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     NWA Promo Zone!

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    PostNWA Promo Zone!

    NWA Promo Zone! - Page 2 A6epqeC

    Here you can write promos about current storylines, matches, shows, or anything else you are involved in. Please make sure the promos which you conduct are relevant to your current position in the NWA roster and storylines. Please do not spam or post images in this area. Feel free to challenge unstorylined wrestlers if you wish, but do realize that even though you challenge a member doesn't mean they will face you. These promos are strictly storyline based. All personal feelings should be kept away from this area.
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    NWA Promo Zone! :: Comments

    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Feb 18, 2016 5:24 am by Guest

    ---The scene opens up to a smokey dark dressing room, the dressing room belong to Nemesis, he can be heard laughing in the background, he notices the camera and begins to speak---

    Terry Chambers has addressed me once again, you know I am getting sick of the talking Terry, all you ever say is bullshit nothing different ever comes out of your mouth. Terry talked about putting NWA back on the map, NWA got put back on the map when they resigned me, Terry you need to get your head out of your ass, you think you won't face any obstacles in this match you are sadly mistaken. I forgot the almighty Terry Chambers is stepping into the ring with me. I am going to show you that this old dog still has some tricks left, people like you think just because they are big they will beat the smaller guy every single time, i guess I have to prove you wrong again when that bell rings. You have overlooked me time and time again and I have shut you up and proved you wrong time and time again, the time for talking ends soon Terry, and the time for fighting starts. I will show you what everybody already thinks, that I am a better performer than you in the ring, and hell in everyday life. Once again Terry has said I don't belong in this industry for what the one thousandth time this week, I am tired of hearing I don't belong, my whole career I was told I don't belong, I proved people wrong everyday of my career, I do belong Terry, and I will show you that when the bell rings. God's gift from wrestling? you aren't even close to being called that you are much more like gods mistake to wrestling. Of course I am going to piss myself Terry, everybody who steps into the ring with you pisses themself, I mean you are so scary Terry. Give me a fucking break man listen to yourself talk for once. You will never win a world title Terry, you will never have the success I have had in my career, you know the career that you always make fun of. I know what it is like to hold a world titles, I know what it is like bleed, and to sweat for this business. What do you do? You shoot a movie wait for a opportunity to be handed to you and you do something. I was watching one of our EHW matches because unlike you Terry I believe in studying the opponent unlike you, I don't care how familiar the opponent is, you can never know to much about them. You keep bringing up the story about me killing my parents Terry, then you ask why I keep talking about it, the reason is because you won't let it go, you won't drop it let me move on to better things, such as kicking your ass when the bell rings. I might just very well be on Dr.Phil when I am done with you Terry. He is going to be asking me why I beat your ass so hard, he is going to ask why did I have to make Terry Chambers bleed so much. I had some good matches in EHW Terry you just happened to be in the match with me, don't take credit for me making the match good, of all the stupid things you have said in your career, that one just might top the rest. It's okay Terry keep talking, keep spewing your bullshit, I enjoy listening to you talk, not because you are good at it, because I find it funny how pig headed you truly are. How one person can have his head that far up his ass is way beyond me, like did you use some kind of tool to get it that far? Like seriously I don't think it is humanly possible for you to get it that far alone, you needed the aid of a device.

    ---Nemesis lets out a big sigh, and begins to speak again---

    I don't need help Terry, the voices are my psychiatrist, they tell me how to handle stupid people like you. I have all the help I need in this world Terry. I'm sure you spit in the face of psychos before, I mean Terry Chambers always says things to make himself look good, nothing bad ever happens to Terry Chambers, this is what leads me to believe you are nothing but a bullshitter, you called me a liar I don't see you volunteering to take any lie detector test. I mean good old tough guy Terry always looking good in his tough guy stories. Stop talking about your parents not loving you, maybe if you weren't such a piece of shit they would have cared more about you, I know you don't care about being liked, neither do I why should I care about being liked either, I have never been liked in my life. You talked about how I always talk about killing my parents, you wanna know what led me to that besides the Birthday neglect? The constant bullying, the constant shit talking from people like you all my life. People like you is the reason why I hate everything in this world, people who talk and act like you is why I can never like the NWA's fans. Terry if only we could make is so you only appeared on pay per views that would make every single persons life at NWA a lot easier, not having to deal with your stuck up piece of shit attitude would be a blessing. You can be determined Terry, I want you to be determined so when I beat you it will be more crushing, you won't know how to deal with this loss because you talked yourself up so much. I can't wait to taste your blood Terry, I can't wait to see you grovel at my feet. I want you to use my body to try and pull yourself up, only to have me stomp on your head, I want to see your blood cover the mat. Call this match what you want warm up match, first match, last match I don't give a shit, I am here for one reason and one reason only, to reclaim my position on top of the wrestling industry where I belong. When my goal is finally reached the circus jokes will be over. I know you will still make them because you can't come up with anything new, I mean I know million dollar body nickel brain, but even you have to know when something is played out. Go ahead thought Terry continue doing the same thing day in and day out of your life, life your propane tanks over your should do your squats, I hope one blows up in your face. I mean Terry if you were on fire in front of me I WOULDN'T WASTE A SQUIRT OF PISS TO PUT YOU OUT. I am willing to taste my own blood Terry, I've done it before for success but how far are you willing to go to succeed Terry, will you go as far as me. I know you aren't as twisted as me Terry, I know for a fact that you wonder about me sometimes Terry, I am in your nightmares. I am the one opponent that has kept you on your toes for years.

    ---Nemesis grabs the camera and pulls it in closer to him, as he starts yelling into it---

    The time for talking is over, the time to show what we are made of is now, put up or shut up Terry, sorry to spoil it for you but for you it is going to be shut up, I hope you are ready for a blood bath. I'll bring the straight razor you bring your face Terry.

    ---Nemesis pushes the camera as it goes all static, and zooms out and fades to black---
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:26 am by Guest
    Having arrived home earlier in the evening after enjoying a lovely meal with my beautiful girlfriend, I had received yet another text message that Apex Nitro decided to open up his fat mouth once again and just like last time; it was nothing but verbal diarrhea.

    Sitting in the living room of our home, I had watched his promo before deciding to record mine. Pressing the start button on my Nintendo controller, I paused the game of Friday the 13th so that I could dedicate all of my time specifically to Apex who definitely wasn't the brightest crayon in the box and I am going to expose him very soon. Dressed very casually, I had nothing to do this late at night so I was in a pair of night pants which have the Ninja Turtles on them and I was wearing no T-shirt as I was comfortable, something I loved to do this late at night. Taking in a deep breath, you really have to get prepared when talking to Apex and not because he's good but because he's a moron who doesn't think before he speaks.

    "I warned you Apex and you decided to ignore my warning. I told you the next time that you opened up your fat mouth? It better be some brilliant shit or it was getting chiseled on your tombstone and that's exactly what's going to happen this week.

    Seriously? You're still on this kick about how I'm gay? I understand that there's ignorant people in our business, but you take it to a whole new level. I mean, I hate to say this because it doesn't really sound all that good but the question I have for you is; are you mentally challenged?

    Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly fine if you are and I commend this company for signing a man of your stature her but needless to say, you don't have a snowballs chance in hell of beating me anytime in your career or mine. Say what you want, continue to act like you do but every single person watching knows the truth and that is that I'm going to beat you Apex. I'm going to beat you in great fashion, I'm going to make an example out of you and I'm going to leave no doubt in anybody's mind just who is better between the two of us.

    See Apex, you might want to worry less about what I'm eating and worry more about the ass kicking that you're going to receive by my hands. I admit, I have dealt with a lot of stupid people in my day, especially in this business but you may very well take the cake on being the stupidest individual that I have ever had to listen to and let me tell you; that's a feat in itself.

    So when you try to kick me at the tip of my chin? Realize one thing, I'm going to catch your foot, I'm going to rip your leg off and I'm going to proceed to beat you with it until you realize exactly what you have done. Yeah, I know, you will have something else stupid to say and that's perfectly fine - guys like you normally do and it makes it more fun for me because I get to be the guy to shut you up so that nobody else has to listen to you.

    Yes, all of you can thank me later because I am going to shut this punk up and from me to you Apex? I promise you, you will remember me for a very long time and that's because I am going to be the man who puts you down and ends your chances of becoming the NWA Champion and whether you like it or not? There's not a chance in hell that you're going to stop me.

    Consider me Jason Voorhees and well; this is going to be your final Friday."

    Giving the camera a cheesy wink, I knew that what I said was really ridiculous and cheesy but truth be told, I really didn't care. Apex was only days away from being my bitch and there's simply no way around that.

    Picking the Nintendo controller up from off of my lap, I pressed the start button and un-paused my game of Friday the 13th as the 8-bit goodness filled my senses and put a smile on my face.

    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:26 am by Guest

    ---The scene opens backstage just minutes before Nemesis vs Terry Chambers is set to begin and Terry is seen backstage training wearing his brand new wrestling trunks that says "BARBARIC CARNIVORE" on the back and has a beast head on the front and Terry is also wearing his T-Shirt and his blue Beats headphones and as he finishes running a suicide he notices the camera and he takes his headphones off then after a long stare he begins to speak into the camera---

    Terry Chambers:
    Here we are....the revival show for New Wrestlers Association! And tonight is going to be a great show that puts the company right back on the map as the place to be! And I am a few moments away from standing face to face with long time foe Nemesis....tonight is where it all starts and it all ends at the same time! It ends all of Nemesis's talk about he has the upper hand over me in our rivalry and it ends all of the ridiculous speculation that Nemesis is a better performer than I am in the ring....saying that is a damn sin! And tonight is where I END Nemesis and send him packing to go back to the circus making him realize that our industry isn't for making people laugh, it's a serious business and it doesn't matter if you're in the wrong place, wrong time or not...you are going to get hurt..especially when you are standing across the ring with God's gift to wrestling..THE BARBARIC CARNIVORE! TERRY CHAMBERS!

    ---Terry Chambers puts a 100 lb. propane tank on his right arm as he starts doing squats then when he gets back he drops it as hard as he can as he releases a big roar then speaks into the camera again---

    Terry Chambers:
    Nemesis I have a couple of things I need to address you about before we go out there and I see piss dripping down your leg! You say the main reason I came out of retirement was not to go after a world title, but because it actually burns me inside that I never beat you? Another case where you need to listen before speaking because first off, why are you acting like your undefeated against me..as I recall I have beaten you before and it was a legit victory unlike all of your cheap ones! And second off, it is because I haven't won a world title and let's be honest here, if you were me...and wrestling was your entire life and you have been doing it ever since you were 9 years old and you never won a world title...you would drop your successful movie career also! The main reason I came out of retirement was not to focus on beating a clown who kept getting lucky, it is to hold that world championship up high and finally prove to the world I am the greatest wrestler to walk the Earth ever and you are just an obstacle that I will run over here in a couple of minutes is the first step to accomplishing that! Is there a reason why you are watching our old matches from EHW? You know what I think? I honestly think you are watching the EHW matches because you know that's the only time you will ever defeat me again! And we had some good matches in EHW but come this time around and the mission that is on my mind I am going to beat you to a pulp! You are just the bug that won't go away so I have to squash you instead Nemesis! Why do you keep on insisting talking about killing your parents and bragging about how you tasted their blood? Because last time I checked this is N..W..A and not an episode of Dr. Phil and by the way Nemesis I know you need my money and you know you need those classes to get you some help! You can keep telling me over and over that you are coming for my blood in this match and I am going to tell you right now you go ahead and do that because I'm going to be coming for that victory as I squash you in a matter of a couple of minutes and maybe even take your life in the process and as soon as I am done with you..I am coming for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship! And yes you are right, my parents didn't love me but they actually did tell me to stay away from psychos when my mom wasn't hammered drunk and my dad wasn't on the road all the time..and do you want to know what I did? I walked right into psychos faces and looked straight into their eyes and spit in their faces and told them to bring it and they don't hold a candle to all they qualities they have that match me! You think your a psycho Nemesis? Yes you are a person that needs help I will admit that but what you did to your parents was like what...25 or 30 years ago? Whens the last time you ever did anything crazy like that after that series of events where you were slitting your parents throats happened? I have faced many men in this ring and some men who had ruthless aggression are more psycho then you are at this very moment! Did I also hear you say that Terry Chambers vs Nemesis is too good for television? No, no, no my friend I think you got your words mixed up there a bit, I think what you meant to say is Terry Chambers no matter who he faces, is too good for television! Every time Terry Chambers should be seen it should be on fucking pay-per-view! Maybe in EHW our matches were ok but I said it before and I will say it again, I wasn't as focused and as determined as I am here tonight! You said it was the other way around and NWA begged you to come back...you know what..I actually believe that because guess who they put you against in your first match? I'm thinking NWA found you in the street and offered you a job cause they thought you could use some money and they wanted Terry Chambers to have a good warm up match in the revival show of NWA! Nemesis, this isn't EHW, you may think I am obsessing over those losses but it's you who is obsessing over those wins...and when we go to that ring here any moment now...you are going to learn a very valuable lesson in respecting Terry Chambers and oh no pal it's not a free lesson, you going to have to pay by me taking YOUR blood as you said you were going to do to me and maybe even your life!

    ---Terry pushes the camera out of his face and does pull-ups on a bar then his agent tells his "It's time!" and Terry Chambers with will and determination starts walking to the entrance way as the camera fades to black---
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Wed Feb 17, 2016 10:26 pm by Guest
    *Fade in, Apex is shown, dying of laughter after witnessing what he had seen...*

    Ohhhh Drew, lets get these scripts off, no more hiring cover-ups, lets see that lucky guy you're spending your life with! You really think you can defeat me that easily? If that's the case then I might have to give you a nice Super Kick myself. Good luck with getting that foot on my chest when you can't get it off the ground after I take a nice drop kick on those ankles of yours. I don't know who you think you are calling a man like me out, and calling me immature? Oh please, I'm just having my fun! By the way, don't you think it's a bad idea to gain some weight before a big match? I'd try losing a few, pal. All I can let you know is good luck in two days, because you're gonna need it. I'm swift, I'm powerful, and I'm explosive. You... You're just another prey for the 6 other men in our match. You won't even get past them to get to me. I don't think you know who you're messing with... Even if I went straight for you, you'd barely be a bother. I'd just be wasting my time trying to get the clown fish out of the shark tank. I think you're way in over your head on this one.

