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     NWA Promo Zone!

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    NWA Promo Zone! - Page 3 Empty
    PostNWA Promo Zone!

    NWA Promo Zone! - Page 3 A6epqeC

    Here you can write promos about current storylines, matches, shows, or anything else you are involved in. Please make sure the promos which you conduct are relevant to your current position in the NWA roster and storylines. Please do not spam or post images in this area. Feel free to challenge unstorylined wrestlers if you wish, but do realize that even though you challenge a member doesn't mean they will face you. These promos are strictly storyline based. All personal feelings should be kept away from this area.
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    NWA Promo Zone! :: Comments

    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:29 am by Guest
    ["Prince" Parker Mitchells XIV is shown walking around backstage in a tuxedo. Many people are giving him looks of uncertainty showing they're not sure how the kid can produce. He's obviously new to the area as not many people know who he is, that doesn't just mean the people in the back, the crowd doesn't know if he'll live up to his own hype either. Despite being a huge star in Canada, he is the only person in the entire company that believes that he will be something big. Self confident.]

    "Surprised to see me here? Here in the big leagues. This is where Princes shine and where peasants fall behind the fine line between great and mediocre. Those who fall behind the line will be given a title for life, and not the kinda they want. They will forever be known as the ones who weren't good enough to make the big times. It's quite certain that in the wonderful world of wrestling that not everyone makes a name for themselves. That's why people often wonder if I will. That's the question on everyone's mind going into the return of NWA. The questions and the topics aren't about the NWA Championship, the return of Terry Chambers, nor the return of a man named Nemesis. No, no. The topics are much larger than those minor economy setbacks that require a microscope to be seen. The real topic that's being discussed right now is how will "the Prince of Wrestling" fit in to the big leagues. How will I mold to the greatness and will I succeed. Look no further, I have the answer for you right here. Yes. I have already made it in my own respective way. Sure, none of you baffling fools know who I am. I can't help ignorant people. I can't help that the sub-par talent in the back are ignorant to my greatness and I can't help that the mules that put their asses in their seats week in and week out don't know who I am. They can boo me to hell but I still know, every week these gullible seagulls will come back for more. It's like a horror movie, specifically Halloween. The killer dies just about eight times but he keeps coming back for more, persistent or fucking stupid? That's another fine line to discuss, but now I'm getting off topic. There's one thing I know for sure, you don't have to know me to love me. It was literally seconds ago I was just wandering around back here, getting to know the place. The first word to come out of my mouth was 'surprised' it was at that moment that ninety five percent of the mules made up their minds on if they like me or if they don't. I am here for one reason and one reason only and that's to expand my kingdom. It's time to let the light shine on me, show the big leagues what a REAL star looks like and if any of you want to know you're looking at it right now.

    [PPM14 pulls a mirror out of his tuxedo pocket and makes sure he looks alright. He fixes his tie and cracks is neck. He lies his mirror down on the table next to him and begins to talk again.]

    "Now, at NWA Live: Revival, I'm going against two men who are highly respected in this general area of professional wrestling. One man named Jason Cage and the other being Chris "self-proclaimed" Elite. Now, I added that little addition to your name because you've never proved to be elite. You've never proved yourself better than anyone so you've resorted to tricking your empty skull into believing something that is a true blow to the business, tricking yourself into thinking you're something better than below-average. I would tell you why I'm called the Prince, but I know for a fact that past accomplishments don't count for shit here. I could go on and brag about how I've never been defeated in my span of a year and how I am a former world champion from several Canadian establishments. I'm, however, not ill minded. I know that here in NWA, none of those accomplishments matter. I know that just like every other newcomer I'm going to have to prove myself to the entire place. Not just to the management but to the asses that put their asses in the seats week in, week out. I know that I'm the top wrestler in this company, but until they know that it doesn't truly matter. I know a lot of things. I know who everyone is, I've scouted the competition of NWA since it re-opened. I'm the type of person that studies my opponents and truthfully gets under the skin of my opponents. There are cowards in the back already trembling in fear just listening to me speak my mind and I know for a damn fact that once they see what I can produce INSIDE the ring, it will reflect on why I speak so highly of myself OUTSIDE of the ring. You know the old saying, it’s not cocky if you can back it up? Well I live that to my life, that’s my bible. Preach it. Live it. Love it. I back it up. I am the best in the ring and I know it. I know that the ants around me around full sized humans but sitting here at the top of this kingdom that I’ve created from scratch, I feel like they really COULD be ants. I feel like everything I’ve built, I’ve built because I truly am the best at what I do. Everything I’ve done in the ring, every championship, tournament, battle royal, undefeated streak, everything I’ve accomplished; blown out of the water. Inexistent. The empire I’ve created starts right now. Everything that I’ve ever done is no longer. Chris Elite, Jason Cage… I’d loathe to be either one of you two.”

