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     "The Fallen Monarch" Venom

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    PostSubject: "The Fallen Monarch" Venom   Sat Feb 06, 2016 7:20 pm

    Ring Name: Venom

    Nickname (optional):
    The Fallen Monarch

    Picture Base:
    Triple H

    Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia


    Specialty Match:  
    Hell in a Cell, No Holds Barred.

    Specialty Weapon:

    Theme Song:"The Game" by Chris Warren Band (Titantron - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31HZnyVxmGA )
    Alignment (Heel/Tweener/Face): Face

    Moveset (10 Max.):
    Knee Style Facebuster, Swinging Neckbreaker, Leg Drop, Snap DDT, Fisherman Suplex, Diving Elbow Drop, Double Axe Handle, German Suplex, Belly To Belly Suplex, Flying Clothesline, Strong Uppercut, Gut buster. Reverse STO. Discus clothesline

    High Impact Moves (5 Max.): Double A Spinebuster, Flatliner, Brainbuster, Running Knee to the Skull,

    Finishers (3 Max.):
    Injection (Pedigree) Venom Trap (Crossface) Toxic Array (Brainbuster from top rope) (Last Resort)

    Gimmick: With the revival of NWA, Venom has a new found mission. Being a veteran of NWA and EHW from 3 years ago, Venom further seeks to establish himself as the best this company has witnessed. In the past, he claimed to the the monarch of the company, but has since then began to perceive himself as a fallen warrior. He has now labeled himself has The Fallen Monarch as he seeks to reach the top again by starting at the bottom. His top priority in NWA is to reclaim the NWA Championship as he views it as the championship that he never lost.

    NWA Accomplishments

    NWA/EHW Television Champion (2-16-13 - 5-18-13) (Vacated) Defeated Mark Shadow at Exodus

    NWA/EHW Champion x2 (5-18-13 - 7-20-13) (Longest Reigning EHW Champion) Defeated Mark Shadow at Bound For Greatness.  (8-17-13 - EHW's Closing) Defeated Jimmy Krauss and Jake Copeland at Aftershock.

    First Two Time EHW/NWA Champion
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    "The Fallen Monarch" Venom
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