what he did. Mark rediscovered himself just as I am doing. I need to reteach myself how I became the NWA Champion, and how I can do it again. I need to learn to endure more than I ever have, and learn the flaws I never thought I had.

    In this tournament, I refused to believe that everybody had an equal chance, and that this tournament was simply the NWA title beckoning to its rightful owner. But I was mistaken. Everybody truly does have an equal chance. I greatly underestimated everybody. I learned that after losing at Revival. Diamond Cage, a former rival of mine. Drew Stevenson, a man who was seconds away from already leading this tournament. Aria Jackson, a woman who probably won't even receive the benefit of the doubt. Can all of them do what Mark Shadow did, and learn to overcome their own weaknesses in order to achieve greatness. I did that once. It was what broke down the barrier that stood between me and the success I would ultimately achieve. But there's a saying that time changes people. I thought over the years of between EHW's death and NWA's current revival, I had only grown more superior over my competition than I previously was. I never considered undergoing a deterioration a possibility. But that's exactly what transpired. Now I stand here as a fallen monarch who isn't worthy of even viewing his throne, much less sitting upon it. I hope that through this tournament, match by match, pint by point, I can become worthy again.

    Drew, Cage, and Aria. No matter your pasts, sex, or race, I see you all as equal oppositions of mine. You're all of equal importance. My loss was crucial to me in this tournament, but losing to Mark was what I needed. If I didn't a face him, I would have entered this tournament blindly and with no sense of direction. I would have disregarded all of my opponents, and I would have stumbled through this tournament without having ever stood a chance at victory. Diamond Cage and I have fought over this title in the past, but he is a very different man than he was then. Drew and Aria I know little to nothing about. But I hope I can learn what I need to know in our match. I know I'm capable of it. I've always been one to adapt and better myself, or I would have never had a throne to have fallen from to begin with.

    I can only take this one step at a time. But time is of the essence for me. Every match is critical to winning this tournament, so at the expense of my opponents, I must be one to learn my own weaknesses to I can refine them into new strengths. Strengths that will assist me in my attempts to become a champion once again.
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    "In order for the world to flourish many must fall for the worthy to rise." - Adolf Hitler

    Promo One
    B Block - Nemesis and Jason Cage Vs. Prince Parker Mitchell XIV And James Cross

    [PPM14 is shown walking around backstage high fiving everyone he walks by. He approaches his door that is still a stellar standout compared to the other locker room doors. This time "High Class" is painted in clearly expensive ink from the top left corner to the bottom right. He opens up his door and sees his now redecorated floor, which is made of expensive red carpet. His dining area is where the carpet cuts off into linoleum tiles which is diamond patterned. The floor is an exquisite tan/brown color. PPM14 walks over to his Keurig Coffee Machine, he pushes it away revealing a hidden jar of moonshine. He pours some moonshine into a glass that says "We <3 Prince" He takes a drink and the throws the rest of it over his head. He pulls out a wine bottle, shakes it up and pops the cork off. He shoots wine all over his locker room cheering.]


    "YAHOOOOO! ONE AND OH HERE IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Like I give a damn. Was there actually any rumors that I'd lose the match? I mean, I am the greatest athlete in America, Canada, the world. If there are two things that I've learned from Canada, they're 1. That if you ride a polar bear to school, you WILL get suspended. 2. I'm damn good at what I do no matter where I am. There's a reason I'm a global competitor, and that's because anywhere I go, I'm talented. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I was a stand out Wide Reciever on my way to getting a college scholarship to play for the Florida Gators until my family moved away to Toronto, Ontario Canada. That put a damper on my football career because it was always negative seventy degrees. I moved to Ice Hockey then. I wasn't a stand out, but I wasn't bad. I was the Jason Cage of hockey. Let's put it that way. That's when I came about a flier. "YOU WANNAH BE A PREFESSIENAL WRESTLAR AYE?" I was intrigued, not only by the lack of grammar but seeing my childhood hero, Vtech, aka Dominic Rybolt on it. The most famous Canadian Professional Wrestler. I followed the flier to its address and signed up. The next day I got to meet Vtech himself. He taught me the basics. From there I flourished. I used Cage to describe my Hockey career. The only way to describe my wrestling career is by name dropping myself. God himself may be a little more fitting though. I proved that no matter where I go, I can be great.

    Instead of talking about the past though, let's talk about the present."