    [PPM14 walks down the hall into his locker room that has his diamond studded name in gold lettering. It’s notable that the other locker rooms only have black lettering with no studs. PPM14’s also had a huge, gold star sticker right in the center of it. PPM14 walks into the room revealing a leather black couch sitting in front of a huge 100+ inch television, matching the black leather chair also in the locker room. On the other side of the room, there’s a mini-fridge along with a coffee table with a Keurig Coffee Maker on top of it. A large stack of coffee mugs sit beside the Keurig Coffee Maker. PPM14 goes over and gets himself a glass of coffee, grabs the remote control and turns the television on. Channel 2 KDKA News is already on the television, he sips his coffee and watches the weather. The camera pans around him showing his face again.]

    “Yeah, yeah. I know. I did some renovations. Okay, I did a lot of renovations. I just figured the Prince of Wrestling deserves a Prince of Wrestling locker room. It’s not like a made demands, I spent my hard earned money on this locker room and I’ll be damned if I can’t do whatever the hell I want to do with it. Now, let’s talk Revival. Chris Elite and Jacob Cage. I know you’re good. You know you’re good. One problem though, you don’t know I’m good. How are you going to strategize against someone you don’t even know you’re dealing with? How are you going to try to make a mockery of me when you don’t even know what moves I can lay out on you. Here’s a little heads up, keep your head down. My feet fly higher than Snoop Dogg after a Grammy and if you don’t think I’ll use that against you thank you’re frankly an idiot. Do you know how many awards I have, how many Hall of Fames I’m in? There should be a fucking shrine with my name on it, a fucking statue in Canada dedicated to me cus Lord knows I’m the only good thing that’s ever come out of that shit hole. Maybe that’s because I was born here in America or maybe I’m just ahead of my time. There should be a damn monument dedicated to ME bigger than the Statue of Liberty is tall and Mount Rushmore is wide, but there’s not. I’m going to have to accept it and I will easily be able to because I know that one day there will be, and when that day comes, I’ll be standing right on top of that massive structure, right on top of my empire, my kingdom and I’ll be yelling down to you ants like I am now, I’ll be yelling ‘I TOLLLLDDD YOU SOOOOO!’ That’s when I know I’ve made it. It’s right then that I can finally call my momma up and tell her ‘FUCK YOU MOM.’ I can tell her I was right. I can tell her that I didn’t need a damn penny from her, because do you know what I started with? I started with a fucking name. Parker Mitchells. I took that name and built it to one of the biggest names in Canada, “Prince” Parker Mitchells XIV. It’s MY kingdom. I’ve built it from the ground and I’m fucking proud that I’ve made a bigger name for myself than my deadbeat dad who walked out on us or my stingy mom that gave my water with blue food coloring because she was too damn greedy to spend an extra five dollars on some kool-aid. I didn’t have to go to a private school or get special training because I’ve built this kingdom all on my own, and now here I am, on top of the damn world. I am here telling you Chris “Self Proclaimed” Elite and you, Jason Cage, your damndest to dethrone me but in the end, I’ll be standing above the two of you with my crown on my head and cape draped over my shoulders. 2016 is the year of the Prince. You’re going to be beaten worse than golden boy Fig Newton on SuperBowl Sunday.

    The era of the prince is amongst us.

    No shame in losing to the best.

    Bow to me peasants.”

    [The camera fades to black.]

    NWA Promo Zone! - Page 3 Ziggle12
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:03 am by Guest

    ---The scene opens backstage in a parking garage in Buffalo, New York where the NWA Revival show is taking place and the car comes to a stop then the limo driver walks over and holds the door open for Terry Chambers as he slowly steps out wearing a suit and his blue Beats headphones then the driver runs to the back of the car and grabs his duffle bag and hands it to him and as Terry puts the strap on his shoulder the driver is standing there motioning for a tip---

    Terry Chambers: Why are you still standing here? Oh excuse me I totally forgot....

    ---Terry takes out about 2 thousand dollars and begins counting it and as he is giving it to the driver he pulls it away and rips the money in half with a creepy laugh then he takes out a penny and flicks it at the drivers face---

    Terry Chambers: Get out of my face you low life scum, you are not worthy of being around such a big superstar!

    ---The driver with his head down gets in the limo and drives away as Terry begins walking and he is on his phone then comes to a stop when he sees the first ever card trending on Twitter and he watches "Nemesis has words for Terry Chambers" on YouTube then he looks around suspiciously and he finds the camera that was following him and he begins to speak---