    Note this, They call me Apex for a reason... Drew Stevenson, I'll remember you for a long time, trust me. In fact, I hope we can square off one on one someday, although if we did, I'd love for it to be no holds barred.

    *Fade out*
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Wed Feb 17, 2016 7:12 pm by Guest
    The day was peaceful, definitely no complaints on my end as I was sitting in a nice, quiet Italian restaurant enjoying some Alfredo with my girlfriend Kat Jones. Hearing my phone vibrate, I reached into my shirt pocket and pulled it out to see that I had a text from my long time friend Jack who was informing me that our very special friend, Apex had a few things to say about me and so I decided to tune in to see what it was that he had to say. Now what gives me the slight advantage is that my girlfriend is also in the business so she doesn't care when I take a moment of our time to check out and address situations that need to be addressed. Going to the NWA website, I saw his promo right there and I hit play while watching the promo which only lasted for a couple of minutes and all I could do was shake my head, that's really it.

    As I shook my head, I chuckled because what he had to say was absolutely hilarious and even my girlfriend thought so, as a matter of fact, she didn't even say a word and that's because she didn't have to; she knew by the look on my face that I was getting ready to tear this kid a new one. Going to the proper section of the NWA website, I used my iPhone 5s to record my promo and instead of holding the phone, I propped it up on the table so that I could speak while also continuing to enjoy my wonderful meal.

    "This has to be a joke, right? Surely to God somebody who goes by the name Apex, which means to be the best didn't just try to come at me with some third grade jokes.

    Did you seriously just try to spin my entire promo to make me look gay simply because my trainer was pushing me to train harder?"

    Shaking my head from side to side, I was dumbfounded, absolutely floored that somebody would come at me so retarded like. Taking in a deep breath, I returned my attention back to my phone because I wasn't angry, not in the slightest, I was more surprised that this company would hire somebody so stupid in the first place.

    "First off, let's get one thing crystal clear - your right-hander is going to do absolutely nothing to me. The moment that you walk your ass into my line of sight? I'm going to take my emerald green boot, I'm going to have it say hello to your face repeatedly and then I'm
    going to dispose of your ass first and foremost.

    I mean, come on, at least show that you have a tiny bit of intelligence in that head of yours. At least show this company that you could be at the top because as of right now? You definitely don't live up to your name as the Apex of anything. I mean, I could have let you get by with saying that you were going to knock me out because that is said all the time, that's a dime a dozen remark. I was even cool with you saying that you were going to make me see stars for years and to kiss my Hall of Fames goodbye because at least you amused me and you still do, I just haven't had anybody call me gay in a promo since sometime back in 2006.

    Now answer me this Apex, you can do better, right? Surely this was all just a joke, you were just trying to be funny and the next time that you open up that fat mouth of yours? It better be some brilliant Mark Twain bullshit because it's definitely getting chiseled on your tombstone!

    So I'm going to keep this short regarding you because I have a dinner to continue with and I don't want to keep my beautiful girlfriend waiting any longer than she has to. So remember Apex, you better come at me with something far better than that because if that's your best? Then you might want to rethink job options because I promise you; after this week? I'm going to put you down, I'm going to drop you and I might be priority number eight to you and that's perfectly fine because in the end? It's going to be my foot covering your chest which ends your chances of getting the first two points in the NWA Championship tournament; bank on that!"

    Grabbing my fork and picking it up, I took another bite of my fettuccine Alfredo and shook my head yet again, that's how dumbfounded that I was by this ignorant fool. However, there was a man that I need to discuss for a moment and I actually like him, he's definitely unique and every time that I listen to him talk? He makes me laugh with his crazy, stupid shenanigans and that man is Tyler Inspire. Having chewed up my Alfredo, I swallowed it and reached over grabbing my glass of cola to wash it down with but after that; I continued to speak because I have a pretty good feeling that me and this guy is going to put on one hell of a match.

    "Oh Tyler, every time that I listen to you talk about inspiration? It brings this strange smile to my face and not because I believe what you're saying, no, it's because you're one strange guy.

    First and foremost? It wasn't because of you that I decided not to retire. No, a long time friend in Jason Cage hit me up about the NWA coming back and truthfully? I turned him down when he first came to me about coming back but then he came back again, showing his persistence and I gave it some thought and as we all know - here I am, competing against all of you to earn two points towards the NWA Championship, something that I have all intentions of claiming by the way.

    You see Tyler, you can come like a thief in the night but I promise you something; you're going to be very disappointed when you realize that the NWA Championship is nowhere to be found. Don't worry about it though, it's going to be in a very safe place, that being over my shoulder - you know, the guy that can't compare to you."

    Rolling my eyes, that's all I could do because these kids are definitely getting cockier. Shaking my head briefly, I took another small bite and continued to speak; my girlfriend was sitting across from me smiling as she always enjoys when I tear my opponents a new one from a verbal standpoint.

    "Now let's get one thing crystal clear and out in the open, you're good Tyler, there's no denying that. Hell, you're definitely leaps and bounds better than that down syndrome looking Apex kid who couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag, that's for sure.

    This match between us Tyler? Everybody already predicted that it would be the two of us battling to see who would gain those first two points anyway and needless to say; we are living up to the hype. However, don't get your hopes up too high Tyler because I'm going to burst that bubble of yours, I'm going to leave you stranded just like the rest of them because that NWA Championship?

    It's not going home with you, no, there's only one person in this company that it's going home with and you're looking right at him. That's right Tyler, me, Drew Stevenson and if you don't like it? Well, write me a hate letter or something or even send a letter to your Congress because there's things in life that we don't like, that's just how life works but the only thing that's going to be real inspirational is yours truly, standing in that ring after having beaten of you because it will be then and there that every single person in this company knows that I am the future NWA and let me tell you; there's not a chance in hell that you or anybody else in this match is going to stop me, you best believe that.

    So… With that being said? I am going to finish this lovely dinner with my beautiful girlfriend and I'm sure that I will hear from many of you here shortly, and please, don't be like Apex!"

    Shaking my head yet again while flashing a very small smile, I tapped the screen on my phone and stopped this recording which also uploaded it which was very handy for people who was out and about like I am right now. Sitting back and enjoying the rest of the evening with my beautiful girlfriend, life is good, definitely no complaints and I'm going to be your NWA Champion very soon; you can take that to the bank.
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Wed Feb 17, 2016 5:42 pm by Guest
    The Revival? Or The Beginning of the End?

    *after watching the footage of Kreature calling out Apex...*

    HAHA! That's quite comical of you, sir. How about we take you to the salon before the match? Get you nice and dulled up, then we can put your big girl panties on and you can show the world what you don't have! I'll make sure to obliterate you first before I wipe the floor with these competitors. Kreature? Sounds like the name of a video game character! What are you doing walking around with that Mortal Kombat ass name? There's so many god damn things we gotta fix about you. I do praise you though, you did mention the difference between my hood and your hood. You're right, my hood is way different from your hood. But my hood's tougher. These fans don't pay to see you wrestle, they pay to see you get your ass beat! Kids like you leave your blood all over that ring. I'm just waiting to see how much of it I can take out of you! That championship is gonna be mine and pinning you will get me 2 points closer to that gold. If you wanna bring weapons, then my hood has got that competition on lock down. Let's just hope you can make it past the first fall, hell we may even be the last ones in that ring, and hell, you might even be the last one to crawl out of that ring, but not with a victory. My plans are to deliver so many superkicks and so many hotshots that you're gonna be laying on the ground bleeding out of your misery. As for the other competitors, they are the least of my concern.

    *after watching the footage of Tyler Inspire calling out Apex...*

    And for Tyler Inspire, lets see how good you are when you have a chair crushing your foot and a sledgehammer to your gut. I'm gonna cut you open until you look like Silly Puddy. You have no idea what's coming. Although you may be right about fans, my fanbase is here because they back me up and they trust that I can mop the floor with lowlife scumbags like you. Tyler, your Voldemort lookin ass is gonna be beggin for mercy when I put you in a coma after our match, all I have to say is, children like you don't belong in the legacy I'm creating.

    *after watching the footage of Brayden Cruise calling out Apex...*

    Brayden, when you got that call when you were relaxing in the shittiest country in the world, they were just looking for a fill-in. This company only needs numbers right now and you are a zero. I can't wait to see you groveling in the ring begging God to help you when I send your ass to the afterlife. Say  hi to Satan for me because I'm shooting you straight to hell.

    *after watching the footage of Drew Stevenson calling out Apex...*

    "HARDER DREW! HARDER!" The hell is this? Is that your boyfriend asking you for more? Get the fuck outta here you worthless waste of oxygen. You're someone I wanna shut up the most next to Kreature. As far as I'm concerned you may be enemy #2 but you are priority #8 because I have more people in this match to worry about, including myself. Before you head into this match though, kiss those Hall of Fames goodbye because you won't be opening your eyes for a very long time. My right hander is gonna connect so hard, you'll be seeing stars for year. Ready for the ride of your life? You must have heard those before from your gay lover, huh tough guy? Can you take it up the ass as much as you can get the hell beat out of you? If that's the case, then he's a lucky guy.

    All 4 of you should have been as bright as these three gentlemen, namely Ash Lee, Kangxi, and Jack Hunter, who've kept their monkey mouths shut. I envy them for you because you've all made a name for yourselves, and it does NOT end well when you make a name in front of Apex Nitro...

    I'm seriously starting to believe that none of you are ready for this...
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:25 pm by Guest
    Revival Part 3

    NWA Promo Zone! - Page 2 Inspire_Header_2

    Inspired… A word that most common people of the world living through the daily struggle wish to be. They pray, hope, and dream for the day when they become inspired to be something greater. To live for a greater good. The day when they take that leap of faith and land on the other side, where the grass is much, much greener. But the chances of things like this happening are slim to none. The chances of winning the lottery are one in one hundred and seventy five million. You have a greater chance of being struck by lightning. Do the research, people have a one in three thousand chance of being stuck by lightning in their lifetime.

    Inspiring… A word most people claim or wish to be. Especially in this business. Everyone wants to be the next big thing, do the next big move, become the next great champion. Everyone wants to seal their legacy as one of the greatest to ever grace the sport of professional wrestling. But only a few tend to succeed. Because God is good, yes, but God is fair. God understands that you can’t bless everyone with the same qualities. Everyone has to be different, otherwise the world couldn’t evolve. Everyone has their unique and individual qualities that set themselves apart from the next person. Mine just so happen to be in the ring.

    Just ask Drew Stevenson… He was contemplating retirement before he heard that Tyler Inspire was destined to become the next NWA world champion. Just the thought of it has him training in the gym harder than ever. Just ask Brayden Cruise… My name alone drives this man to his brink. He is so disgusted by the fact that he has to compete with me in the same ring that I’m all he can think about. He doesn’t even seem to understand that there is six other men in this match besides us.

    Go ask Ash Lee or Kangxi.. If you can find them. I have them so damn worried about being in the ring that they haven’t even shown their faces. I would tell you to ask Apex Nitro but you probably couldn’t understand half of the sentences that the little delinquent could string together. The simple fact of the matter is that Tyler Inspire has everyone in NWA and associated with NWA talking. Because Tyler Inspire competing to be NWA world champion is the biggest thing to ever happen to this busted and crusted dump.

    I don’t even know how guys like Kreature and Jack Hunter can sit there and think for one second that they have the slimmest chance of walking out with those two points. You see people… People are funny, in an ironic way. Everyone wants to be inspired… Everyone wants to be inspiring but then there are those who actually inspire or are inspiring… And then everyone tends to hate them. Turn their backs on them and run their name through the mud.

    Because they are things you cannot be? Because they possess things you cannot afford? These hypocrites are the same people that wish for people like me to come along. They pray daily for inspiration, for motivation… Then when the great talents come along and try to share their genius, people become envious and their selfishness takes hold. Because in the end, people are only worried about themselves. The fact that I’m honest about it makes people dislike me even more, which is another thing I don’t understand.

    I thought honesty and dignity were qualities that people appreciated. I thought those were the kinds of things you looked for in a good human being but I guess not. Society continues to evolve but to what? I mean let’s be honest… The role models today are hipsters and wannabe gangsters. Drug addiction and crime is at an all-time high and the government is more worried about other countries than their own.

    This business needs me more now than ever. The NWA needs to be inspired now more than ever. This hardcore, extreme, anarchist nonsense is not the path we need to follow. Allow Tyler Inspire to show you the finer things in life… Allow me to show you the true qualities of a champion. The world will always need order and it’s only a chosen few that can instore it.

    Enjoy the inspiration, NWA… Because it will only last so long before it is gone… Vanished in the shadows like a thief in the night. I will take NWA gold and I will depart with the wake of my existence becoming an urban legend to be told throughout the rest of time. The NWA will never forget the name Tyler Inspire and the wrestling world will never see anyone that could compare. I am your future… This is my destiny. See you on the nineteenth, hope you enjoy the show.

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    Listening to the sounds of metal clanking upon metal, along with all of the other sounds of people strenuously exercising, it made me feel at ease. I came to the gym today because I needed to work out, I have a big match coming up for the NWA promotion and I refused to walk out of the battle royal as anything less than a winner. Standing in front of the heavy bag, I had emerald green boxing gloves on my hands as to protect myself from breaking my hand from hitting the bag. With sweat droplets running down my face and dripping off of my nose, the only thing I could hear right now was the sound of my gloves smacking the bag and an old familiar voice which always pushes me to do better, always drives me to be the best.