    "Currently? I am THE biggest, brightest prospect. THE hottest Free Agent on the Market, THE DWE Champion. I AM THE HOTTEST THING GOING IN THE PRESENT DAY. If you don't like it, you can get down on your pretty little hands and your scuffed up knees and suck my royal dick. I know I'm great. I proved I'm great last week and I will prove it next week. This is right now. Right now I'm the guy to talk about. The one that all the little boys and little girls want signed autographs of in their Easter gift basket and that's because they know true stars. Jason Cage last time a little kid asked about you it was in a trial. That's enough of the present though because nothing is happening right now, or at least nothing important enough for me to address.

    On to the future."


    "Let me start this one off with one thing. James Cross, if this weren't a B-Block match, I'd have your ass on the ground in a moments notice, but now, I need you. I need you to pull through, to help me win. To give me an actual shot at this match up coming. We're talking about the future. Let me tell you about the future. I'M THE FUTURE. If we are talking about the future there's NO DISCUSSION THAT I'M THE FUTURE. I'm the one to talk about right now because I'm the greatest thing since fucking sliced bread. I really do back up all this shit I talk. I know that everything I do there's a reason.


    I'm a very confident man, because I've never proven myself wrong. I've never given myself a reason not to believe that I'm that damn good. I'll never forget it.

    Stay Diamond Ponyboy.

    Stay Diamond."
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    You know in the world of wrestling a lot of people say a lot of things and most of the things that are being said aren't true. The superstars being classified as the best in the world really shouldn't be holding down that spot and it's been like that for years. Frankly it's something that's FUCKING PISSED ME OFF and I plan on doing something about it. I plan on taking charge of my own career and taking it wherever I want it to go. Because you see I've said back and watched to many guys go places they didn't belong. I've sat back and let guys who can't do half the things I can do just walk right by me without even saying a word. I've done it because I thought that's the way things should be done. I truly believed that if I did things the right way that I would become the superstar I already know I am. I've said it for FUCKING YEARS and I'll continue saying that I am without a shadow of a doubt the best wrestler in the world today. I know a lot of guys claim that and frankly some of them can actually back some of what they say up. The difference between them and I is the simple fact that I do exactly everything I say. Of course there's always hiccups along the way and that brings me to my match last week.

    Now a lot of people are probably happy about the fact that Tyler Inspire was able to pull out the victory. You're all still smiling about the fact that I wasn't the one with my hand raised at the end of the match last week, but you won't be happy for long. I say that because Tyler Inspire didn't defeat me last week because I was doing things the way I thought they should be done. I realized last week that when I signed my NWA contract I started doing things wrong from the minute I walked IN THE FUCKING DOOR because I thought the right way was the way things should be done. In my mind I thought if I did things the right way I would get noticed and that didn't happen last week. What happened last week was nothing more then a hiccup for me because the next time Tyler Inspire steps into the ring with me he won't be facing the same guy he defeated last week. The next time Tyler and I meet he's going to see what it's really like to square off against me in a match. Because when that time comes I'll be doing things the way I should have from the FUCKING BEGINNING because it's the only way I know how.

    By now I'm sure everybody's heard about the whole tournament to determine the NWA World Champion and honestly I think it's the right way to go. I know a lot of other places would toss everybody in the ring together and have the last man standing become World Champion, but this way is the better way to go. With that said I hope every single person who steps into the ring wit me knows one thing. I hope they all know that when it's all said and done there can only be one winner and that man will be me. When THE SMOKE FUCKING CLEARS I will be left standing as the NEW WRESTLERS ASSOCIATION World Champion.

    So my first match in this whole tournament is a fatal four way match and it's going to take place this week on NWA TV. My opponents, well they're the unlucky trio of Yahweh, Christopher Kaidan, and Kanie Shiba and a lot like my match last week. I know absolutely nothing about either of my opponents this week, but like I've said before that won't mean a thing. The fact of the matter is that those three are stepping into the ring against somebody they no nothing about. I'm somebody who can not only defeat all three of those men, but I am somebody who can make them suffer. I'm somebody who can dish out more pain then either of them realize. Last week may not have gone exactly the way I expected, but this week is going to be a totally different story. I'm going into my fatal four way match with the right frame of mind and I will get the job done. I'll do it without breaking a sweat and I'll do it MY FUCKING WAY.

    Mark Shadow
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    [The scene opens into a radiant, luminous view of the NWA arena. The camera pans over the seats, showcasing them individually. The camera begins to pulsate, as the illuminated light vanishes. The view becomes a dismal and murky one, as the camera loses focus of the seats and arena. The camera progresses and makes a swift motion towards the center of the stadium. and displays the rose-coloured red and ink-coloured black aprons, and then the ring itself. A lantern is detected in the middle of the ring, and hastily, the lantern lights up. Along with it, Mark Shadow is seen holding an atramentous microphone, while laying cross-legged on the ground, staring vehemently into the camera.]

    Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

    Progress. What is it? Who creates it? Why does it happen? These are all questions that I continually inquire about. Although, the only judicious justification that I can determine, is that progress is to move forward, to change, to grow. Do you see a theme in those definitions? They are exactly what I strive for, what I represent, what I am. I am the conductor of change, and that means that I am the creator of progress. NWA would be absolutely deplorable if I wasn't in this business, and that is because I make things grow. I am the single reason that NWA continues to advance, through the adversity. I am the pillars that are holding this company up, I am the savior of professional wrestling. I demonstrated what I'm qualified to achieve, when I decimated Venom and monopolized my match against him. The admirers of this industry should be on their knees, thanking me for saving their beloved sport. I am a transcendent athlete that was brought down to Earth to change the shape of what humans see. I am a word-for-word, frame-by-frame everything that a human being needs. I am the ideal man, I am the perfect and ideal man to be stepping in a ring. I verified by statements last night, and I will do it once again next week. I was born to prove my doubters wrong, I was born to make my cynics just a pebble in my path. Due to this, I will once again, do what I do best and that is causing carnage in between those ropes on February 26.

    The deepest regrets in life, are not your indiscretion, but the idea of others being superior.

    Next week, my adversary in the match will be none other than Nero Novak. A quite enigmatic and cryptic mind, a rather interesting character, you could even say, although he still lacks my appreciation or respect. I do not fear Nero Novak, I do not associate affliction with Nero Novak; Nero Novak is nothing more than a pebble in my shoe. A pebble that lacks any real capability, a pebble that has the absence of establishing fear in the hearts of others. He is an emotional man, he has gone through an abundance of difficulties and obstacles, and has gone through hell but has fought back. Sadly, he took the wrong turn, and ended up right back in that hell, the moment he came to my kingdom. He often shares his stories, about his career and life, discussing them in great detail, with no logical reason whatsoever. Unfortunately for him, he will never be able to express another word after our match. I will be in his head, I will be the reason for the blood flowing on the exterior of his body, I will be the cause of his downfall, I WILL BE HIS EXECUTOR. I am not an identical clone to who I was in the past, I am a hungrier, more passionate and brutal man that will stop at nothing to get what I deserve, and that is my change. People like Nero Novak do not belong in the same match card as I, because I am on a different tier, a different category of greatness that is distinguished from the rest of the competition. I will stride on top of Nero Novak, I will step on him like an ant and I will walk away the same way I do when I step on an ant, with no mercy. He will be laying on the ground, unconscious with his life's stories and flashbacks going through his asinine brain, while I will raise my arms into the air, as a gesture of being the victor. Not only will I be the victor of our match, I will create the spectacle of the night when I cause havoc against him, and transform his life into a living hell. The only slight contrast is that while in hell, you burn for eternity... Nero will not. Nero Novak will not burn for eternity because I will destroy him in one single blow, I will abrogate his dreams and shatter his entire career with no benevolence at all.

    Step by step, stride by stride, footprint by footprint, I will crush each of my challengers until I get my gold that shall reside with me.

    The NWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament, is a short-lived present to all the foolhardy morons that believe they can compete with me, it is just a false-hope giving, brainwashing attempt at making others believe in a dream that doesn't exist. The clock has ticked, the sun has risen, the clouds are gone... and it is time for Mark Shadow to strike. I am prepared in body and mind to get back the gold that I never should have lost, and get back what wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for me establishing this company and that world title as a threat to other companies on this planet. I am the darkness that follows everyone, I am the shadow that lurks every object, I am the moon that seems to be following you... because wherever you go, I am there first. Whatever your dreams are, I made it there first. Whatever you believe, I already destroyed. This is my company, this is my tournament, and I will be adapting myself to the new roster members in NWA with each breath I take. Adaption is a simple thing, as long as you are immensely great in any regard like me. So, if any of you sad excuses for human beings believe you can defeat me, I challenge and dare you to even try to lay a finger on me. I can not be contained, my road to change will never be interrupted anymore, because I am more determined than I have ever been, and I can taste the blood of my victims as of right now.