    Terry Chambers: I knew there was a camera around here somewhere! Hey you...yes you the fatass holding the camera..get over here right now! Listen I want you to get every word I am about to say then post it to the NWA Youtube page because I want Nemesis to get every word I am about to say! Follow me where ever I go you hear me? Ok so here we are....we are finally here...the NWA revival show...this is where wrestlers all over the world want to come and be apart of the greatest wrestling on Earth....and we are only a few days away! We are a few days away and the NWA front office has done something totally ignorant already! They put me in a match against somebody I have encountered many times in my wrestling career and he goes by the name Nemesis! This guy Nemesis is like a cockroach isn't he? He just won't go the fuck away from the wrestling business where there is signs all over the place telling him he don't belong in the squared circle! Nemesis likes to think of me as one of his greatest rivals in his career, that's not shocking because every fucking person I have stepped in the ring with have thought of me as of their greatest rivals because they know getting into the ring with me is the most prestige honor in their lifetime and even though Nemesis is going to deny this and reverse what I am saying and say "You know your my greatest honor because stepping into the ring with me in the most prestige honor in your lifetime" and all that type of shit, he knows it, I know he does! Nemesis likes to think of me as one of his greatest rivals, but him to me is just another match where I am not being put in the right matches and just a plain warm up match! Oh I know Nemesis is going to say he had the upper hand on me while in EHW and all that, a couple cheap victories don't prove who you are as a wrestler, everybody loses to a somebody who is clearly under their ability level atleast once in their career whether you want to admit or not! You fatass behind the camera knows this, Nemesis knows this, and all these hypocrites that live on Earth knows this, that all those matches where Nemesis came out on top over me, I dominated him all match long then out of nowhere lightning struck and he rolled me up or got lucky and it doesn't take a Nemesis to figure it out! You know what I think, I think Nemesis is nothing more than a pathetic coward because he likes to call me out for my success after I temporarily ended my wrestling career saying I am a sellout and he's gonna make me bleed out! Its because Nemesis likes to hide behind makeup and hide his face because he knows he is hideous and no girl would even take a bribe to get him laid yet he just kiss him! I don't hide behind facepaint Nemesis because I am not afraid to show who I really am....A cocky, arrogant, handsome, movie star, kicking ass son of a bitch! You wonder why the girls are all over me and you are all lonely.....Here's a tip....here's step 1..just look into the mirror!

    ---Terry arrives at his dressing room door and tells the camera man to stay where he is as he goes in and comes out wearing silk white sweats and a "Barbaric Carnivore" T-Shirt then tells the cameraman to follow him as he is walking around backstage and he walks out to the empty arena of the NWA revival show and he takes it all in and walks slowly to the ring and begins to tear up then sits down right in the center of the ring---

    Terry Chambers: Nemesis has the nerve to actually say one of the stupidest things I have ever heard not only in my career, from him and in my entire lifetime....I am a sellout and I turned my back on the wrestling business? MOTHERFUCK......I was about to go off but I am a professional....If anything Nemesis I care more about this business than any of these idiots in the NWA locker room..I was born with this gift to wrestle and I had my first every wrestling match when I was 9 years old then from then on became a internet darling! I mean for fuck sake, I am tearing up just sitting here in this ring! I can do things in this ring that will drop your jaws to the floor! How could I have turned my back on the wrestling business cause if I recall EHW went out of business and I wrestled pretty much everywhere and the wrestling business will hire pretty much any fucking piece of trash that only do wrestling for a paycheck and don't know a wristlock to a wristwatch so why would I want anything to do with them? I moved on with my life and became successful in acting but guess what Nemesis? I came back because I love this business so much so your argument of me selling out and turning my back on wrestling is invalid...sorry And I see you talked about pretty much every single person i have faced in my career has talked about....I am a roidhead! Let me tell you something I have told you a million times so it gets through your tic tac brain....I feel steroids is not only cheating your body, but you are cheating yourself! It is called hitting the gym Nemesis...try it sometime! Nemesis I think you got something mixed up because me turning my back on wrestling? No, no, no my friend it's more like you turning your back on the circus to do something because that's where you belong! You have no business in my kingdom here in the squared circle and I am going to prove that when that bell rings!

    ---Terry stands up and pushes the camera out of his face then all of a sudden puts the cameraman on his shoulders then just lets him down---

    Terry Chambers: My lawyer said I can't do that anymore!

    ---The scene fades to black as Terry Chambers walks to the back---
    Where these niggas @?
    Post on Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:51 am by Guest
    *Scene fades in on Apex Nitro, wearing his signature sideways hat and letterman jacket.


    Yo, What's good boys? I've just been notified that I'm gonna be in a Battle Royale Match for the #1 contenders match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, but by a point system? Who even are these people I got a match with? Ash Lee ain't even gonna be able to see the ring with them squinted ass eyes bruh. Kreature? My dude gonna have too much hair in the way to see where he goin! Tyler Inspire? The fuck kinda name is that? When I'm done with you, the only thing you're gonna be inspiring is the retirement home and maybe the Emergency Room if you don't back out the match now. I just got here and I got the golden opportunity to write history. Bouta be the quickest rising star up in here. Shit you ain't never even dreamed about is bouta come your way boys. I'm gonna send all your asses back to the locker room one by one. Let the name Apex Nitro be known around the world!