    Letting out a loud grunt, I really put myself into each punch and when I heard him yelling at me? Something clicked inside me, it pushed me even harder than what I was going and I began to punch the bag with so much more force that it was rocking the bag back and forth as well as causing my old mentor to take steps back and then return to his normal position.

    After having seen enough for right now, he nodded his head showing approval which was good enough for me because I knew that we would be going for round two here in just a bit. As soon as he releases his grip from off of the bag, I lower my head for a moment, sweat dripping profusely off of my forehead and down to the padded floor below. Taking in some large, deep breaths, I removed the gloves from off of my hands and reached for the white towel that was nearby so that I could wipe most of the sweat off of me. Being tossed a nice cold bottle of water, I quickly twisted the off of it and took a big swig of it, trying to rehydrate myself after such a strenuous workout.

    "Damn Drew, I haven't seen you look this good, this crisp or this determined in a very long time. So tell me, why now? Not that I'm complaining of course but you were recently in this stage like you felt like you had nothing more to prove; what changed?"

    Taking another large drink of my water, I stood there for a moment and really thought about what he said because he was right, I was almost to the point of retiring but something changed in me. Shrugging my shoulders and bringing my head up to look at him, I couldn't explain it but I knew he would understand.

    "You know Jack, I really can't explain it. I was laying there one night and I realized that I just didn't give a damn anymore. I thought that money could buy me everything, and it did for the longest time but when I lost it all? It brought out the best in me, it brought out that Stevenson who is craving competition and I guess you could say that I had my own personal revelation.

    I know, it doesn't make any sense but there's some things in life that you simply can't explain, you know?"

    Shrugging my shoulders once again, he nodded his head and that's because even though I couldn't explain it, he definitely understood. You see, Jack was an old friend but more than that? He used to be a wrestler as well so I'm pretty sure that he has been through this exact same thing before. With our conversation being interrupted, that was OK because I had scheduled some air time with the NWA promotion so that I could cut my first promo for the upcoming event.

    With the camera crew walking in to the gym with all of their stuff, they knew exactly who I was and began to set up their stuff so that they could record everything that I have to say.

    "We will be ready shortly Mr. Stevenson, if there's anything you need to do, go ahead and do it now and we will let you know when we are finished."

    Nodding my head, I really didn't have anything to do so I simply sat there on the edge of the ring apron, with my back leaned up against the ropes and waited for them to finish.

    As a little time went by, I continued to sit there very patiently and as everything has finally been set up, I was given the notion that we were recording live and trust me; I had a few things to say.

    "Two points...

    ... That's what everybody is shooting for this week, two points closer to becoming the NWA Champion. I know that I want those two points, I know that Tyler Inspire wants those two points, I know that Jack Hunter wants those two points, I know that Kreature wants those two points, I know that Apex Nitro wants those two points, I know that little Richard with his plastic leg wants those two points and the list continues to go on and on, as you can only imagine."

    With a large smile expressed on my face, I sat there kind of chuckling because I thought what I said was funny and I have a feeling that others will find it pretty funny as well. Reaching up with my right hand, I lightly scratched the top of my head and then continued to speak.

    "Now I could sit here right now and run every single one of you down if I really wanted to but that's not why I'm here. No, my goals are known and my intentions are perfectly clear, I'm here to walk out of that battle royal as the winner, with two points to my name for the tournament and one step closer to becoming the best that this company has to offer.

    Oh I'm aware that every person in this match is looking to accomplish the same thing that I am, I haven't forgotten that and I can see that many of you are really hungry. Some of you look like that virgin down the street who sees the girl next-door and actually thinks that he has a chance while others look like that little dog on Looney Tunes who wants nothing more than to have that big, juicy steak but it's constantly pulled away from them.

    Now me? I'm going to stick to the same method that I came in on, that being to back up my words in the confinements of that squared circle. Oh yeah, I can talk the talk, just as I'm doing right now but I prefer to walk the walk and that's exactly what I'm going to do on this return edition of NWA television.

    Seven other men are stepping into one ring, eight total and every single one of us has the same mission in mind. I respect that, I really do and I respect the fact that all of you want to be labeled as the absolute best that this company has to offer; that's why we are all here but the big differences? Only one of us can walk out with our hand raised as the winner and with two points added to our track record and you're looking right at him."

    With that smile having faded off of my face, I was a bit more serious right now and that's because I wanted these two points, I wanted to sit at the top of the mountain here in this company and I'm going to do just that; wait and see. Taking in a deep breath, I gathered my thoughts for only a moment and clasped my hands together placing them down in my lap while keeping my dark brown eyes focused on the camera that records everything that I have to say.

    "Yeah I know, say that I'm cliché or that I have said the exact same thing that the rest of you have said and I won't call you a liar. It's true, I have spoken the same words that many of you already have and there's really no avoiding that; we are all going to say the same thing, just worded a bit differently but I'm guaranteeing you one thing and let me tell you, it's the most important thing of all.

    We are not going to compete the same!

    You guys are good, there's no denying that because you wouldn't be here if you weren't good but the difference is? I'm great and I know that I'm great, I have the Hall of Fame rings to back it up and before you say that they don't matter; take a step back, think before you speak and then you will realize that they do matter.

    Everything that we have done and will do from here on out matters in this business and I don't know what you guys will amount to but I do know what I'm going to amount to and that is becoming the NWA Champion.

    Now here's the part where you guys blow up the website with your promos screaming about how I'm wrong. Here's the part where I single handedly put the bull's-eye on my own back and every single one of you wants nothing more than to be the man to put me down. Let me tell you something, that's wishful thinking at best because when the referee signals for that bell?

    All eight of us are going to stand in one ring, looking to achieve the same thing like I said earlier but there will be one man and one man only who will be the last man standing and whether you like it or not, I am that guy so mark it on your calendars, countdown the days because you will see the name Drew Stevenson and when you do?

    It will be synonymous with the NWA Championship and there's simply no way around it. Like it, love it, hate it, I really don't care because you will have to respect it."

    After those incredibly strong words came out of my mouth, I didn't have anything else to say at this moment in time. Giving a very confident wink at the camera, I knew that it was adding insult to injury as the old saying goes but that's what I wanted, I wanted for everybody to be fired up, for everybody to want my head on a silver platter and it's only a matter of time now until the website explodes with people's words against me.

    Suddenly removing my dark brown eyes from off of the camera, metaphorically speaking of course, I hopped down off of the ring apron and walked off as I needed to take a shower.

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    CHAPTER #2 - NWA TV #1


    You know I find it kinda funny that no less then two weeks ago I was relaxing in Canada when I got a call about a new place trying to make a name for themselves. A new promotion that already has some of the top talent in the world and what better way to prove that I am in fact the best wrestler in the world today then by defeating each and every single person I'm put into the ring with. I've been around the wrestling world a long time and I am the one man that knows how to get the job done. I'm the one man that truly knows what it feels to suffer and that's exactly what I plan on making people in this company do. Superstars who are standing in the spotlight that I should be in, but because of the way I look or the way I dress people don't want me there. Maybe it's because of the way I talk, but frankly I DON"T GIVE A FUCK because the fact of the matter is that the NWA has signed somebody who will run through the roster. When I signed my contract to compete with NWA they quickly became the top wrestling company in the world and it's simply because I am now a member of there roster. You see people don't like to listen when I have things to say, but in the end the best thing people could do is listen because I'm somebody who doesn't like repeating myself. I've had to pick myself up from the ground after being screwed around in every other wrestling company I've been apart of. From putting me in death  matches against people I used to call friends all the way to having me take part in glass table matches. I'm somebody who won't back down from a fight which means there will be a lot of people who don't really like me in this company. People who like to run there mouths, but really can't back up what they say because I'll be the guy SHUTTING THOSE MUTHERFUCKERS UP and it all starts this week on NWA TV. It all starts in a match I could walk out having two points in my pocket and well on my way to that NWA Championship. I could make an impact that nobody has ever seen before so the only real question is how bad do I want to beat my opponents? That's a question I ask myself each and every single time I step into the ring, but this time is going to be a little different. This time I'm going to be in the ring with more then one opponent, but that won't change a FUCKING THING because when it's all said and done I will be the last man in the ring. I will collect those two points and I will continue climbing that ladder to the NWA Championship and there's not a damn thing anybody can do about it.

    I've waited my time and I've watched men do things they shouldn't have done knowing I should have been in there spot. Yet I'm supposed to just sit back and let it happen with nothing to say or do about it. Well in my eyes I've waited enough time and I've watched enough guys become superstars they really aren't. So it really makes me sit back and wonder what wrestling is coming to because you have guys winning Championships when they shouldn't even be in contention. I'M FUCKING DONE. I'm done being the quiet man that nobody really knows about because I've done things the right way. I've done things the way they should be done and because of that other guys are climbing up that ladder before me. Apparently doing things the right way gets you absolutely nowhere so I've decided to do things my way. When I signed my NWA contract I told myself I would do things my way and that's exactly what I plan on doing. I plan on climbing up that ladder step after step and when I reach the top there won't be a FUCKING PERSON who will be able to take me down. My time for waiting is over and now it's time for me to show the world what I'm really made of. It's time for me to do things the only way I know how and that's by dissing out pain and suffering. So this is just a warning to everybody involved in my match on NWA TV this week and I know most of them will take this as a threat. Most of them will take this and laugh it off thinking I can't back up what I say, but if any of them get in my way this week. If any of them stand between me and getting my job done this week they will be dealt with. I am the best wrestler in the world today and if it takes me sending my opponents to a hospital bed to prove it then that's exactly what's going to happen.

    The world of wrestling has a lot of people claiming to be things they aren't and it's going to be no different this week when I step into the ring. I say that because there is one man who I'll be in the ring with this week and just his name makes me want to RIP HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF and I'm talking about Tyler Inspire. With a name like that you really don't have to question what he's all about because his name says it all. He's a guy who quite frankly has a lot to say, but at the same time hasn't really said anything. You see I've been in the ring with guys like him ever since I signed my first contract and each time I step into the ring with guys like him. I leave them in the middle of the ring questioning why they even bothered stepping into the ring with me in the first place. Tyler Inspire is a little bit different because the way I see it he's a guy who wants to prove something and if he thinks it's going to happen this week he's got another thing coming. If he actually thinks he's going to prove anything when he steps into the ring with me this week then HE'S FUCKING DUMBER THEN I THOUGHT. When I step through those ropes this week I won't only be entering the ring. I'll be entering a fight and when it's all said and done I will be the last man standing in the ring. Those two points will be mine and I will move on and become the...



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    ---The Scene opens up on a room which looks to be some sort of film room, a familiar match can be heard in the background, it was one of the many times Nemesis faced Terry in EHW. The camera pans to Nemesis who is watching it in a chair, he sees the camera and pauses the match---

    You know I was browsing the internet today, I came to a wrestling website it looks like my pal Terry did a question and answer. I can't help but to talk about it, I mean first off who the hell would book Terry Chambers for a question and answer, he must have been really cheap to book. of course you came out of retirement to go after a world title Terry, I am sorry but you should have stayed tired because a world title reign is not in your future Terry. I don't think you came out of retirement at all to go after a world title at all. I think you came back because one your movies are doing as well as you say they are. Two deep down inside it burns you alive knowing that you can't beat me, once you heard I was coming back to NWA you just thought this is your chance to finally get the monkey off your back. Face it Terry why else would you come back you are not championship material in this company Terry. Mark my words though Terry I will be the one that stands in your way of the championship, and I will slay the big stupid beast again and again and again. You need to get it through your thick skull that you can't beat me Terry. While you are answer questions Terry I am watching film, not that I need to watch it but I like to prepare myself for any challenge, no matter how microscopic this challenge might be.

    ---Nemesis picks up the remote, he is about to unpause the match when he thinks of something---

    You know Terry of course you would think what I said was funny, I know you think you got to me, that is okay for you to think Terry. You didn't really "get" to me so much as you just pissed me off and awakened the sick twisted clown that did all those things so many years ago. You just made me want to taste your blood, just like I tasted my parents back then. Don't worry Terry I will be sharpened my straight razor Thursday night, you know the first chance I get to spill your blood I am going to do it, you better hope the referee and or NWA doesn't allow me to bring my razor to the ring with me. I promise you Terry one of us will not be walking out of this fight alive, you are right though you did take away the one thing I cared about, the last thing I had left of my parents you know luckily that was just one of my houses, it just happened to be the one I stayed in when I wrestled in New York. Terry I think about my parents everyday, there isn't a class in this world that is going to help me, I don't need your stupid money don't offer to pay for shit for me, unless you are paying for something with your blood that is the only method of payment I will accept from you Terry, remember that because come Friday I turn into the bill collector I am coming for your blood Terry. All the things you have done in your life Terry, all the mistakes you have made this one is the biggest, I would ask didn't your parents ever tell you not to mess with a psycho, then I remembered your parents don't love you. It's okay Terry I love you, I love you enough to put you to rest this Friday, I love you enough to Christen the NWA mat with your blood.

    ---Nemesis unpauses the match, as the announcer from EHW can be heard calling Nemesis' win over Terry---

    Terry doesn't like the past, the past haunts Terry every single night when he goes to sleep and every single day when he wakes up, he can't get it out of his head how many times I have beaten him. That is why he will do everything in his power to never hear about EHW again, yeah I am going to remind him about it every chance I get, why because I know it gets in his head. As much as Terry says he doesn't care about EHW, he knows deep down he wants to correct his losses he wants to make up for them, unfortunately for Terry I won't let that happen those losses will be apart of history forever come Friday they will be apart of present day as well. Terry Chambers V.S. Nemesis once again a match some would say is to good to be seen on regular television, I on the other hand think you are only good for regular television. Be honest with me Terry what unique thing do you bring to a Pay Per View match, you are the same as any other boring juice head, where I on the other hand am unique nothing I do is ever the same. You continue to act the same, I mean just at that question and answer you threw somebody out for asking about the truth. Why won't Terry Chambers talk about EHW, why is Terry Chambers such a bitch you always have something to say about me but you never face the losses I handed you with honesty they are always fluke wins to you. I also heard that you said I begged NWA to let me back, excuse me dumbass it was the other way around, I was begged my NWA officials to come out of retirement because they were reviving the company, it was my choice to come back or not.