    [Mark Shadow abdicates his position in the center of the ring, as he shifts his stance into a standing one, and takes his exit outside of the ring, abandoning the microphone as it creates a vociferous sound immediately when it hits the ground. The camera fades to black.]
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    Lock the Doors

    “Oh, am I late to the party everyone? I suppose that should be expected...the doors to this place opening up so suddenly and here I am all dressed up and nowhere to go. I guess being late shouldn’t start being my strong suit...but this gives me time for one thing. It helps me look at how all the other victims participate in this charade...while I start making my way into the bigger picture. Advancing into the spotlight. Doing what I do best. Ripping, drilling, and tearing a hole past all of your souls along my way to greatness.”

    Warden smirked to himself as he flicked through the television channels, static illuminating the entire room around him and feeling the screen with a slight white light that gave rise to his face. His eyes, slightly baggy with the lack of sleep, focus on the screen not even looking towards the camera. He lifts the remote up a bit higher, turning through the channels before the screen turns a deep red, darkening the entire room and turning his own skin a deep red. He leans forward, turning his attention to the camera now as a slow smirk begins to play its way across his face.

    “For those that don’t know me, that isn’t too hard to believe. I’m new to this whole thing after all. Not fighting of course. I’ve fought my entire life. My entire life has been a mental battle and I’ve let my fists get blood coated a few times. But it’s the first time I’ve ever been in a place that has...at least a semblance of order. We can do whatever we want to each other in that ring right? No rules. This sounds like my kind of place. I’m not exactly the person that is going to play by the book anyways, that’s just not my style anyways. No. I like to get bloody. I want you all to come at me with the intent to put me down for good, because in the end that’s the only way you are going to put me down. I don’t stay dead though. I’ll come back again and again, with these fresh wounds to remind you that you didn’t keep me down at all. That you just delayed the inevetiable.”

    He laughs to himself licking his teeth and letting the thoughts play their way through his head as he ran his hands along his face. The screen of the camera begins to flicker and through the flickering it displays quick images of him wearing facepaint. Black veins racing along his body and teeth dripping with blood, his eyes covered with black contacts. The being that has taken him reaches for the camera, a roar filling the room before the screen switches back to the real him. His eyes scan along the screen and he laughs to himself, shaking his head before he picks up the T.V. remote, letting out a slow breath.

    “In the end, I’ll be there. I’ll show you all just what I’m able to do to you all in that ring. Because I’m not this trained professional…I’m just a real fucked up kid. A fucked up kid that is more than willing to take you to a place that you didn’t think existed. I’m not a monster. I’m a Slasher. The embodiment of the unkillable terror. So get ready targets. Lock your doors. Bar your windows. And keep. The lights. On.”

    He laughs to himself as he turns the T.V. off the entire area going dark as his laugh fills the room.
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    A beginning is an act or circumstance of entering upon an action or state, the point of time or space at which anything begins. When something begins, it has the possibility of being the beginning of something good, or the beginning of something bad. That goes for anything. ANY beginning of one thing will turn out to be good or bad. That beginning can start good and turn out bad, start bad turn out good, start good, go bad, then end good, etc. If you look back at certain beginnings of your life, you’ll understand. In life, we all want good beginnings and good endings. That’s what we want life to be; a perfect life. Unfortunately life has a funny way of taking a sharp turn at the wrong time and making everything you thought was going well turn into the complete opposite. You can start adding in factors like bad or good karma, but in all reality, it’s just life. Life is completely planned out for you the second you’re born into this cruel world. Once you take your first breath, the rest of your life is planned out and you just follow in the steps it has made for you. You might think you make a change in your own life, but really, it was already planned out. Fate can’t be changed, that’s why it’s fate. The beginning is never known to be good or bad, but fate has everything planned for you, we’re just along for the ride.

    This is the beginning.

    For so long, I’ve lived the wrestling life. At a young age, I took interest in wrestling by watching professional wrestling promotions. As I grew older, I started wrestling school and now here we are. There’s my entire life background, at least all that I plan on sharing and all that you need to know. All my life has been is wrestling and I’m quite sure that will be known the second I step foot into the ring. Before joining NWA, I was in a promotion called EAW, I’m sure most have heard about it. I joined as a brand new face and not a single Extremist, which is what the wrestler’s were called at the time, would’ve predicted I would accomplish what I did within three months of being in that promotion. To make a long story short, I took the spotlight, I made my mark, I did what no others could do and I became the first ever EAW Elite Champion within two months of joining. In their Grand Rampage match - a thirty man battle royal where the winner becomes Number One Contender to any World Championship and would headline their biggest FPV of the year - I was within the final five left. No other Extremist had done that in such a short amount of time. I beat some of EAW’s greats, some of which have become World Champions since I had beaten them. After losing my Title to an EAW Hall of Famer and losing my rematch clause, I decided to take some time away from wrestling, focus on my family, my personal life, and now here I am. After getting back in the ring a few months ago and starting my training, I heard about the reopening about a federation a good friend of mine told me about and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take on the challenge.