    *drops mic and walks out of camera, camera then fades out*

    Last edited by Apex Nitro on Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:02 pm; edited 1 time in total
    Mark Shadow
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:16 am by Mark Shadow
    [The scene opens into a dim, darkened view; an alluring green hill is shown, with the dense clouds advancing through the azure, cerulean sky. The boisterous sounds of birds chirping are heard, with the trees' leaves fluttering throughout the air. The camera abruptly zooms into an adjoining glimpse of the hill. Along with the improved perspective, a figure is shown staring at the camera. The camera focuses onto an eager, and deliberately indignant Mark Shadow.]

    Absurdity is the window to a man's brain.

    Absurd, imbecilic, fatuous are all words that I could propose to describe the character of Venom. He states that his new found mission is to establish himself as the best this company has ever witnessed. He believes that he is the monarch of NWA, he views himself as some sort of emperor, some sort of warrior that is qualified to take back his NWA Championship. That is nothing more than drivel. He is not a warrior, he is not an emperor, and he's nowhere near adjacent to being the greatest. In my eyes, he's nothing more than a self-brainwashed, egotistical, asinine man. Venom and I have a bulk of history to some extent, and people may examine that and resort to assumptions. Have I never won against Venom? Yes. Have I lost both my championship titles to Venom? Yes. Is Venom, in any way, shape, or form, even remotely close to my level of brilliance? Not in this universe, and not in any other one. Greatness always comes with a consequence, the consequence I had to face with my level of potency was others hallucinating and deluding themselves into false belief. Others live in this imaginary world where I am not the most dominant, where I am capable of being beaten. While others live in an imaginary world with their fanciful fantasies, I am living in the present; and not only am I living in the present, I AM THE PRESENT! There is no man standing alive in this company, or this world, that can compare to my degree of preeminence at my craft. Venom, you were the first 2 time NWA champion, you were a TV Champion, you've had a tremendous career... those are the words of others. In my humble assessment, I believe that you are nothing more than a fluke. You have nothing that compares to the abundance of determination, the strength, the fire that I have. You may have defeated me in the past, but this is the present; and in the present, I am the only thing that matters. I am the conductor of change, and that undefeated record you have, is about to change. I am not the old Mark Shadow, I am a revived, rehabilitated saint in the world as we know it.

    Everyone has a destiny, and Venom's destiny is bound for failure.

    Venom, you are a fraud. You are a anemic excuse for a human being, and not only do you not belong in the same ring as me, you do not belong in the same Earth as me. That is the difference between you and me, I am vastly great, and you lack in comparison. You are the self-proclaimed "Fallen Monarch" that will stop at nothing to win back his gold and glory? The fact is, that you may not even make it to match number 2. I will end you, I will maim you and I will dismantle your pathetic career in one single match. The cold, harsh, truth about life is that no matter how much hard work you put in, natural talent establishes people ahead in life, and that is why I am where I am, and why you are far behind. I have a fire in my heart, a burning desire to create change, and I won't let someone on your status bring my rise of change to a halt. This isn't an amiable game, this is make or break for your life. I am disposed and inclined to make you feel pain, make you feel like you don't want to stand up ever again, I want you to struggle. This isn't a warning, this is a declaration that Venom will agonize. It is deplorable if you even feel like you are even in the same tier as me, let alone be able to defeat me in my current state. I am more vicious and barbarous than any man you have ever fought. I am hell-bent on leaving that ring, as the victor. I will walk away from you the same way I walk away from ants after I step on them. That is all you are to me, an insignificant ant that is a microscopic roadblock in my road to accomplish anything that I desire. Superiority is life's way of granting some everything they can ask for, and making others suffer. I am superiority's definition, I am the quintessential professional wrestler, and those words will haunt you in your nightmares after I've executed to perfection against you in our match.

    [Mark Shadow ascents to the base of his feet, and provides the camera with an ambitious and impatient look, as he walks away with an alarming and chilling atmosphere that surrounds him. The camera fades to black.]
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Fri Feb 12, 2016 11:23 pm by Guest

    ---The scene opens up with a dark figure standing in a small room, a cloud of smoke fills the room making the figure hard to make out, a laugh can be heard through the dark room, a mysterious laugh but a sort of familiar laugh after all. The laugh is still hard to make out because the figure is standing with his back to the camera a voice begins to speak---

    What is the meaning of life, to be successful or to be an endless cycle of disappointment maybe it is both. I question all the time why did life bring my back to this place what is the plan for me I try to get out but I keep getting pulled back in, some might say it is a blessing and a curse but I say its a fucking curse because I have to wrestle in front of thousands of stupid people with no respect. I wish I could crush every single fan like the rats that they are, I want to cuz them with my straight razor. Once again in NWA facing one of the most familiar foes that I have in this industry.