    ---Nemesis turns off the television and gets closer to the camera---

    You got it all wrong with this match Terry old buddy, keep under estimating me like you used to do in EHW, I love when you do it because you know the outcome that has happened countless times before because you have done this before. I don't mind being under estimated though a win is a win any day of the week Terry, you know that and I know that the whole world knows that, I can see it now the clown strikes again, Terry Chambers loses to Nemesis again. Somebody call guiness book of world record because I might just break a record for beating the same person a certain amount of times. I have nothing to prove Terry I've held world titles before I know you said you came back to do what you never did, I don't need this match you do. Imagine how crushing it will be when I pick you apart in more ways than one, think how much fun we are going to have Terry think about it, you are going to be playing the role of patient after this match, think of all the staples, and stitches you are going to need, you have pissed off the clown Terry you know better than anybody that is something you don't want to do. I'd like to make myself believe that this match is just another match, but you tried to break me Terry. You tried to crush my spirit, I know you like to think you succeeded but you failed in so many ways, you just made this match that much tougher for yourself, Friday can't get her soon enough boy, we are going have so much fun. This is my kingdom Terry this is where I belong no matter how much you don't think so, when you feel my heat Friday, welcome to my life Terry this is where my demons hide. I let so many people down I hurt so many people in my life, I am hell bound Terry, I hope you are ready to come along for the ride

    ---The camera zooms out and fades to black as Nemesis can be singing to himself and laughing---
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    Revival Part 2

    2 points. 2 points can be all the difference in the world. Just think about it. You’re down 2 points with enough time on the clock for one shot. What do you do? Do you take the 2 and go for overtime or do you shoot the 3 and hope to win it all? Or, like the rest of us winners, do you just sit back and relax with the upper hand and watch your opponents run around like beheaded chickens, scrambling to figure out a way to end up on top? Because that’s what I’ll be doing after NWA TV on Friday night.

    NWA Promo Zone! - Page 2 Inspire_Title_Header

    You see I was a young fool in this profession during the early stages of my career. Tearing the acl of my right knee has been the biggest eye opening experience of my life. Finally I have seen the light. Finally I understand what it truly takes to become a star in this business. No longer does Tyler Inspire go out there night in and night out and worry only about putting on the best show he can for the fans… No, no, no. The fans mean nothing. I don’t care if they boo me from sundown to sunup. I don’t care if they hate my guts and hope that I never return to a professional wrestling ring. I don’t give a fuck about signing an autograph for some snot-nose loser who still lives in his parent’s basement. Go drink a couple Four Locos and play in traffic for all I care.

    God has granted me the unbelievable opportunity to grace the professional wrestling world with my abilities once again and this time will be different. This time there will be no injury that sets me back, there will be no showing off for the fans that causes me a victory, and there will be no remorse. Anything and everything that stands in my way will be removed. No questions asked and no explanations given.

    Do I want to sit here and waste my precious time fooling around in this New Wrestlers Association extreme rules nonsense? Hell no. But the simple fact of the matter is that no company wants to hire an employee coming back from a torn acl. Nobody else wants to grant Tyler Inspire the opportunity to step into their locker room and clean it out. So for that reason, I am thankful to the NWA. But…

    This message is for the fans of this two-bit shit hole, for the staff, and for everyone watching this… I am not but my legacy is here to stay. When I walk out of this god forsaken garbage bin of a wrestling company, I will walk out as NWA world champion. And I will drop that worthless piece of fake gold and spit on it. Why? Because after me, there will never be another world champion in NWA history that can even consider themselves worthy of being in a category with someone so… INSPIRING.

    Hate it or love it, NWA. Tyler Inspire is the best damn wrestler on your roster and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You can put me in the ring with bums like Apex Nitro and Jack Hunter. You can put me in the ring with your so called “legends” like Venom, Mark Shadow, or Jason Cage. You can put me in the ring with anyone you can come across and I’ll still walk out victorious because I’m that damn good. But I shouldn’t have to tell you all of this… My name speaks for itself.

    This tournament has just began and to say that I’m more than prepared is an understatement. For the past 2 years of my life, I have done nothing but dream about this moment. The moment when I walk out of those curtains in front of the 30,000 plus in attendance and show the world the new and improved Tyler Inspire. The moment when I make the biggest return in wrestling history. The moment when I show everyone in this damned business that I’m still the most innovative and exciting wrestler on the planet. And you know what? If it takes cracking craniums with steel chairs and barbed wire… Well, then let’s get the damn barbed wire and steel chairs.

    Don’t mistake my displeasure of hardcore wrestling as a weakness, NWA. I’m far from scared to get battered and bloody. But Tyler Inspire doesn’t have to go through these absurd acts of atrociousness to get noticed in the world of professional wrestling. I don’t have to take dives and be buried in tables to have my name in the headlines. My name is the headline. My abilities are the story. Not some damn circus act that gets me 30 seconds of fame on the internet.

    My heart goes out to the guys like Kreature and Ash Lee that are forced to make a living off of this idiocy. Unfortunately God hasn’t blessed us all with the divine talents that I possess and it truly is a sad story for the sport. There is nothing I can do to change that. But the best thing I can do for you NWA, is exactly what I will be doing… Become your world champion. Consider it a favor from yours’ truly… Mr. Motivation.
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    ---The scene opens at a wrestling Q&A event in New York City and the camera pans around a room full of people with a empty table on stage and another camera catches Terry Chambers backstage wearing a shirt and tie with sunglasses talking to his agent right before he goes out---

    Terry Chambers: Come on Rocko, why the fuck do I have to be here? This place is full of nerds who have nothing better to do with their life!

    Rocko (Terry's Agent): Because I already booked it...next time I'll ask you I swear! Just for now you have to go out there and answer a few questions because if you don't the people who run this event will take legal action against me! Please Terry just do this one thing!

    Terry Chambers: Fine but next time you do something like this, your ass is gone you hear me?!

    Yes sir!

    ---"Can't Be Touched" by Roy Jones Jr. hits and Terry Chambers walks out flipping the fans off and sits down right away with a pissed off look---

    Host: Please welcome NWA Superstar....THE BARBARIC CARNIVORE Terry Chambers!

    Host: Ok let's get right down to business...first question..you right there in the blue!

    Speaker 1: Yes hello, Umm Mr. Terry Chambers...what made you want to come out of your great run as an actor to come back to wrestle for NWA?

    Terry Chambers: Ok first off before I answer that, to everybody thats going to ask me a question tonight..just know you paid your hard earned money or the money mom gave to you to come to todays event is wasted cause your not going to get straight forward answers and I cxan't promise if they're going to be any good! Ok so you ask a stupid question like that? Haven't I already explained that? I came out of retirement because I have a major itch I need to scratch and that is I never won a world championship in my career and thats a travesty because I'm the most gifted wrestler in the business today! And I will accomplish that whenever I get that first championship shot...and I ain't going to let a clown like Nemesis to stand in my way!

    Host: Ok next question...yes you right there over in the left in the yellow shirt!

    Speaker 2: Speaking of Nemesis...Terry Chambers....did you perhaps hear about his recent comments about you?

    Terry Chambers:
    No, hey host will you play that up here on the big screen...I need to see this for myself!

    ---The video plays where Nemesis is outside his burning house then the video is over with and Terry begins to speak---

    Terry Chambers: Ok well that was funny wasn't it? It looks like my plan worked....I got insdie Nemesis's head even though he said I didn't! Let's be honest here...that was the only thing he cared about and it took him all of his will to not come and hunt me down and I personally think he's crazy! Because if went and even layed a finger on my mansion in LA and my vacation houses in Florida and here in New York...I would grab a razor and I would slice his throat with it like he did to his own parents! Ok now Nemesis...I believe you now...like holy shit man you must have been some crazy little rascal to not only slice your own parents throats with that razor but to take pictures of them afterwards! Ok you win...you have topped me in the killing somebody story but you will not top me in that ring come Friday night! I mean after I saw you pull those pictures out, I think you needed like help...like alot of therapy help.....not only then as a little kid but now because you actually are saying you can defeat me in that ring in the shape and focus mode I am in right now! Nemesis, I will volunteer to help you...I will pay for your classes if needed! What else did you talk about..Hmm...let's see....well you actually thought deep down I was desperate for some of my parents love and not surprisingly you are WRONG yet again my friend because I never wanted love and affection minus the girls throughout school....but I never wanted it from my parents and you want to know why? Because all throughout my childhood and adulthood I was out training or kicking somebody's ass and that's all I cared about because it was all I did!

    Host: Ok another question you way in the back in the green.

    Speaker 3: Yes ok so do you really think you can defeat Nemesis when we all know back in EHW he kicked your ass ev.....

    ---Terry Chambers interrupts and tells security to throw him out and as they do Terry starts speaking into the microphone---

    Terry Chambers:
    I don't want to hear one fucking word about EHW or any other match we had in the past and they were flukes anyway! I don't want to hear any words about the past even though that what Nemesis likes to talk about alot! Nemesis, back in EHW and in any other company we met in the ring....I wasn't as focused or as determined as I am here in NWA because I came out of retirement for a mission to capture the world title while you came out of retirement because its winter time, the parties and the festivals and circuses are over and you needed a job so you came begging to NWA so you can collect a paycheck! Now here comes the part when you say I sold out and I'm the one who came back for the paycheck well just forget about mentioning that because I have made so many box office hits and with the #1 movie of the year coming out this summer....you know what..I would come to NWA for free because that's how big a mission this is for me to win the world title! Stepping into the ring with me in no circus act..it's not to be taken as a joke because people who have done that..I have ended their careers!  It's not circus act, it's as real as it gets and if you die Nemesis...you die!

    ---The host begins to pick out a new person to ask a question but Terry interrupts---

    Terry Chambers: You know what I am cutting this thing short so fuck you to that fatass about to ask ask a question and fuck you too host..whatever the hell your name is!

    ---Terry pushes the mic away from him and he walks off flipping the crowd off then runs back and throws the host off the stage then walks off the stage backstage smiling and his agent comes running freaking out---

    Are you out of your mind?!?! Do you know how much you are going to get fined?!?!

    Terry Chambers:
    If I get fined...I get fined!

    ---Terry takes the camera thats on him and throws it to the ground causing the scene to end---
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    Post on Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:27 pm by DC.
    Maybe it is true, maybe I have become obsolete, my back hurts, my bones ache, I'm in constant pain from pro wrestling. NWA has been alive for about, like two weeks? Maybe three? And the men in this company are already “shooting” from the heart about how they feel about each other, some men are new, some men are the same, some men have even reinvented themselves. It's all the same to me man, I am signed to wrestle, I show up, I do the job, I leave. It's always been that way, I don't walk around with a “god-like” complex, You know when you start out in the wrestling business, everyone either gets behind you or they give up on you before you even lace up your boots. When I started, I wasn't athletic, or had any movie-star good looks, I was a guy in a singlet wanting to be a pro wrestler, but I wanted to be the top guy, and then when I finally got through the phase of jerkin the curtains and being the bigger wrestlers chew toy, people started to notice me, and began to embrace my name and get behind. There were a few bumps on the road on the way to becoming a World Champion, but I accomplished it. I won the title, and then it's funny how when you finally REACH the top of the mountain, WHEN YOU FINALLY CRACK THE GLASS IN THE GLASS CEILING! Everyone who once supported you now wants you to die, it's just how this business works, they want you to go to the top and as soon as you get there, they can't wait to knock you off. I feel so legendary, I get to be called “washed up” you know you are something in this business calls you washed up, I'm honored to be washed up. I always have something to prove but nowadays I've grown not to care, I am not entitled to the NWA Championship, I am not entitled to anything. Wrestling doesn't owe me, even though I've given pro wrestling my blood, my sweat, my tears and broken bones, I owe wrestling. 