    The beginning is looking pretty good.

    I don’t know the history of NWA, and quite frankly, I don’t really feel the need to look it up. Sure, it’s still the same NWA as it was before, maybe some new rules or matches or staff members, but it’s a whole new beginning for this federation. A revival means bringing back something that once was, but making a new beginning out of it. The same people that were here before might get the same spots they had before, but new talent has a chance to prove themselves in the beginning of this revival. In this beginning, I get to face Chris Elite and this guy who claims to be a Prince. Even though I’ve only been in one wrestling promotion in a while, I feel like I’ve seen this whole Prince gimmick more than anything. You come into a professional wrestling environment and expect people to treat you differently just because you call yourself a Prince? This is wrestling, not some foreign country where you’re born into some role because mommy and daddy have everything they want. I bragged about my accomplishments in EAW, because I’m the same man I was before. Only thing different is a couple moves and a whole new environment. We’re all coming into NWA with a fresh start, whether some of you were Champions here before or not, it’s a whole new beginning. I am one of, if not the, best Technical wrestler in the entire world. My submissions have been the greatest tap and have broken bones to those who refused to tap. My in-ring ability has out-matched most of those who have stepped foot in the ring with me. I call this Elite talent. Most people call it Pure talent, but with my past success in the Elite business, I carry that with me today and I bring that to NWA.

    The beginning of ELITE is here.

    Chris Elite… Parker Mitchells… I understand you both may have your talents and while I respect that, I have to be honest with you and make you aware of what you’re in for. I am known to reverse the most devastating moves into the most devastating submission. I am known to have the best in-ring ability and that’s what this is about. Not how much one can run their mouth, not who we date, not who we know, not how much we make, not what we self proclaim ourselves to be, but how well one can truly wrestle. The last thing I want to do coming into this business is to make myself seem like some cocky asshole, because that’s not what this is. I’m very confident in my ability to do what I do best; make my opponents tap and keep them down long enough to get the pinfall. Now, honestly, I could give a shit less about your past, Parker. Which, I’m sure you could give a shit less about mine also. I respect that. The thing is, though, you run your mouth way too much. Aren’t you supposed to have someone else talking for you, because you’re too stuck up to speak for yourself? Isn’t that how Prince’s act? Maybe I’m mistaken. Either way, your speech was great and all, but we all know what’s going to happen tomorrow during Revival. I, Jason Cage, will make one of you, Chris Elite or Parker Mitchells, either tap out or lose by pinfall. It’s that simple. I won’t beat around the bush and come up with any weird analogies or metaphors for this when I’ll just show the world who and what has signed to NWA. Every match is contested under extreme rules, thus meaning anything goes. Me, being the ELITE talent I am and knowing that I’ll still do what it takes to secure a victory, so long as I’m following the rules, I plan to make a statement tomorrow that will have the fans chanting a little phrase I like to say. To end this, I want to say good luck to the both of you, Chris Elite and Parker Mitchells. You’re going to need it. You have two choices, though. You have two choices to decide between by the end of this match.

    Those choices are as follows;

    TAP! OR! SNAP!
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    The Future...

    *While watching Drew's video, Apex throws the phone at the wall...*

    If you weren't fixated on me... Then why are you replying to all of my fired shots? Boy I oughta...

    ...Although, Despite what this reject is saying, I've got some things I'd like to get off my chest...

    Tyler, I'm not attacking you, but I'm completely focused on this match. I don't think you're ready, no one here has seen my talents except the chairman, and I highly doubt you are capable of predicting my skills. None of you seven men have seen my athleticism. None of the 7 of you men have an idea of my determination. None of the seven of you have witnessed my strategies. Quite simply, none of you seven men are ready for me. I'm done acting like a teenager. This match is gonna end with my hand getting raised. Two points closer to becoming NWA Champion. I'm gonna keep that gold, polish that gold, and love that gold. I'm going ALL THE WAY this time.

    Never count me out of anything, or you'll just be surprised.

    Don't you EVER... I mean EVER... underestimate ME.

    Be warned, I'm ready at a moments notice to take you ALL down. I am Apex Nitro, I am an overachiever. I will take that gold, and I'll strive to get more! I'm not giving up. If I lose this match, I'm getting another #1 contender opportunity. I will not quit until I make my mark in this industry and I'm going to demolish anyone who stands in my way. I am the future of this company and I am the future of the NWA Championship.