    ---The figure pulls out a straight razor and waves it around with his back still to the camera a glimpse of his bare cheek is caught on the camera but he can't be made out, the figure continues to talk in a serious tone---

    My familiar foe, is none other than Terry Chambers yup my old pal Terry, we go one on one once again my boy, I will once again show the world who the better man is, I am going to make you taste your own blood Terry, I am going to slice your lips open the only thing sweeter than honey is the sight of seeing your worst enemy taste and cough up their own blood, you may be wondering who I am and we will get to that in due time Terry my boy, I am going to make you sweat it out keep on wondering what kind of sick bastard could say that to another human being, I want you to think real hard I want the smoke to pour out of your head I mean we all know how small your damn brain is I would call you a meat head but that's offensive to meat.

    ---The figure pulls out a makeup brush and two little bottles of facepaint one black one white, which bring more wonder as to who this man is why is he verbally targeting Terry Chambers of all people, the figure starts to garnish his face with the paint, as he keeps talking about Terry Chambers---

    I know you know who I am Terry, we may not have experienced each others presence since I don't know say EHW, regardless Terry I am closer to you now than you ever thought possible, I know you are going to say you don't care this that and the same old bullshit you used to spew daily in EHW and where every else you went around the globe. Are you still pumping roids Terry are you going to rage against me when we finally come face to face once again, or in your case face to ceiling. I already got word Terry you will be facing me February 19th it's funny how I just got signed by NWA and I know things before you Terry I am like a god among men. Have you figured out who I am yet Terry, even somebody like you must be able to figure out the obvious.... hint.... after hint..... after hint..... the straight razor, and the facepaint not enough Terry?

    ---The figure starts to laugh as he sets down the makeup brush and the facepaint bottles, he reaches for a purple jacket and throws it on, the smoke is starting to clear now the figure is becoming more noticeable the figure slowly turns to the camera---

    Yes Terry the big reveal, I am back Terry, NWA came calling one day for good old Nemesis to come out of retirement, I still hate you just as much as I ever did Terry I am going to stop at nothing, to once again make your life a living hell I will make you experience the disappointment I have experience I will however never allow you to experience the success I have had in the industry, now I know you came out of retirement as well Terry big old movie star here, I know all about you Terry. Personally I think your movies suck, you should have stayed in Hollywood Terry, now I have to send you back with a lot of cuts and bruises. You talked about being next in line to be EHW champion meanwhile you couldn't even beat me Terry what makes you think you would have been champion, I would call you a washed up hasbeen but unfortunately for you, you are a never was. Why do the girls flock to you? because you are movie star? Nobody for Nemesis, always lonely am I, why doesn't Nemesis get the movie deals why do you get to have all the success outside of the wrestling business. Nobody wants you here movie star you turned your back on the wrestling industry and jetted for Hollywood, I may be a clown but even I wouldn't go to the joke that Hollywood is. I guess we will see Friday if Hollywood did indeed change you or not. You Hollywood guys are all the same you only care about social media with your facebook, and twitter, maybe I am just old fashioned but who gives a fuck if your name is trending world wide. While you are content with bossing people around to get you water in Hollywood, the difference between you and I is retired and didn't turn my back on the wrestling industry, you have unfinished business with wrestling well Friday I am going to finish your business

    ---Nemesis lights up a cigarette and blows the smoke at the camera before he turns away from it and walks off as the camera zooms out and fades black he can be heard laughing and yelling "Terry Fucking Chambers Movie Star" out loud.

    Last edited by Nemesis on Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:38 am; edited 1 time in total
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:02 pm by Guest
    The day was slow, I really didn't have anything going on which was nice for a change because usually? I was constantly going and never really had the time to relax. Sitting on the couch in my girlfriends apartment, I had my Nintendo hooked up, yes, the regular old school Nintendo from the 80's and I was playing a very intense game of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out which was very difficult but I managed to get pretty good at the game since I have played it since I was a child.

    With my attention on the television set, I had the extremely small Nintendo controller in my hands as I was methodically pressing the buttons so that I could evade attacks as well as counter them with some perfectly timed punches which would defeat my opponents much quicker. Seeing my lovely girlfriend Kat who was recording my every move, I knew why she was doing it and that's because I asked her to so that I could say a few words to everybody in the NWA.

    "Let me guess, this is the part where I'm supposed to tell all of you that I'm coming for the NWA Championship, right? Nah, that's not going to happen and that's simply because talk is cheap.

    I know how this is going to go, everybody is going to preach about how they are the best. Everybody is going to stake claim to that NWA Championship and I understand that, if you're not in this business to be the best then why are you here?

    Me however? I'm going to sit here quietly, biding my time until the events start to take place and when that happens? It won't be my words that put championship gold around my waist, no, it will be my actions within the ring that puts championship gold around my waist and if you don't believe me then that's perfectly fine, it will make my journey to the top just that much easier."

    Looking away from my game very briefly, I flashed a wink and a smile knowing that so many people would undermine me, would simply shrug off what I'm saying but in due time? Reality will hit and trust me, she's going to leave so many people speechless.
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:20 pm by Guest
    Ash Lee is out front of a store. A bottle is in his hand.

    Ash Lee: I need to stay sober. If I am not sober, I will not be able to beat James Cross.