    Because without wrestling I'd be in jail, I'd be in prison, because I ditch the image of pro wrestler. I am a fighter, I fight every single day and I am an unstoppable fighting machine. I'm like a fine wine, I get better with age, I get better every single time I tape these fist and head to battle, and if my experience over the years earns me the tag of washed up, then so be it. Because this “washed up” competitor you speak of has seen this world spin around more times than you have changed your name and try to reinvent yourself. You are the average “Stan” of Diamond Cage, claim to have been a fan, maybe I didn't return any fan mail and now you've killed yourself and now you are a ghost James Cross. We don't know, quite frankly I don't care. It is a known fact that pain doesn't really bother me, I love to spit blood and guts and get up and fight again, I love to beat on my opponents with anything I can find my hands on, whether it be a chair, barbwire, fire, whatever I think of in this unpredictable mind of mine, I do it. Hell most of the time I don't even know what I am going to do. I walk into battle expecting to die because I know that maybe you won't necessarily kill me inside that ring, but you are going to have to come DAMN close to killing me to beat me because I am the most dangerous man in this company! In this world. No one can do what I do, no one can take the punishment I can take, no one can switch styles like I can, no one can brawl and fight, and bleed, and then have a technical war with you like I can. And why? Because I am one of the best. I am one of the best in this world. I am one of the best on this planet and I prove it every single time some son of a bitch walks into the lions den and face the biggest lion in the fucking jungle. Because I will eat you alive, I want you to bring this “treacherous” beating, I want you to deliver a beating on me and Nero Novak, but I want your beating to be different than the other hundreds of men who have vowed to give me a beating, and I want you to actually beat me within an inch of my goddamn life, because that is what I live for, I LIVE FOR THIS WAR, I WELCOME THIS WAR! I want you to actually get the job done, because if you don't I'll surely get the job done, I'll capitalize on your mistakes because that is what a “washed up” man does. Come Friday I'm yours? THAT'S RIGHT, I AM YOURS, I AM GOING TO BE YOURS UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WHEN I AM KICKING YOUR ASS ALL OVER BUFFALO, NEW YORK! I'm not sitting here as a washed up man, I was playing along with this bullshit that continues to come out of the mouths of guys like this, I'm not obsolete, I am damn sure not going to take any bullshit from the men in this match or anyone in this company, I won the damn title the first show, I want the damn championship back and I will walk through any fire, any beating, I'll bleed any massive amounts of blood it'll look like a red cross donation, I don't give a damn because that Heavyweight Championship is on everyone's mind, but the heavyweight championship is in my damn heart, in my damn pours, I am that fucking championship and I'll be damned if I don't win it again, and I'll be damned if my return match in NWA is a loss to a ghost and some fucking guy who wants to change the fucking world.
    Nero Novak
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    Post on Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:44 pm by Nero Novak
    Sanctus (Intro)

    *The scene opens in a dark, night setting that is in the middle on a thunderstorm.*
    *In the scene lies an old house that is drenched in rain*
    *The scene cuts to a camera angle where the camera can be seen entering a domain with the lights in a pitch black dim.  The cameraman twists his camera around to the left or right to view any possible light as there is none.*
    *The sounds of a bird is screeching, but it is unknown which species it is as it is so dark.
    *The cameraman, afraid, continues his footsteps from the living room to a small space of stairs.
    *The cameraman reaches the stairs, as the stairs make a rough and loud screeching noise. As the cameraman goes up the stairs, the bird screeching noise gets to be louder and louder. A muffled laugh can also be heard with a strike of thunder coming out of nowhere.*
    *As the cameraman reaches up the stairs, a voice can be heard, “I’m up here.”*
    *The cameraman jumped up a bit as he though as he had heard a spirit talk to him, but the sign next to the cameraman points to the direction of where an attic is supposed to be at.*
    *The cameraman reaches next to the ceiling of where a square block is appeared up top. The cameraman grabs a hook next to it and stairs come out from the square block that has miniature stairs up top leading to the attic.*
    *The screeching of the bird grew louder and louder that it has struck the cameraman’s eardrums*
    *The cameraman approached to the attic while there is a black silhouette right in front of the cameraman.*
    *The cameraman twists his camera to view the place of the attic as there is a steel chambers of birdcages, the cameraman must be thinking to himself “Why are all of these birdcages doing here?”*
    *The cameraman looks up straight to the black silhouette with the red mask.*

    ???: Your time has come cameraman, you’ve approached to the slaughterhouse where you will feel the emotions of the damned. Go exire (Latin of “exit”) now until I’ll have to make you.

    *The cameraman isn’t afraid this time as he heard and has seen of who it is.*

    Cameraman: … is this… Xplosion?

    Xplosion: You’re damn right it is, go now until Satan commands me to,  the pentagram in this room feels the source of this power and the evil power will be possessed onto you.

    *The Xplosion silhouette is seen trying to throw a fireball to the cameraman, but… the fireball and the silhouette go right through the cameraman’s body.*

    Cameraman: Huh… was this a mirage?

    *The cameraman tries to look throughout the attic, the black silhouette has disappeared leaving with… the mask of xplosion.*

    Cameraman: He left his mask here, I don’t know if I-

    *A bird comes out of nowhere to knock the cameraman near the cerebral cortex, blindly to the back of his head, leaving him unconscious.*
    *The cameraman wakes up on some 2 hours later as the cameraman is tied up and the camera is propped up to a table behind the cameraman and… the figure it resembles to is Nero Novak!*
    *Nero Novak is seen sitting to the chair with a book in hand imprinting the name of the 1845 book, “The Raven.”*
    *The cameraman now gets the bird he has been hearing, it has been a sound of a Raven.*
    *Nero Novak was seen reading the book, but now he has his eyes spotted to the cameraman.*

    Nero Novak: I see you within my very eyes, a man who is afraid, a man who doesn’t want to be here. But don’t fret young one, I am here.

    *The cameraman is seen shaking with fear thinking from his time of Xplosion, that he could be maniupulated.*
    *Nero Novak recognizes his fear and holds the Xplosion Mask*

    Nero Novak: You are petrified from this? As you can see, this is not me anymore. I feel like the past has been too hard for you, I do not wish to remember the past as you would need to as well.

    *Nero Novak is seen lighting a lighter in his hands and… burns the xplosion mask!*
    *The Xplosion mask is seen being burnt to ashes, with the raven screeching and crowing loudly.*
    *The cameraman’s feeling and thoughts now seem to be empty, feeling as he escaped through the torture of Xplosion.*

    Nero Novak: There is nothing to be afraid about young one, as you can see I am Nero Novak, I am not Xplosion. Fear not, I am more harmless than Xplosion, but I am more agile and smarter than he is.

    Cameraman: So why was I sent here for? For what purpose?

    Nero Novak: You are here, but not just you… The masses are here for a reason, they are here to hear from what I reap to sow. I am here to make a career here in NWA, is that right Corvus? (Latin for Raven.)

    *The Raven, Corvus agrees by chriping.*

    Nero Novak: Now it seems like James Cross and Yahweh are teaming up to see if they can defeat me, the “Xtreme Mind” Nero Novak.

    Cameraman: You also have a tag team partner with you, I believe his name is Diamond Cage.

    Nero Novak: That name is familiar, he also had a good career here in NWA. It seems like the most appropriate choice for me to team up with. My oppressors will have to rue the day they’ll have to step with us, even with me. And if they do… they’ll end up with crows feet and claws all over themselves.

    Nero Novak: I am also here for NWA for one purpose, to claim myself to the top. No, I do not want a brass ring around my fingers, I believe a brass ring shows a lot of selfishness. Selfishness is an attribute I do not wish to claim, it’s a force I do not wish to put myself into, but it will have pop into one’s soul and spirit one time.

    *Nero Novak is seen looking back to the book and flipping a page to find something.*
    *Nero Novak does find something and looks back to the cameraman.*

    Nero Novak: James Cross. *Thunder smacks near the house.* A veteran here at NWA, you cannot even dare to defeat me. And if you try to do, I’m going to cripple your inner feelings and abilities with a claw being brought down to your very whim of your so-called… heart. No one is going to make me truly rue the day of you, because what I see of you is just a blank mannequin. A mannequin with nothing in him, a mannequin where all birds dump upon on and give no feelings. ‘Here I opened wide the door; Darkness there, and nothing more.’ *An excerpt from Edgar Allan Poe’s, The Raven* I see nothing, but darkness in you James Cross. What do you have that is so special that needs my attention Cross, you have nothing. With gestalt’s theory, you just have the closure principle. You’re surrounded by darkness, the only light that you have in yourself is your spunk in you. I’ll give you credit that you have spunk in here at NWA, but that won’t be the telltale savior that you want to have in order to defeat me. It takes a lot more than spunk Cross, I’m going to make sure I eliminate that spunk from you and take it away from you. You’ll be left nothing more than a shell of a man Cross, I’m going to cripple your dreams and your passions for NWA and this sport.

    *Corvus wildly agrees by cacawing loudly*
    *Nero Novak goes back to his book and flips more pages to find something else.*
    *Nero Novak then faces the cameraman again.*

    Nero Novak: Yahweh *Thunder smacks near the house*. that name sounds familiar. So do you actually think you’re a god? For the Jewish?*Nero Novak snickers* I do not think so and the masses also try to think not so either. I can make that image of god turned upside down with a bleached dark, black matter dripping with agony and make your dreams of being a god at NWA to be turned into the devil. But I do not wish to brute force with malice intent, I came here to simply make sure you do not claim a victory over me. “Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore...” *An excerpt from Edgar Allan Poe’s, The Raven* My heart says to me, “Who is this mystical man you’re going to confront?” My heart says he is a mystery, but my brain knows a lot about you Yahweh. I know that you will do anything you can to obtain a victory, but you’re going to do a lot more than that when you face me in that NWA ring. I’m not like any other man you have faced in NWA, all of those other opponents cannot hold a candle to my soul and telling in this business. But I’ll let that mystery explore from my heart, it wants to know if you’re truly the man who you claim to be, and by god*pun intended* you’ll have to, you’ll NEED to show me this.

    *Thunder strikes once again with Corvus cacawing loudly.*

    Nero Novak: “Qouth the Raven, Nevermore.”

    *Camera fades out with static.*
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    Post on Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:01 pm by GC
    Chapter I: Daybreak

    Religion, ideology, resources, land, hate, even love are the originators of war. The reasons mankind has been divided from practically the inception of the world and quite possibly until the end of times. They say that world peace can't be achieved. That the ideal world I have been envisioning since my infancy can't exist. And that I am just a dreamer. But I refuse to accept the view that a brotherhood of men can never become a reality. I refuse to accept that this world will never find peace. Perhaps true peace in the world is just a figment of imagination dwelling within my mind, perhaps it will never happen in my lifetime or any other, but if I can do something to make a difference I will do it without hesitation. There has been enough wars, there has been enough casualties. It's time for a new daybreak. It's time to erode the barriers of everything that divides us so that the world can come together as one.


    A scapegoat used to persecute people with different religious beliefs and to harm them. A tyrannical system that revolves around a tyrant. You've been beguiled, indoctrinated to worship a cruel and oppressive ruler. You've been deprived of your freedom, you're all marionettes. You disobey you become destined for perpetual damnation. Anything less than utter obedience and subservience to the will of your religion's cornerstone is deemed as sin. Religion breeds war, discrimination and simply flat out ignorance.


    Political ideology is the predominant ideology. It's leaders think they know how society should work, how the world should operate but the fact of the matter is they know nothing. It's followers are blind. They put these leaders on a pedestal, they venerate them as if they were heaven sent. Just like the cornerstone of all religions these leaders have deluded you. Ignorance is a prison. But if you can't see the bars in front of you, what good is the key? The world needs to wake up and rebel against these so called leaders. We need to dethrone them and utterly eradicate everything they have conceived to divide us. We need to stop indulging in wars against one another and fight THEM, the system, the higher ups, the ones we call "leaders" so that we can be free and live life in peace. They want wars, they have been in the shadows organizing and arranging them throughout our history. It's not just politicians that need to be stopped. The world is currently ruled by people who possess great power, by tyrants. Gods, humans, whatever else is out there but together we can stop them all.


    Some wars have ensued due to resources and land. Governments attacking other governments to acquire territories, for material things mercilessly, showing no compassion to the people they victimize. If we can all come to the realization I have come to. If we can all learn to live without everything that is material, life would be much easier. Your lives are ruled by a piece of paper, your fates are dictated by a piece of paper. YOU should rule your own life, YOU should dictate your own fate and by my side, once every barrier that divides us comes crumbling down, once the world is in peace you will.


    Many times throughout our history wars have ensued due to the sentiment of hate. Many were systematically killed in the holocaust. While I admire Adolf Hitler for becoming a feared and respected figure to most, I abhor his actions. He killed thousands of innocent people because of hate. I'm not going to even attempt refuting the truth. Admittedly, I feel hate, we all have at some point. But life is better when your heart is relieved of that feeling or any feeling for that matter. Including love.. Love is just another word for pain and pain is the aftermath of war. IT may sound impossible, but we can stop feeling we can get one step closer to my ideal world, to live life in PEACE.

    I go by many names. But from this day forward I will be known as Yahweh.You're probably wondering why I have usurped the name of a being I deem a tyrant, why I have adopted it as mine if I possess a strong hate for it. It's very simple, I represent everything Yahweh is supposed to represent. I'm the God this world requires to live peacefully. That's why I took that name and made it mine. I'm a God among men and I am sure you have heard those claims like a million times before but those were lies. However, I am speaking the truth! I am what everyone wishes and pretends to be! I'm superior to your idols, those who you call "champions". It's been a long tome since the last time my presence was felt within the realm of NWA. I had a deciduous reign as world champion... But I have returned to take back what is rightfully mine. To establish justice and achieve peace by any means necessary. The new world order will arise. The tyrants will fall, they will meet their demise... I'll be placed upon my rightful pedestal and I will reign supreme for years and years to come.

    In five days you will witness a new daybreak. The world of professional wrestling will change forever. My return to NWA will mark a new beginning. Not just for me, not just for this company, not just for my adversaries Nero Novak and Diamond Cage, for ALL of us. I can't change the world on my own but together, all of us we can achieve my ideal world, we can attain world peace. I know you are all tired, give up the fight and join in my crusade. Your entire lives you've been in the hands of tyrants, you can free yourself from the prison of ignorance that they built for you now that you have finally discovered the truth. Step out of the shadows, SEE THE LIGHT.. Before it's too late.

    When the darkness flares and starts to speak
    I sculpt the shades of daybreak
    It is me you seek​.
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    The camera shows nothing, when suddenly a spotlight shines down on the ring, and there sitting on a stool is James Cross. He is wearing a tank top, jeans, and a pair of casual sneakers. The camera zooms in on him and he lifts his head up to face it.

    February nineteenth, of two thousand and sixteen. Only five more days until the world meets it’s maker, the holy ghost. I am here today to reclaim the throne, to get my message across, to show the world that I have not lost my mind nor have I lost a step. I am going to prove once again, that I am the greatest of all time. Now many of you people have forgotten about me, but legends aren’t supposed to die in the minds of others; they are meant to live to be eternal. That is one of few reasons I decided to come back. I need to get my name across, and I guess I have to do that by forcing it down your throats. I deserve more than being looked upon as a has-been, as a once was- because I am better than that. I’m a fucking legend; bigger than the Great Bambino, and more cruel than Hitler. I am Cross, James Cross.