    Good night, and good luck to you seven men, I will come out on top, and I'm willing to see how you all hone your skills against APEX NITRO

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    Looking up at the beautiful blue sky, I was shaking my head because yet again, I was left in complete disbelief but what my opponent had to say. Having a picnic with my beautiful girlfriend and daughter, I looked down and away from the sky and over to my phone which I had recording so that I could upload my newest promo to the NWA website since Apex, yet again, decided to open up his mouth and speak verbal diarrhea.

    "You have a problem listening, don't you?

    First off, I was not making fun of mentally challenged people, I was calling you slow and that's because there's no other reason for the way you talk and act. I mean, seriously, just stopped for a moment and listen to yourself - surely to God you could understand where I'm coming from, wait, no, you wouldn't and that's because you're one of those guys who truly believes that he is at the top of his game when he really isn't.

    You see Apex, I actually commended this company for signing somebody with issues like yourself, now in case you don't know what the word commended means; it means to give them praise so how in the world did I make fun of mentally challenged people when I commended them, giving them praise for signing the likes of you?

    Quite frankly, you don't have an argument, all you do is grasp for straws in hopes that somebody will take to what you said and actually support you. But since you wanted to blame me, what about you trashing all of those gay people?

    My guess is you're going to say the same thing, that you didn't actually knock any of them and hey; according to your logic, that's exactly what you did and let me ask you a question, how does it feel now that the shoe is on the other foot?

    Don't actually answer that, it was more of a rhetorical question if you will. However, let's get one thing crystal clear, just because I don't air myself training every single time that I turn on the camera, that doesn't mean that I'm not in the gym busting my ass each and every day.

    But I guess the same could be said for you, now couldn't it? I don't see you in the gym, pumping weights every single time that you decide to air your next promo so I guess the best thing that I can say to you is that you are nothing more than a hypocrite."

    Speaking with absolute conviction, I know that Apex is a hypocrite and no matter what he says, I'm not going to believe him because there's no reason to and he has proven that on more than one occasion. Shifting myself on the blanket, I'm pretty comfortable right now and I'm really enjoying this beautiful day.

    "Now before I finish with you Apex, don't try talking to me about who's not in who's league because everybody and their brother knows that it's you who's not even close to my league, damn sure not the other way around. Whether you like it or not? Your chances of becoming the NWA Champion are just like what Cheech and Chong joked about many years ago, up in smoke and that's where they're going to stay as long as I am in this match."

    Pausing for a moment, I was feeling good and I knew the truth, even if nobody else did. Apex is way out of his league and he would be best to remember that. However, there's another man in this match looking for attention and let me tell you, he's about to get and his name is Tyler Inspire.

    "Oh Tyler, always a man full of jokes aren't you? I'm going to say this right here and now, if you think that my focus is not on this match and walking out with two points added to my name then you have another thing coming.

    Obsessed with Apex? No, that's not it, not in the slightest. The guy is about as ignorant as they come and instead of letting him run around filling this place up with stupidity? Yeah, I'm going to put a stop to it and that's because all of those people deserve better, way better than what they were getting and you and I both know that this match is going to come down to the two of us.

    After listening to your story Tyler, I can appreciate and respect the fact that you are coming back from an injury and looking to take your seat at the top of the mountain here. What I don't appreciate however is you talking about up and leaving the company should you manage to become the NWA Champion; that doesn't sit well with me Tyler and that's why I'm not going to let that happen.

    You see, this isn't about proving my manhood because I have nothing to prove. This is about doing what's best for the NWA, doing what's best for this industry and let me tell you; despite what you think, you're not striving to make this company better - no, as a matter of fact, you're looking to do the opposite.

    That NWA Championship? It's prestigious, it's looking to have an even further history than what it already has and the moment that you and I lock eyes Tyler - you will know just what I'm about and you will know that it will be me who walks out one step closer to becoming the NWA Champion.

    But let's talk about motivation, inspiration, because that's what you're all about, right? Telling those people that you're going to walk out on them isn't being inspirational, it's not giving them something to look forward to, no, you're turning your back on them and you are more than welcome to do that but you're not doing it with the NWA Championship wrapped around your waist; I promise you that one.

    There's not much left to be said Tyler, but remember one thing, when you look up and reach for that brass ring? The only thing that you're going to see is me, standing above you grabbing it before your grubby little hands can touch it. So don't get too comfortable thinking that you're going to be sitting at the top because you're not, I am, and I'm going to prove it very soon; you have my word on that!"