    Ash Lee takes a drink from the bottle. It's empty, he throws it over his shoulder. It crashes.


    Hard against the sidewalk. Glass shatters.

    Ash Lee: I heard from my friend, my friend Jack Hunter, that there is a place that can handle our team. A place where he can show me the way. A way to be. A way to be a better, a better street fighter.

    Ash Lee stops. He gets serious.

    Ash Lee: And no assholes, I don't mean the game.

    Ash Lee: This is real life. THIS is the life I chose. The LIFE of the STREET.

    Ash Lee flips the middle finger and his debut promo is done.
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:17 pm by Guest
    The camera opens up, Jack Hunter is standing in a very dark room putting his head down.

    Jack Hunter: My name is Jack Hunter.. I've gone through a lot to be here, but now i'm finally here, a wrestler.

    Jack Hunter: NWA.. I'm here, and your gonna see a lot more of me. But now I start with my first victim, James Cross. James Cross your not a bad wrestler, but that's not gonna save you from getting an ass kicking tonight.

    Jack Hunter: I street fighted when I was only 15, I have little bruises that can be shown every now and then.. But now, i'm a wrestler. And i'm not letting anything get in my way.

    Jack starts to laugh hard while the camera statics fast and goes back.

    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Thu Feb 11, 2016 8:19 am by Guest
    (The scene opens with two men having a conversation in a line full of people. The line of people are awaiting arrival of former IWF, FWE and EHW star, The Enigmatic Creature.)

    Man 1: Can you believe it; Wrestling's favorite Kreature is making his return to the squared circle. This could mean big things to come for the world of wrestling.

    Man 2: Kreature WAS a great wrestler. But it has been ages since he has thrilled us. He hasn't done anything in awhile and I do think he has it anymore.

    Man 1: How can you say that? TEC is a once in a lifetime athlete. And yeah, I agree he hasn't been in the ring in awhile; but I can guarantee you one thing, Kreature is gonne be the first NWA 2.0 world heavyweight champion.

    (Kreature walks in the room and the fans who are also in the room start to clap for him. He starts to sign autograph after autograph. Finally we get to the end of the line of this meet-and-greet and the two men are the last to meet Kreature)

    Man 1: Yo, Kreatch, can you believe this fool said you ain't go it no more! He thinks because you took a hiatus from the ring that you have ring rust; tell him what's up, man?

    (Kreature stands up)

    Man 2: Look man, I didn't mean to cause any problems with you, I ju---

    (Kreature extends his hand to the man)

    Man 2: Umm...

    (The man shakes Kreature's hand)

    Kreature: Do you know why I just offered you my hand, man?

    Man 2: No, I don't. But I'm sure you're going to tell me.

    Kreature: You see, I need you. You are what I like to call a “motivator”. You motivate me to do what I do every night. You think I can't wrestle anymore? Fine. Will I prove you wrong? Yes. Can you or anyone help stop me from becoming world champion? No. Now you understand There will be a lot of familiar faces in NWA. Guys who I have faced and some I have defeated. Guys like Venom, Diamond Cage, Mark Shadow, and my good friend, James Cross. But unlike those guys, I'm not making empty promises that will just be broken to my fans, no. I'm making realistic promises. You will never catch me saying shit like “I'm going to go and entire career without being pinned or submitted” Because losing is apart of the game. But I can promise that I will be your first world heavyweight champion. Bank on it.

    (Kreature quickly signs his last two autographs as the two men are left in awe)

    -end scene-
    The Arrival
    Post on Thu Feb 11, 2016 1:07 am by Guest
    The Arrival

    *Scene fades in from center to edges, showing the streets of Detroit, sirens in the background as a young, 16 year old black teenager is running with a bag of money hustled from the drugstore across the street.*

    Apex: Shit man, they comin' up on my ass! I gotta haul ass nigga!

    Police: Stop right where you are!

    *Apex makes his way around a corner and into a dark alleyway where he hops over a fence and escapes into a neighborhood, no sign of Apex's mischief was seen again until 8 years later when he became the newest addition to New Wrestlers Association*

    *Scene fades away from edges to center*

    Apex soon learned that all of his dreams of becoming a professional wrestler for all the fame and money he wanted were right in his grasps. Apex had seen the commercials on TV of the revival of NWA and had sought out to become a part of the industry. He scheduled an interview and shortly got the job after many meetings with Chairman Diamond Cage.

    However, doubts would soon fill Apex when the nerves struck him...

    Apex: (Well, being a cocky guy and all, the problem here is... I'm the new guy this time... Countless times in high school I witnessed others being the new guy, living in the heart of Detroit my entire life, I've never had to be the new guy... What if I'm not into this whole thing? What if I'm not even in the same league as these other guys...? I don't know anything about any of these other niggas, I have no experience in professionals, only high school and college... This ain't like me to doubt myself... Although I suppose only the future can foretell my mark in this industry...)
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
    Post on Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:44 pm by Guest

    ---The scene opens in Hollywood, California outside Set 4 where "Heart of a Warrior" is filming as the cameraman shows a pass and enters the building and he turns the camera on Terry Chambers filming a scene with his co-star Jessica Alba, they kiss and the director yells cut then Terry and Alba say good job to each other as they walk off the set---

    Terry Chambers: Somebody get me some water over here!