    But as I look around, I couldn’t help but to notice that I am making my return, this Friday. It is going to be in a tag team match where I’m facing off against Nero Novak, and Diamond Cage. I’m expecting it to be a simple victory, but that’s not what I wish to accomplish, I want to drag it out and make sure the world gets the point that I intend on making: THAT I AM GREATNESS. I am not just greatness because I declare myself; I am because I earned the title. In EHW I earned the world heavyweight championship, I earned each and every victory that I wished for, I lost very rarely. That is because I don’t play to lose; I don’t play to get even; I play to get ahead of the game, and just because I’m not in the tournament to earn points towards that championship Friday, I’m going to be able to get ahead and claim it sooner than later…

    Allow me to discuss my opponents, beginning with Nero Novak, someone with an “Xtreme” mind. Honestly, I don’t see anything bright about you, and if your mind is probably as blank as your consciousness will be after NWA TV this week. Your idea of extreme isn’t what I believe it to be; yours is like a softcore porno compare to snuff. Mine involves more than high flying moves and using weapons found around the ring. My idea of extreme involves using every aspect of the match against you, and using anything: EVEN THE WALL to hurt you. Using your partner to hurt you, using anything known to man to hurt you and once you begin to bleed and gush out from your head I’m going to sit there and laugh out loud! Hahahaa, but what I will do for you, is to make you famous. You’re going to be known throughout all of the world, as James Cross’ first victim since returning to the NWA..

    Now for Diamond Cage, the first man to ever hold that NWA Championship, the man that walks around backstage as if he’s a god when in reality.. he isn’t much of anything at all. I see through you Cage. I see more than a ‘historic’ past; as a matter of fact I don’t see anything historic about you at all, but what I see is a washed up loser. You know what it feels like to win and lose, you’ve been on both sides of the table. But what you don’t know the feel of, it fear. I know that you aren’t all talk when you say you don’t fear because like all of the other people watching from home, I was once a fan of the ‘ Great ‘ (sarcasm)[u][/u] Diamond Cage. But now, you’re a nobody. People have high expectations of you that you won’t be able to live up to because you just can’t handle the heat anymore. You might be fearless of pain, but I know you fear losing.. and you’re going to lose this match to help me get back to glory. You’re going to also learn to fear pain, because what I’m going to put you through, is treacherous. I might just be a follower of god with the soul possessed by the devil… come Friday night Cage, you’re mine.

    As for my partner, Yahweh. All i have to say to you, is don’t mess this up for me. Stay out of my way, help when I request it, and most importantly make sure you don’t get pinned. This isn’t about you and you being an NWA star, it’s about ME, and my return to the big stage. Now that you know that, don’t be stupid and listen to me. If you don’t, you’re going to have yourself to blame. You’ve been warned.

    Come Friday, you're all going to see a ghost....
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    Tyler Inspire, Brayden Cruise, two men with similar ambitions... two men who will suffer the same fate. However, while Brayden and Tyler may have a fighter’s mentality, there’s one crucial area where they are lacking that I’m superior. Before your pebble-brained minds sink into Gotham’s gutters, I’m referring to the fact that I... have always had the instinct of a killer. See, people have always had these misconceptions about me. People take one look at me... The hardened eyes, the perpetual scowl, the imposing figure... They take one look at me and I’m instantly, and unfairly, type-cast as a psychopath in the eyes of the public. While I couldn’t give two shits about what anyone thinks about me, they do need to understand that the human mind is complex. To develop a true killer instinct, one needs not fear or experience emotion in any juncture. While Brayden or Tyler can try to deny it all they want, the fact remains that the both of them are still very much as emotionally-driven as he was the day he set foot in NWA predecessor. I, on the other hand... I’ve been completely devoid of all emotion since the day I left Fort McMurray. I was ready to kill my brother when I left home; he’s the one who turned me into the monster I am, so those left in my bloodied path should ultimately be blaming him. I’ve known no other way since the age of sixteen, and I’m never going to change. I know my place will never be as the NWA equivalent to Bruce Wayne. Rather, I’m more like Two-Face: A monster bred from nothing more than pure contempt and a desire for revenge

    Therefore, the time has come for a reincarnation. No, I’m talking about returning as some born-again, wannabe religious harlot who tries to shove his or her absurd ideas down other people’s throats as if they’re the in-vogue societal Kool-Aid. Instead, what the NWA is going to see in this reincarnation... It’s going to be nothing more than pure evil. I’ve had enough of being the guy who’s unable to make the most of his God-given power and raw talent, items of which I possess much more than an average joe like, say, Jason Cage. Mark my words, this reincarnation is going to be among the nastiest things ever seen not just in wrestling, but in all of society. Trust me, this reincarnation is something that would have made Hussein and Hitler’s skin crawl. I’m the killer that haunts the dreams of children around the world, and this week, NWA is going to see as much. I’m done with being a bystander; the time has come to make a statement.

    Iit seems as though it’s almost fate that’s doing this. In order to establish an evil, one must destroy the evil that had been previously established. You’ve got more of a pedigree than I do at being devious and spiteful, but now... It’s time to declare war. In order to become the new head of the dragon, the previous head must be slain beyond reasonable doubt. To truly cleanse myself, I must cope with destruction again.

    With that in mind, I welcome you to the Temple of All Kreatures, and I will no longer be treated as the hunted. The hunter's initiation occurs this week, Tyler, Brayden, and you’d best believe that, despite our lack of a past, I'm going in for the kill. Oh, and one more thing: Once your head rolls in the ring at my bloody hands... I’ll be there to celebrate, with my old friends Jack Daniels and Jimmy Beam.
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    Revival Part 1

    “You’re all set. Knee looks great and everything else is fine. I’d say you have made a full recovery.”

    “Thank you. That’s great news doc.”


    Scene fades in mid-way through a wrestling match. Tyler Inspire is locked up in the ring with Hiroshi Okada. It’s Sunday, October 20th 2013 and Tyler is currently sprouting into major stardom. This is the single biggest match in his career in front of the largest crowd he has ever seen; and to top it all off, he is in Japan, a foreign country. Okada has the upper hand at this point and is looking to land his finisher, a package tombstone piledriver but Tyler rolls it into a sunset flip pin attempt. After a quick kick out, both hop back to their feet and Tyler quickly initiates contact. A few swift kicks and palm strikes stumble Okada into the corner and that’s when it all goes down-hill. Tyler hits Okada with a diving cross body that lands him on the outside apron of the ring. Immediately after landing, Tyler grabs Okada looking to suplex him to the outside but mid-way through Okada grabs the ropes and lands with his feet on the outside apron as well. A European uppercut smacks Tyler clean around and Okada follows up by lifting Tyler high in the air belly to back style. Okada then tucks Tyler’s right knee and hops to the floor, crashing Tyler down knee first onto the apron. Torn ACL. The match was stopped and Tyler was carted out of the ring and taken to the hospital.

    Cut to present day.

    “Today was the last check-up on the knee. Everything is finally good to go and I can’t wait to get back in that ring. Even if I have to do a few of these hardcore garbage matches first. It’ll be alright. Everything will be back to the way it should’ve been in a short time. I just need to get in there, knock the rust off, and I’ll be back on top before you know it.”

    Tyler is sitting in the living room of his apartment, talking on his cell phone.

    “Oh no, no, no. Kevin this is Tyler Inspire you are talking to. There is no way in hell that I won’t have another offer after a few shows. I don’t give a shit. You think I don’t understand that this nonsense is bullshit wrestling? You think I don’t understand that the scouts don’t really waste their time with this shit? It doesn’t fuckin matter. My name alone will bring the scouts, my name alone will fill them seats and their fuckin pockets. Okay? Don’t get me confused with one of your other clients, Kev. You know that I know this business.”

    Tyler listens on, frustrated.

    “Yeah… Yeah. Just make the fuckin calls, alright? Alright. I swear if I don’t see him in that crowd, Kevin… It’s your ass.”

    Tyler touches the screen on his phone and ends the call. He takes a deep breath in and lets out a loud exhaling sigh and stands up. He rummages about his kitchen making a quick lunch consisting of tuna and crackers and a bottle of water. Nothing is the same as it used to be. I mean by no means was Tyler ever rich and famous but he was living quite better than this. Nice condos and luxury rental cars are things of the past. Now he can barely afford his rent on a single bedroom apartment or to keep his ’04 Honda Accord on the road. The injury has taken it’s toll on Tyler’s life, mentally, physically, and financially. These past two years have been the hardest Tyler has ever struggled. Having to work two jobs to survive while hospital bills keep crushing his bank accounts. Bill collectors calling and wanting their payments. It hasn’t been easy, that’s for sure.

    Tyler takes a seat back on the couch and begins to eat his lunch when his cell phone rings and he picks it up.

    “Hello?... Yeah this is him… Yeah, I’m happy to be back… No you don’t have to worry about that.. No.. Look, I don’t know what my agent told you but I’m not going to be here long. I’m only here for a couple shows and I’m out. I have a bright career ahead of me and I don’t have time to be wasting it doing this circus event nonsense. If I could get a gig anywhere else I wouldn’t even be doing this right now. I can’t afford to be putting my knee at risk doing this dumpster wrestling debauchery. You understand? So I’m sorry, I’m thankful for the opportunity to get back into the ring but as soon as that offer comes in, I’m out that door… Yup, nice talking to you too. Uh huh. Bye.”

    I can’t even believe this shit. Want to offer me a written contract to do this shit full time… Yeah right. I can’t help it that I’m the biggest draw you have on the roster. I can’t help it that you have no choice but to put me in your world championship chase. Anyone with enough brain for some simple common sense can understand that Tyler Inspire shouldn’t even be in a NWA ring. But it is what it is. I’m not one to sit here and bitch and moan. I’m used to the struggle. I’ve been working my ass off in this business since before I can remember and it isn’t going to change now. But you have a better chance of seeing a beached whale full of shark jism being struck by lightning than seeing me stay around in this hardcore mumbo jumbo. I have worked too hard to stay a cult icon my whole career, I deserve to be on top competing with the best of the best… Not stapling dollar bills into people’s faces and stabbing them to death with a god damned fork. But it’s all going to work out… Just gotta be patient. So what if I have to take a 30 foot fall through some glass light-tubes and a burning table? So what if I have to become the NWA world champion in my short stay here? It’s all just a phase and it’ll be over before I know it. 20 years from now I’ll look back when I’m living the high life in Florida and think, “Damn.. I can’t believe I used to have to do that shit.”

    The scene fades black.

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    ---The scene opens up with a car parked out in front of a house, where firemen are trying to extinguish a fire going on inside the house. The Camera pans around to find Nemesis walking down the street, the camera man runs down the street to try and catch up with Nemesis, Nemesis spots the camera, he has a pissed off look on his face---

    You know, I am a lot of things in this world, a creep, a piece of shit, you know a crazy motherfucker but one this which I am not is a liar. Sometimes with all my heart I wish I was lying about the situation that happened when I was little, Yeah I covered it up for a long time nobody new about it. I should have expected something like this from Terry, I am surprised at myself for putting a low life piece of shit like him beyond saying something like that enough. I don't fucking lie Terry, I don't make stories up, a lot of people get away with a lot of things for a long time, some people manage to never even get caught. You also said that you had oral sex with my mother, I mean Terry that is pretty disgusting that would would put your disgusting face, in a dead ladies crotch. I am dying to know Terry what does dead pussy smell like. Anyways Terry Lets just say me killing my parents was an "accident" okay Terry we are going to leave it at that.

    ---Nemesis takes a look at his house at it is still being put out by the firemen frantically to get the fire out, which has been burning for quite some time now---

    You know I should be more angry than I am, I should be hunting Terry Chambers down, but I thought to myself he wants me to get angry he wants to get inside my head. He tried so hard to get in my head that he came and attacked the only thing I cared about my childhood home, which I own at the moment. I want to go after him believe me it is taking every fiber of my being to wait til Friday night at the NWA Revival show. Terry though, I do love how you won't stop at anything to crack a joke on my life. Whether you make fun of me being a circus clown or hell now a new one you make fun of my house saying you've seen better decorated haunted houses in your life. The fact is Terry I wish once again I wish it was a decoration, I wish the blood would come off, I had to live day in and day out seeing that blood on the wall reminding me of my parents. That blood was just a daily image, a daily reminder of what I had done, what I couldn't take what I wish I could take back. There isn't an eraser big enough in this world to get rid of that mistake Terry trust me it burns deep down inside that I did that to my parents, I enjoyed it at the time, I mean come on Terry that is where my blood lust began. Terry what if I told you that I licked the straight razor clean after I was done, the blood had a sweet metal taste to it, I could tell it was rich in iron.

    ---Nemesis walks closer to the house, the heat of the flames can be felt at the distance from which they are standing. The firemen are trying to get Nemesis to back up, he doesn't want to though, the firemen give up after a couple of attempts---

    Terry I wish I had the Parents you had, my parents always wanted to spend time with me I hated it. I wanted to be alone all the time, they would never let me. It just worked out to which my ninth birthday was the day I had enough, the bad present was just an excuse Terry, I needed a reason to do what I did. You keep begging me to shut my mouth Terry, I mean come on tough guy why don't you do it yourself. I think there was a reason you set my house on fire while I wasn't home Terry, you didn't want the conflict before Friday, I know your type Terry act all big and tough but run from the fight when it finally happens. I know what comes next " I never ran from a fight in my life" all that other bullshit that comes with it. We know Terry nobody in this business ever runs from a fight. I just happened to not be home when you decided to do this. I know you give zero fucks Terry, that is fine for you to say but we all know deep down inside Terry my boy that you cared for your parents we know deep inside you longed to feel their love. They loved you deep down but your mom just loved my dick just a little bit more, why else would the bitch keep coming back after I burned her with my cigar. Spook you Terry, I'm not trying to spook you, I don't want you to burn my car while I'm not in it I've lost enough.

    ---Nemesis walks to his car as parts of the house can be heard crumbling to the ground---

    I know you found my memories box Terry, which by the way I found in the street, you must have dropped it on the way out. You must have loved the pictures of me as a little kid Terry, you know the one with the bike. Lets not forget the pictures of me in the circus. I'm glad you found me cute as a kid though, now to show your the proof though Terry.

    ---Nemesis fiddles around with the memory box for a few moments, pushing a button---

    You see Terry if you would have examined the box you would have seen the hidden compartment, whats in the hidden compartment? Pictures of my parents gushing blood from their fucking throats, which if I get my way Friday is going to happen to you, I am going to finish you off once and for all Terry, I am done with this shit. I have nothing left Terry you took the last thing I cared about my childhood home, which means you just fucked up, you just made me care free which means I can put everything on the line Friday.