    Flashing another soft smile at the camera, I decided to get up and play with my little girl so that we could enjoy this beautiful day together, this wonderful picnic. Reaching over and stopping the recording, I then pressed the button to upload my promo to the NWA website and it was only a matter of time until more people would react to what I just said.

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    Revival Part 4 - The Final Chapter

    NWA Promo Zone! Inspire_Header

    Words can only say so much. Although a picture may be worth a thousand of them, actions will always speak volumes louder than words. And tomorrow night, my actions will do just that. See it’s only a fortunate few that can actually back up what they say and do what they say they’ll do. Tomorrow night, I show the NWA that I’m one of them.

    Like I said, words can only say so much until you say something so meaningful, or so hurtful that people have no choice but to believe in it. Like the senseless, simple jokes of Apex Nitro that have Drew Stevenson going crazy to prove his manhood. Like TMNT pajama pants and Super Nintendo isn’t man enough. We know you’re good, Drew.

    But hey, that’s fine with me. I’ll let you two’s bromance quarrel distract your focus from the more important things at hand. I mean this isn’t just a regular match, fellas. But as they say from Apex’s hood, the game is meant to be sold, not told. Just know that while you two are having your episode of the Young and the Restless, I’ll be earning two more points towards that world title.

    Now this scenario is almost the same but not quite the same as our resident special person, Brayden Cruise. See, between Drew and Apex, the feeling is mutual. They both are so obsessed with the other that they couldn’t focus on anyone else in this match to save their lives. Now Brayden on the other hand, that’s a similar but different story.

    See Brayden Cruise is obsessed with another man in this match as well but that man isn’t the slightest bit worried about him. Tyler Inspire knows how significant this match is and understands that I can’t focus solely on a single person. I’m not worried about making sure I eliminate this person first or whip his ass second. No. I’m only worried about one person… ME.

    Simply because there is no one else in this match that I need to worry about. There is no one else in this match that can stop me from winning those two points but myself. The responsibility for my action falls on my shoulders, not anyone else’s. I’m not going to go in to this battle royal hot and bothered with a head full of cluster-fucked steam because some idiot decided he wanted to say a few words about me that I didn’t agree with. I’m not going to step into that ring with distractions of envy and hatred like Brayden Cruise.

    What I am going to do tomorrow night, fellas, is very, very simple. I am going to enter that ring clear-headed and focused. Determined to walk out with a victory and I could care less who else is standing in there with me. I don’t care if you’re a hall of famer, I don’t care if you’re a rookie making his debut, I don’t care if you were my own grandmother… When I step into the ring, I only have one thing on my mind… And that is winning. And it doesn’t matter who I am standing opposite to.

    Now I understand for a person like me to sit here and talk about winning in this company when I clearly let you know that I won’t stay here sounds pretty hypocritical. But before all of you open your mouth’s and run around calling me a hypocrite, let me tell you why I want to win.

    I’m a natural born competitor. I love to compete against anyone and I love to win. I love winning so much that it’s like a drug to me. When I covering your limp body, one, two, three, or forcing you to tap out… It’s like this euphoric sense swarms me. It overwhelms me, it lets me know that I am… INSPIRING.

    When I win that NWA world championship and I walk out of this company’s doors with it draped across my shoulder… I will know that I left the fans and everyone else that is a part of this company inspired. They will witness a man, bound and determined to make a comeback from injury, accomplish his dreams and prosper to the levels that he should of already. It will encourage everyone else to do the same. It will push everyone else to shoot for the stars and try to achieve their dreams and that is what Tyler Inspire is all about… Inspiring people.

    That’s all this shindig is about, folks. Tyler Inspire doing what he does best. Stepping back in to that squared circle and walking out with a victory. Proving to the world that no matter what happens to me, no matter how many times I fall… I will get back up and I will still be the Highlight of the Night. I will still be Mr. Motivation. I will still be that guy that every man on that roster secretly wishes to be…

    Your next NWA world champion…

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    The past is a crucial part of an individuals life. Some of us try to relieve our pasts and regain a lost glory. Others try to forget their past to escape the dreadful experiences and failures that continue to haunt them. And those with successful pasts, like myself, seek to only further improve on it.