    ---Terry's assistant on the set brings him water and as he is taking a sip he is checking his Twitter and he sees "NWA" trending then he clicks on it and the top story is "NWA WRESTLING IS BEING REVIVED!" then he makes a amused face then finally sees the cameraman and he turns and begins to speak---

    Terry Chambers:
    Who sent you here? Who let you in? Where are you from? I'm guessing NWA sent you here to get my thoughts because they want to sign the hottest and greatest wrestler to ever walk this planet Terry Chambers? Well I just got the news and I am surprisingly shocked by this news because I never thought it would happen! It was a place I wanted to join a couple years ago around the time I was the star in EHW...I wanted to join NWA because to me it was truly where the big boys played because look at their roster! I was so bored in EHW because I felt I had no competition there then they merged the title and I was next in line to become the champion but EHW hit bankruptcy and so did NWA! After that I didn't know what to do so I wrestled the indies a couple of times but of course I had no competition there also so I decided to give my backup a try...acting! I started off at the bottom doing regional work or being a extra and now look where I am....I am the lead role of this new blockbuster hit "Heart of a Warrior" co-starring Jessica Alba coming out this summer! This is my first lead role in a movie like this but you may have seen me on other shit like guest starring on TV series or appearing on talk shows and co-starring in a couple of movies! That's what I have been up to ever since I let wrestling go but now look at what I just read! According to many reports NWA has already signed big names such as James Cross, Mark Shadow, Diamond Cage, and even an old foe Nemesis! I got the great feeling that they are going to be better than they ever were before and you probably came here to see if I wanted in....and you know what....post this on the internet right now...I am coming out of retirement of wrestling and I want to sign with NWA! I got some unfinished business with wrestling I need to take care of! As soon as I am finished here I'm going to go to get a contract with NWA!

    ---Director tells Terry they are done for the day and Terry says ok as he leaves to take a shower then he is seen leaving the building in a suit with a duffle bag wearing his blue Beats headphones boarding his private jet---

    ---The scene opens 10 hours later on Terry's private jet as Terry is recording himself on his cell phone---

    Terry Chambers: Well well well, it is official! I just left NWA management's office and I am now on the roster for New Wrestlers Association! I am going to be the world's biggest movie star along being the greatest wrestler at the same time! My attitude has not changed a bit...I respect absolutely nobody in that NWA locker room...nor do I care about anybody whose name is not Terry Chambers and I don't care if you a kid dying of cancer...read my lips....I don't give no fucks about anybody but myself and myself only! Another reason I am coming to NWA because I have a major itch I need to scratch and that is in my entire wrestling career which has lasted since I was 9...I have never won a world championship and that I WILL accomplish and if anyone wants to even try to stop me...well that's your choice and if you choose to do it....you'll know the consequences soon enough! And don't anybody in the locker room think that Hollywood changed me and I am just washed up because I have a wrestling ring in my house and I trained every single day just in case that day came in which it did today and believe me when I tell you if you think I was a monster in the indies and in EHW....you haven't seen nothing yet! I wish everybody in NWA good luck when we officially get started....at trying to stop me!

    ---Terry looks away for a second and looks at his tablet and smiles---

    Terry Chambers: "Terry Chambers" is now one of the top trends worldwide now on Twitter...God damn if I'm the #1 trending topic already....where am I going to be ranked as one of the most badass people to ever live when I am holding the NWA world title when at the same time as "Heart of a Warrior" smashes box office numbers? Oh shit my phone battery is about to die so here is one final message to fans and all NWA wrestlers!

    ---Terry puts up both middle fingers as he shuts his phone down---

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    Mark Shadow
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
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    Tick tock... tick tock... tick tock...

    Tick tock... tick tock... tick tock...


    *The scene opens in a dark room with an unfocused zoom in of a clock, the camera focuses in and the clock is revealed. The dustiness and oldness of the clock are easily distinguishable, as the previously black border surrounding the clock has transformed into a light brown shade of colour. The clock's time is at 11:59, with the second hand moving slowly with each tick, towards the 12:00 mark.*

    11:59:48... 11:59:49... 11:59:50... 11:59:51...11:59:52... 11:59:53... 11:59:54... 11:59:55... 11:59:56... 11:59:57... 11:59:58... 11:59:59...


    *The clock shatters into individual uneven pieces suddenly, as they fall onto the ground. The camera vibrates, and shakes and eventually falls onto the ground, it remains turned on as it continues to record the dark room. A shadowy figure appears and the outline of fingers are wrapped around the fallen camera. The light in the room starts to reveal itself, as the man is shown... to be Mark Shadow.*

    Inside every man's brain is a frame of mind.