    ---Nemesis gets finds a medium sized rock and launches it at the last standing part of the house, it crumbles to the ground as the rock hits it---


    --- Nemesis holds up the picture from the secret compartment of the memory box, it is a picture of his parents bleeding out in their bed, Nemesis puts the picture back in the box and brings the box with him. Nemesis gets in his car and drives away, as the camera zooms out and fades to black---
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    CHAPTER #1


    People take life for granted and think that tomorrow is just going to come not thinking about the fact that anything can happen. Not thinking about the fact that nobody is given a tomorrow and I've lived my whole life thinking just that.To say that I have lived a troubled life would be taking it lightly. People look at me and think they have me all figured out and in most cases they're completely wrong. They look at me and think because I look the way I do they should look down at me. Almost as if they think they're better then I am...NOBODY IS FUCKING BETTER THEN ME. I've come to NWA because this is exactly where I belong and it's exactly where I know I can prove that I am without a shadow of a doubt the best wrestler in the world today. Of course everybody claims that and believes they are in fact the best, but me. I'm different because I'm somebody who can actually back up what he says and I plan on doing exactly that here in NWA. I plan on proving that I'm somebody who has been left in the darkness. Left watching other guys do things I know I should be doing. Watching them hold Championships I should be holding. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SPOTLIGHT? Where's my glory? I've had to work for everything I've gotten my whole life and I know I'll be working until the day I die. I'll be fighting for everything I have until the day I die so I'm ready for anything NWA has to offer.

    For years I've been one of the guys who have had to sit back and watch things go down. One of those guys who just isn't looked at as a really big threat in the world of wrestling. So I've been sitting back just waiting for my chance to do what I know I can do better then anybody else in the world today. I've had to FUCKING SIT BACK AND WATCH guys who can't do half the things I can do in the ring win Championships. I've had to sit back and watch those same guys hold those Championships and actually believe they are as good as they think they are. While all of that has been going on I've been sitting back and watching with a smile on my face. Knowing that I'll be getting my shot soon enough and the time has finally come. I'm here and ready to show the world exactly who I am and what I'm all about, but it won't be something everybody will want to see. Over the next little while I will be doing things in this company that will make people question whether or not I'm sane. They will be left wondering whether or not I'm thinking straight and I'll answer that question right now because the answer is yes. In fact I believe my head is more clear then it's ever been because I know it's finally my time. I know it's finally time for people to see what it truly means to suffer because I know what it means. I've been through it and now I'm here to make people suffer exactly the way I did. It doesn't really matter who gets in my way because at the end of the day I will be leaving whoever it is laying in a pool of there own blood.

    People like to talk about how they've lived troubled lives.


    But of course everybody else who's had to suffer gets talked about and people feel sorry for them because they've waited so long for there shot. They've worked for years and have waited there place in line, but for some reason they just don't get there shot. People feel sorry for them, but guys like me don't even get recognized. LIKE WE AREN'T EVEN FUCKING HERE well I'm here to say that I'm done waiting.


    I'm done watching guys take my spot.


    I'm here to take what I rightfully deserve and there's not a FUCKING THING anybody can do about it. There's nothing that can be done because my contract is already signed. I'm already a superstar in NWA which means one thing....


    Time to suffer exactly like I did and believe me I will man damn sure each and every single person who does step into the ring with me suffer. It's time for me to take my spot and I will do exactly that, but don't blame me for the victims I leave on my way. I won't be held accountable for my actions on my road to the top because I DON'T FUCKING CARE. I've realized that caring has gotten me absolutely nowhere and that's exactly why the only thing I do care about is having an NWA Championship around my waste. It's time for a new era and it's going to be an era unlike anybody has ever witnessed before because I'm not like any other superstar who will step into this ring. I am the one man who truly knows what it means to suffer and for the New Wrestlers Association...

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    ---The scene opens to what looks like a abandoned house on a dark night, then Terry Chambers jumps infront of the camera---

    Terry Chambers: Were you expecting some creepy guy to do some of that too-creepy-for-you shit? Sorry to dissapoint you because it is the BARBARIC CARNIVORE Terry Chambers! You are probably wondering where I am right now...well you see Nemesis wanted to go as far as go into my personal life and talk about my dad and my DEAD mother! So I took a drive from Buffalo to Valley Stream here in New York and from a couple sources I managed to get Nemesis's address! So here I am about to enter the personal life of the demented Nemesis!

    ---Terry turns his flashlight from his phone on and he busts the front door open and walks right into a spider web then after he gets it all off him he sees all the rooms are red and they're is blood all over the walls---

    Terry Chambers:
    Ooohh spooky Nemesis....I've seen better haunted houses for $2 entry! Just look at all this shit..I mean this guy has got some serious issues! I mean did you see the recent video of him talking about me? He said he actually killed his parents...That's some more funny shit I've heard from his mouth! Nemesis, if you killed your parents as a kid there is no way like 30 years later police don't suspect nothing from you! As a matter of fact Nemesis I think you are lying through your teeth about the whole thing because you wanted to try to top my story of killing somebody..I mean Nemesis are you really that desperate? You want to know how I know your lying? Because I ran into your mom the other night and I ate her pussy out...next time you see her tell her to dust that thing off every once in a while!

    ---Terry walks upstairs and he goes into Nemesis's room and all he sees is a big poster that says DIE and all kinds of dolls and clown dolls sitting all around the room and on the bed---

    Terry Chambers:
    Damn Nemesis you need to not only get out of this wrestling business but you need to grow up...you still collect dolls? God man like there isn't enough shit to make fun of you already! I'm going to take a second and talk about a few things you talked about last time...for starters you said you killed your parents because they got you socks instead of an Atari? Guess what...you were still celebrating your birthday and your parents cared enough to actually throw you a birthday party....You know what I got for my ninth birthday Nemesis? A fucking protein shake! It seems to me you had a pretty normal childhood unlike me where even as a little toddler I was training to be a wrestler cause even back then I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! So you told me to stop spewing bullshit....were you talking in a mirror when you said it because it seems everything you say towards me reflects right back to you! You also said you would cover David Kiffin 1,2,3 if he was laying there dead? It's just you spewing more bullshit because if he was one of your good friends in the business and you respected him like I did...you would understand but since you will never know what it feels like why don't you do what everybody is begging you to do...SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH..Please god I feel like I lose IQ points just listening to you talk! You also tell me all the time to move on from the circus jokes, but what do you keep doing? You keep going on and on and on with the steroid jokes..I admit you little skit about me going "TERRY ROID MODE" actually made me laugh because it is the opposite to me! You want to know something Nemesis about me taking steroids? I took a drug test for NWA just a few days ago and I am clean and you are not the only person accusing me of it...some people sent cops to my house to look for shit and guess what...they didn't find nothing...what more proof do you need you need? You can try to spook me out all you want and are you trying to get me mad or something? My parents never cared for me so I don't care for them so keep talking bout raping my mother and my dads condom broke because I give absolutely zero fucks..you know what go ahead and track my dad and "kill" him too, I really couldn't care less!

    ---Terry opens Nemesis's closet door and pulls out a box that says "Childhood Memories" and he sits down and opens it and takes everything out---

    Terry Chambers:
    I'm expecting to see all kinds of spooky shit here.....Wait oh no it looks like a normal kids memories book! Here's little Nemesis with his first bike...him with his best friend and here's him on his first day of school and oh my god look...here's like 20 pictures of him at the circus or different ones..I think its pretty sad when you want to grow up you want to make minumum wage being entertaining people who are on their damn phones during your entire act anyway! Nemesis, you were cute as a kid...and you are cute now with all your little threats and thinking that you are scaring me....the only thing that scares me is the thought of losing to you again...It's NOT going to happen...and when i say something, it's going to happen!

    ---Terry walks downstairs and the stairs are beginning to collapse then Terry get his liter out and lights it and holds it while he speaks into the camera---

    Terry Chambers: Your not going to need this place when your dead, right Nemesis?

    ---Terry Chambers tosses the liter back in the kitchen as he walks out of the house and as he is walking away you can see the house burning in the background as the camera fades to black---
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    ---The scene open up on a cloudy dark night, Nemesis is seen sitting against a building smoking a cigarette. He notices the camera, *clap clap clap* Nemesis begins to speak to the camera between drags of his cigarette---

    Terry are you sure you are a movie star? I think you should become a professional bullshit spewer. I may be a clown but Terry my boy I don't joke around much anymore, life I hasn't been a joking matter to me since, that incident in the hospital when I look back on that day it may be the only time actually take joy in life. Other people suffering is what I live for Terry, I want people to suffer just like I have suffered all these years everybody in the world gets to grow up and do what they want, everybody but me Terry. Do you know what it's like to have your dreams ripped away from you? NO! you don't because you are nothing but a pretty boy face in the clouds piece of shit. The jokes are getting old Terry, can you not think of anything new, I swear man you have a billion dollar body but yet you have a nickel brain. For one day Terry I want you to carriage around in my skin, just feel what it is like to take a stroll around inside of my guilt filled skin.

    ---Nemesis takes a deep drag of his cigarette and begins to cough---

    See what I'm reduced to Terry a smoker, smoking it keeps me happy, Why does smoking keep me happy? the reason is because it makes my life more concise. Terry I've never been beat in 2 minutes or less in my career, why do you keep spreading bullshit lies about me, if you are going to say something about my career at least do your research please. Terry you said it would take me having to bury you six feet under for you to lose this match, don't inveigle me Terry because I can promise you I won't feel guilty about ending your life, and I am damn well sure you feel the same about me. Terry you have forgotten what I a capable of because we haven't faced off in a number of years my boy. Let me refresh you, I am a guy who got sliced in the eye by his own straight razor and continued to wrestle the match, I almost lost my eye and continued the match, you talk about broken bones and concussions. You act like you have been through a war, kid you don't know a damn thing about brutal you don't know what it's like to almost have your life ended in the ring.

    ---Nemesis finishes his cigarette, only to light up another one---

    Terry you brought up your mommy and daddy issues, I couldn't help but to not give a fuck about them or you, I mean who in their right mind could ever love a dumb piece of shit like you, like come on man. You said your mom never gave a fuck, that was because she was out getting the dick from people like me, remember Terry hookers make great company when you are lonely. Yeah hookers may charge to be with you, but your mom did her job very well if you know I mean Terry. I don't remember if it was your mom or not exactly but the next time you see your mom look for the scar on the back of her neck where I burnt her with my cigar all those years back. Oh wait, I forgot you can't because the bitch is dead. I mean if I saw that my son had become a roid headed piece of shit I would have committed suicide as well.

    ---Nemesis flicks the ashes off his new cigarette before he takes another puff of it, he has a little cough before beginning to speak once again---

    Which bring me to your dad Terry, and let me say what a piece of shit he is for shooting you out of his cock. I would of wiped your piece of shit ass on a napkin, or made your mommy swallow you, you're nothing but an arrogant piece of shit who is going to get his come Friday. Now if only I could contact daddy and dead mommy to watch their son get his ass kicked I would, unfortunately the number I was trying to reach when I called your daddy was not in service. As for your mommy I don't have phone that reaches to hell Terry. Maybe when I send you to hell your mom will appreciate seeing her son get the devils pitch fork up his ass. I saw what you did to your limo driver Terry a penny for a tip I mean come on he deserved a million just for having to put up with your roid rage in the car "TERRY WANT MORE DRINK" I can hear it now "TERRY NO LIKE THIS SONG TERRY WANT NEW SONG" you know speaking like the stupid juice head you are but deny deny deny Terry. Another thing Terry who gives a fuck where you are from, you chose to stay in Detroit it's not my fault America doesn't give a fuck about you or your home city, I mean what did you expect the world is full of idiots and imbreds, including yourself. I really doubt you worked for anything Terry unless you can some how prove this to be true I am going to have to stick with you being a lying sack of shit, that I have known you to be for the past three going on four years.

    ---Nemesis puts his cigarette out and closes the pack, putting it away inside his shirt pocket---

    I am a sick fuck Terry I am glad you are finally starting to see that, I hope everybody realizes that I don't care what I have to do to somebody to get enjoyment I am going to do it, I don't care about anybody or anything. You've been hiding for fifteen years that you killed somebody Terry, are we talking about real life or in one of your shitty fake moves, which I bought from the fifty cent bin, did you think I broke the bank for them I didn't even put them in my player. Back to what you said about killing David Kiffin, see what you did was an accident you didn't kill him on purpose, I have another dark secret that I kept inside since my childhood.

    ---Nemesis stands up and comes closer to the camera, he starts talking directly into the camera---

    I didn't live with my parents when I was younger the reason I didn't live with my parents after I turned nine after I turned nine I started living with my grand parents, they loved me but they would throw me out and disown me if they knew what I did to my parents. You see it was the day I turned nine I was having my birthday party like any normal kid. It came time to open my presents, well you see I never really got much on my birthdays. This was the year I finally broke, I got one gift I got so pissed off I went in my dads dresser and I took his straight razor, back then not many people used shaving razors like today, anyways back to the story I took his straight razor. I waited up that night til my parents went to sleep around say ten o clock, when I was sure they were sleeping I went in and I made them pay for not getting for me what I thought I deserved, I took that straight razor right to their necks. Yeah that's right Terry what you did by accident to somebody I did on purpose to my parents, I killed my parents Terry, did I care no I didn't at the time do I feel guilty about it now? Yeah I do, I can never talk to my parents again, I still carry the straight razor around with me to this day that is where my trusty straight razor came from. So what you do accidentley in the ring Terry I did with no regrets at the time. This isn't a movie Terry there is no director to yell cut in my life when I fuck up, I am sorry we all can't be movie stars like you Terry. The fact that you thought about qutting after that makes me sick..... you know what I would have done? I would have covered his ass for the 1 2 3, I wouldn't have let the referee stop the match.