    Mark, what does your past mean to you? You didn't really acknowledge your past in NWA and EHW much, other than the fact that your struggles against me don't matter.. But your past was filled with success just like mine, so then why did you fail to touch on it in detail? Maybe I can deduce the answer. I'm the one who took away your success. I'm the one who deprived you of your glory. Is that something you forgot? The Television Title was what I took from you first. But to you that doesn't seem to play a factor into our match at Revival. The NWA World Championship was the next to enter my hands after previously belonging to you. Mark, despite all your success, I was always the one factor in your career that prevented you from being the best. Through all your efforts you never could defeat me. Time after time, championship after championship, you kept losing to me. You seek to forget your past and I seek to improve on mine. I can do that by making you the first to fall, and did you of the notion that our match this time would be any different than it was years ago.

    Mark, you're right, I once viewed myself as a monarch. When I was the EHW Champion, I gave myself the name. But I no longer use that title, as I'm a monarch who's fallen. Without the NWA Title, I can only use the title of fallen. But would you be willing to assist me into reaching the monarch status once more by pushing me to give my best just like you always do? We were the two who was always at the pinnacle of success in NWA, our matches were among the best, and our success was unmatched. If you choose to believe that I'm a fluke, then let me make my own assessment. Some victories can be a fluke, but when it happens time and time again, just like it did the time prior to it, then how can I be a fluke? Each time we faced, you continued to fail to defeat me. You always challenged me, but in the end, you were overwhelmed by a superior force. I hope you're reborn. I hope you found a passion that ignites an explosion that propels you into the heavens because you'll have to reach the havens to even be in my vicinity, and you still may remain unable to reach my throne.

    Claiming I am unworthy of being on the earth with you is a statement I assume has no validity. My career has established itself as one worth more than yours. No matter how I interpret it, there's no way it can be valid. Unless you look at it under these conditions. Maybe I'm too worthy to be on this earth with you. Why should I share land... a ring with someone who always loses to me? My throne resides in the heavens, and as a fallen monarch, I have been forced to walk this earth with you. But just like I did in the past, I will use a victory over you as a means of beginning my ascent back to my throne from which I have fallen. I'll ensure that you won't make that ascent with me.

    Many kings, rulers, and monarchs are unworthy of their throne. So how does one determine who is worthy? By putting them through trials. By testing their fortitude, perseverance, and their resilience. If they can survive, then maybe they are worthy. In NWA, and then in EHW, Mark, I came to respect you. It was our Television Title match that propelled me to future success. It was you, who had already began establishing himself, who took on a rookie like me and pushed me to my very limits. I considered you to be a prominent aspect of my success, because without you, I maybe not have become as good as I am.  While you remain bitter over falling to me time and time again, I continue to enjoy facing you time and time again. Because each time brings me the same exhilaration that I felt when we first faced at Exodus in 2013. To you I am a microscopic roadblock. To me, you're a rung on the ladder to the NWA Championship. NWA reviving has brought me the same excitement that I experienced when i first won the NWA Championship in EHW. I've aspired to reach the moment where I could face my greatest rivival in this company again. I couldn't have dreamed of better stage to do it on. Now, on this stage, we can finally see just how far we've come after all  these years, and put it all on the line just like we did then.

    To reach the heavens I must first make it through this realm of competition. The tournament is just a method of eliminated those who are to corrupt and incapable of wielding the title. I face my great challenge now, on the very first show. I'll show why my reign never ended has just been in a limbo like state this entire time, just waiting for the day I could return to continue it even more successfully.
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    *Apex is enjoying the stupidity of Drew Stevenson as he looks like he can't wait to start speaking his mind.*

    This guy's sitting here and calling me mentally challenged? You serious? These fans don't wanna support the guy who's making fun of mentally unstable people, c,mon man! That's just low, I thought I was the immature one around here!

    Tomorrow night, is gonna be your final shot at ever getting near that championship. It's not just about the championship anymore though. All of these fans are gonna wanna see me kicking your ass! I won't stand for you making fun of the mentally ill people. I've met a lot in my day and I've had nothing short of respect for them. You can't get away from me anymore, you're target #1 and tomorrow night, you're gonna regret everything you said. I bet you aren't even strong enough to walk in the shoes of someone who's at a huge disadvantage like that, and tomorrow night, you're gonna be at a huge disadvantage because I'm gonna be kickin your ass until you leave your blood all over the ring! Who the fuck do you think you are? I'm gonna stick up for these people and for the people that you made sick. I wouldn't be surprised if this company lost viewers because of what you just said.

    You're never gonna beat me, you're wrong. You think I've just been sitting around picking daisies? You have no idea what real training is! Playing video games all day? No wonder why you're gaining so much! I'm gonna kick your ass and watch you bleed from head to toe. I am Apex Nitro for a reason! You, Drew? You aren't even in my league.
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    NWA Promo Zone!

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