    Is the shadow that follows you, really yours? We, as humans decide what is ours and what isn't ours. There are no facts in the world, everything is created by us. Everything revolves around us, or so they say. The concepts, the philosophies, the thoughts that make the world function like it does, why are they like that? The reason is, because of individual frame of mind. My name is Mark Shadow, I've been in the wrestling business for a while now, but the majority of the planet does not know my name. Why? Frame of mind. I'm not here because I think that I can do something, I'm here because I know that I will accomplish something. NWA is coming back, and along with that, so am I. You may not know who I am, but I can assure you, that you will. Not only will you know who I am, you won't be able. I am the conductor of change, that means that I am the leader of NWA and the leader of professional wrestling. I am not a follower, I am the ringmaster, I am the creator, you could even call me a god. I am vastly superior to any other imbecile on this roster, and that's a fact. There's this cage, and when I open that cage, I release the beast. The animal that has been held there for far too long, crying and begging to be let out, has been let out. This isn't a warning, this isn't a threat, this isn't anything remotely close to that, this is a fact. I am powerful, I am strong, I am mighty. Although, my greatest strength? That is my mind. I am more astute and adroit than anyone you know;my wits are stronger than a bond between a man and his best friend. All my life, growing up, I have gone through pain and struggle;I have gone through the depths of hell, back and forth, but THAT IS THE REASON I AM THE MAN I AM TODAY! I want everyone watching at home, I want everyone to listen to me when I say this... I want you to comprehend what I'm about to say. Tonight is just the calm before the storm, the sun before the moon, the rise before the fall.

    The system shows animosity towards the great, and nepotism towards those that lack the same greatness.

    There has been no one that has stepped onto that chamber, that container that is called a wrestling ring that can compare to my superiority in every shape, way or form. I have an obsession, a compulsion that drives me the way that it does, and that is to win. I cannot live with losing, there are no moral wins in my mind. You are either a winner, or you are nothing more than a loser. It's the simple, yet harsh truth of life. There are some people that succeed, and some people that are bound to fail. That life formula applies to everyone, except me. I don't show affliction or concern about that formula. Do you want to know why? It's because, for every other man, they fall into a category. I am not a regular man, I don't play by the rules, I don't fall into a category. I am great and I would be great in any other alternate reality. I am here to be the savior of professional wrestling, I am here to please you pathetic, brain-lacking, feeble-minded viewers at home with actual wrestling. I am not a gimmick, I am not a character, I am real. I am that nightmare that you constantly have;I am that fear that is always in your thoughts;I am that darkness that follows you. I am Mark Shadow, and I am here to stay.

    *Mark Shadow's fingers disappear from the camera's view, and his face follows. Suddenly, the camera shakes before abruptly collapsing onto the silverfish, polished floor. A reticent sound is heard, almost as a melody of a door closing, as the scene fades to black.*
    Re: NWA Promo Zone!
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    (There is nothing but darkness. Suddenly, a lighter is sparked and a candle is lit. It reveals a familiar face. The man is sitting on a stool staring directly into the camera)

    Ah, I believed it was over with. Everything was so great back then… the lights were shining, the crowd was cheering, and the posters had my face on it. They were all crazy about me. I was one of the most enigmatic phenomenons in the wrestling history, even competing for the NWA Championship two times. I was even holding the EHW Championship after the merger occurred, headlining nearly every single event! But the days grew longer and longer, I had a demon lurking my shoulder, and everyone around me was just exhausted. Eventually, I became exhausted too. The new faces were young and dumb, the returning talent had clearly lost a couple steps by the time they stepped in that ring, and everyone has to go when it’s their time. I suppose NWA just faded away, but today marks the day. The return of NWA. The re-birth, the awakening, a new beginning…

    A new beginning for me. You see, while many were waiting to hear of me, waiting to see thy face again, I’ve been working. I’ve been preparing myself for this moment precisely. My return to the wrestling world has been long awaited, but now the day is here. Jimmy Extreme, Jimmy Krauss, Jimmy Cross, Jimmy this, Jimmy that, whatever you used to call me is gone though… I am not who I once was; I am greater. I am James Cross, a believer in my faith, and a believer in one self. I am going to put in the work needed to get back to the top, I am going to put in the work to be the BEST THERE EVER WAS!! Because I am going to hold a championship belt, I am going to be a powerful force in this company. There was a point where I was undefeated and I plan to start the reign of an undefeated champion once again.

    If someone stands in my way, than they are surely to fall for their cause. I don’t believe anyone here has half the talent I possess, and that’s an understatement. Once I walk through those doors again, and my first opponent realizes who they are going to be up against, and eveyone witnesses my wrath, the wrath of GOD once again, they are going to see that my return to excellence, my return to number one is without a doubt, certain.
    Now NWA…. Do you believe in ghosts?
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    "The Prince of Wrestling" is here in NWA. That means nobody is safe.
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    NWA Promo Zone!

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