    ---Nemesis pushes the camera away in anger as static fills the shot and the camera fades to black---
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    ---The scene opens late at night outside of the same graveyard Nemesis was at then camera pans around and it focuses on a Jeep pulling up going full speed then it comes a sudden halt and Terry Chambers gets out wearing his white silky sweats and "Barbaric Carnivore" T-Shirt ad he takes a walk around the graveyard and he comes across the tombstone "Terry Chambers Wrestling Career" then he just bursts out laughing and takes his phone out and takes a picture and posts it wrestlinglol.com then takes a marker out from his pocket and writes "GOT EM" in huge bold letters on it laughing and then he notices a light in the distance then he makes his way over there and he grabs the camera and drags the cameraman as begins to speak---

    Terry Chambers: Nemesis...Nemesis....Nemesis, since you are a clown, you like making jokes and you like making people laugh right? Man I give you props and I applaud you my friend cause this is the funniest shit I have EVER seen! I have heard you say some funny shit about me before but this time...oh my god! I mean rest in peace to my wrestling career? What the hell are you going to do to make that happen? All you ever did was pile up cheap victories over me...I will literally have to be buried in this damn ground for me to stop doing what I love! On a more serious note, Nemesis, you just will never get it will you? I will never stop making jokes about the circus because what else can you say about clowns? Clowns don't belong in a wrestling ring and I have no idea what to do to just make you shut your damn mouth and make you leave! Earlier today I heard you actually say you were wrestling before I knew how to get in the ring? Maybe you may have been wrestling...getting squashed in under 2 minutes to guys who actually had wrestling talent back then....and you don't know a damn thing about me Nemesis....I was practically born in a wrestling ring...for me it was eat, sleep, go to school, then wrestle throughout all my damn life! Something else I found that was pretty damn funny was you saying I don't work for what I have, I sit around and don't do shit, and I am handed everything? Nemesis called me out for saying dumb shit and not listening to myself when at that exact same moment he has got to just listen to himself....So I don't work for what I have? I have wrestled in some of the most brutal matches with some of the greatest wrestlers across this globe and I have wrestled with concussions and I have broken bones in the ring and continued and continued on so everything I have accomplished in my life I have had to work for especially with my mom never giving a fuck and my dad traveling the world and I never saw him I had to teach myself the ways around this ring I never was given a special trainer and I was never given NOTHING in my life! Every single fucking day of my life, I was working for just the simplest of things today's youth is given and it was even harder especially when you are growing up in the city of Detroit!

    ---Terry goes over to somebody elses tombstone that reads "David Kiffin: Beloved man, father, and husband (R.I.P 1976-2002) and Terry all of a sudden steps back and looks like he has seen a ghost---

    Terry Chambers: Nemesis, you are one sick fuck telling everybody about the time you wanted to be a doctor and you almost killed a man! Nemesis that was one sick story and you just had to get it out of your system.....well Nemesis if you thought that was sick....there is a skeleton in my closet I have been hiding for 15 years now! Since you told a dark story about your past, I figure I will do the same! You see this tombstone right here? David Kiffin! Do you know who he is? He was a former professional wrestler..a really talented one I might add and one of the greatest people I have ever worked with inside the squared circle....well June 16th 2002, me and him were working a match just down the road in New York City.....and...an incident happened! I performed a moonsault off of the top turnbuckle...and...well I landed really bad and wrong....and my head landed right on top of his and the impact was so devestating soon we were both not moving but 3 minutes later the doctors said I regained my consciousness but when I woke up...David was still on the mat not moving! He was not breathing then the doctors checked his pulse and then soon after..they pronounced him dead! After that I ducked out of there as quickly as I could and I didn't talk to anybody for several weeks and I considered quitting the wrestling business over that incident but clearly you can see that did not happen because I love what I do that damn much! So what I am trying to tell you Nemesis was you almost killed somebody doing what you thought you loved.....I killed somebody doing what I love! That happened when I was 19 years old and I haven't been scared of anything ever since that day happened...so if you think you scare me with your little empty threats...then my old pal.....you are GRAVELY mistaken!

    ---Terry is quiet for a minute standing next to the tombstone then starts to speak into the camera again---

    Terry Chambers: A couple more things I need to touch up on...You called me a liar over not continuing to wrestle across the globe when EHW sunk....let me just google search myself real quick and you can find out yourself! There we are...all kinds of my matches from 2014 and 2015 and I can guarantee my worst match is better than your best! One other thing I would like to touch up on....go ahead and keep making fun of my movies because you might be the only person on Earth to not give it a thumbs up! But let's be honest here, if you had the opportunity to go for the fame and be a big show in Hollywood along with being the top wrestler like I am...you will be more than glad and that goes for everybody else in the world who say I "sold out". And if you took my movies to Goodwill....that means you have to have purchased them all....Never knew you were a fan...Appreciate it! Now back on the David Kiffin situation.....you know what....now that the skeleton is out of my closet and it's off my chest I feel free and I feel like I know the truth...David Kiffin is comparable to you.....you both aren't any good in the ring, you both can't hang in the ring with me...and come Friday.....you both will be DEAD! What do I mean by that Nemesis? I mean you are busy trying to end my career while I'm going to be focused on ending your breathe because it appears to me you just won't take my advice to leave this business because you don't belong...so it seems you are forcing my hand and I have no other option but to just not end your career...but end YOU!

    ---Terry goes to the other side of David Kiffin's tombstone and writes "R.I.P NEMESIS: HATED CLOWN"

    Terry Chambers: You see this Friday I make my return to the ring for the first time in over a year.....I am going to reclaim my territory which is the squared circle...and I'm going to piss right on the mark!

    ---The scene fades to black as Terry is pissing on the tombstone of David Kiffin---
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    ---The scene opens up with the camera panning around a graveyard, it zooms in on Nemesis who has a shovel in his hand, he seems to be a little muddy. He spots the camera and walks over to it. Nemesis speaks to the camera don't go any further than me I don't want to ruin the surprise for good old Terry---

    You may be asking why are you in a graveyard Nemesis, what is your crazed mind up to now you sick fuck. You know Terry you say a lot of hurtful things man, why you gotta be so hurtful to your old pal Nemesis all I want to do is have fun man. I mean how are straight razor cuts to the mouth not fun, I thought you would enjoy it, I mean wouldn't it make for an interesting story to tell your future wife when she cums all over your face I mean, you get all the ladies man come on. You know how stories work I mean you act in them all the time you should be able to come up with an excuse on why you can't go down on her. Before we go any further with that Terry I know what you are going to say "I don't do relationships nobody is good enough for Terry Chambers" and all that other Macho piece of shit talk. I know you think you are better than everybody, you talk like you are a god when you are nothing more than a dirty peasant. You called me a cockroach, come to think of it Terry you might be right about that, why are your right about that? because I don't die Terry I am like a cockroach in that sense.

    ---Nemesis walks backwards resumes using his shovel to do whatever he was doing, when the NWA cameras found him. Nemesis continues to talk to the camera telling them not to come any closer than they already are, he keeps mumbling something about a surprise for Terry Chambers dirt can be see being flung in all directions---

    Terry there are a lot of people in this world, people who work, people who sit around doing nothing, people who are handed things in life, and people who kiss a lot of ass. You Terry old pal are three of those. You don't work for what you have, you sit around and do nothing, you kiss ass and then things get handed to you Terry. I know I know Terry you've never kissed an ass in your life, look at you Terry you got ass kisser written all over you. You wine and cry when you don't get your way, NWA is ignorant for putting you in a match against me you sound like a god damn fool, I have beaten you countless times why would they be ignorant to square us up again. Sometimes I don't know about you Terry, I am crazy but sometimes you say the craziest shit like come on man.... just stop and listen to yourself just listen for a few minutes on how dumb you actually sound. I don't belong in a wrestling ring, I was wrestling before you knew get in the ring, but you know classic Terry Chambers nobody can touch him hes all high and mighty I'll bring your ass down to earth when I slice the shit out of you, I might even give you a nice hair cut with this straight razor Terry. The only problem with my haircuts Terry is that they always seem to come with a temporary natural red dye, yeah I might take it to far and scalp the shit out of you, lets see how many movie gigs you get after that. You will have a nice scar on the top of your head to go with the two that will be on your mouth. You think you are the only one who is tired of this match happening Terry, I came out of retirement to face talented people, I didn't come out of retirement to take out the trash. If I wanted to take out the trash I would have taken a box full of your movies to good will, I didn't do that because I was afraid I would get turned away for trying to poison the homeless.

    ---Nemesis stops for a second to catch his breathe after furiously shoveling out what looks to be a hole of some sort Nemesis looks back at the camera---

    Terry, why are my victories always cheap but yet some how your victories are like something from another universe. I think you need to come back down to Earth, stop smoking or sniffing what ever you drugs you are on they are clearly messing with your brain as little as it may be it still has to be there. Anytime I win it's because I pulled a rabbit out of my ass or something never legit with Terry Chambers, a real man would admit he got beat not make excuses like a bitch. I like to hide behind makeup? You are right Terry I hide behind makeup for a reason, I hide my face because I'm ashamed Terry, I hide my face because of what I've done in my life, you really don't know about me Terry. You make jokes about me being in the circus turning my back on the circus, I got kicked out of the circus Terry. Why did I get kicked out? because they found out what I did, I didn't want to be a wrestler when I was younger Terry. I wanted to be a doctor when I was little.

    ---A little look of sadness and anger can be seen on Nemesis' face as be begins to tell a story---

    Yeah I wanted to be a doctor, I was in medical school when it happened, we had to do a surgery on an actual person for a grade, I know what you are thinking "Isn't that illegal" they were volunteers to help medical students experience the real procedures and actually be able to do them. Then it finally came it was good old Nemesis' turn, I had do to do knee surgery on one patient. I got up to the point where I had cut open the skin, I did that then the blood started to get to me I started to enjoy seeing the persons blood. I was having fun seeing the blood coming out of that person, so what did I do that made me ashamed of myself, made me want to hide behind facepaint for the rest of life? I started cutting parts that didn't need to be cut, I'm not just talking about the skin I started cutting into the nerves I didn't care for the health or safety of the patient. I just wanted to satisfy my blood lust. They were able to stop the bleeding, they went looking for me but I ran off, which is why I go by the name of Nemesis. EVERYDAY WHEN I LOOK IN THE MIRROR I HAVE TO LIVE WITH WHAT I DID TERRY, life isn't all fairy tales and rainbows, you need to grow up.

    --Nemesis returns to digging---

    I turned my back on the circus though Terry, now you know my life story something I've held inside for over ten years. I am not hating on you for having success in another business, I am hating on you because you went without notice you just upped and left. Give me the bullshit that you wrestled everywhere after EHW went out of business, we all know you are lying through your stupid teeth, grow a set of balls and just admit the truth for once in your life Terry. I want you to prove to me when the bell rings that you haven't lost a step because, the way you speak might say something different, Hollywood has you on those roids they must be fucking with your brain more than you think. Talk about the gym Terry I know I don't "hit the gym" as much as you do, I don't need to because I know I can wrestle circles around you it doesn't matter what type of wrestling standard, hardcore, or pure I am light years ahead of you still in the ring, talk like I don't belong here and I will show you that I do. I want you to send me back to the circus Terry, do what you have been saying you are going to do for years now, stop talking about it and finally fucking do it. All you ever make fun of me for is the circus it's getting old Terry time to come up with some new material, it wasn't funny the first time it certainly isn't funny 3 years later. It's time for your surprise though Terry I dug you a place for you to lay down when I beat you once again.

    ---The camera pans over to a grave looking hole that has a tombstone reading Terry Chambers Wrestling Career Nemesis' throws the shovel down and walks away from the camera. The camera pans around the room as it zooms out and fades to black Nemesis can be heard laughing---
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    ( Kreature has just watched footage of the words Apex Nitro had for him and  immediatly busts out laughing )

    My first match back and I'm sharing the ring with this guy *laughs* But I won't underestimate this man's ability by his stupidity. Anyone who comes out here and says derogatory words probaly has zero education and may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer; but he just might cut the deepest cut. Apex, I am a hall of famer for chris sake's and my hair has never been in the way of me winning and i won't be an issue when we step into he ring and do battle. I have never more disgusted by a wrestler than I am by you, Apex. But what can you do in this business when you dislike someone? In a business where people hurt each other for a living when we dislike each one and another we fight. So don't be the slightest bit surprised if I go after you. I bet you are wondering why i dislike you, aren't you? It's simple. I take this business serious. It's all i have and all i've ever had. Then here comes a so called "gangster" who thinks he's going to stop me from becoming world champion? That'll never happen, my friend. Luckily for me I get the chance to knock the drugs out of an obvious junkie like yourself and then go on a beat the rest of those boys and claim my throne as not only the top wrestler in NWA, but the best of the best and The World Heavyweight Champion. Some people make it from a bad neighborhood and do better with their life. You, I see you ass a thug. I see you as the type of guy who'd win the title and sell the gold. So here's what I'm gonna do Not for you, for these fans, I'm gonna beat the hell out of you and make you wish you never left the mean streets of Detroit. You see, while Detroit may be your "hood", Apex, my "hood" is inside a wrestling arena. My home is inside the squared circle, and my family is all of these fans who pay to watch me every week, and the most important detail about my hood is that We wont let anyone come in and take over. And the rest of the men in this match I would love to hea your incredibly fantansies on how you think you are going to beat me in the battle royal but after all is said and done you all will be dissaponited in yourself's. I shouldn' even be in a match with this caliber of talent but it is what it is, i'll continue to do what i do best NWA roster, no matter your name, origin, credentials, know this. Something wicked this way comes. The man many saw as the next CZW World Heavyweight champion has come to claim his throne atop the mountain, and I will slaughter any man, woman, child, or beast that attempts to defy my rule. I have sacrificed too much, we have sacrificed too much to see this mission fail now. My loss will become your sorrow, my sacrifice your destruction. So bring your numbers, your egos, your abilities. Bring whatever weapon you see fit, but just know.......I'm bringing my own...........

    (Camera Fades)
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