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    PostSubject: "Elite" Jason Cage   "Elite" Jason Cage I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 08, 2016 11:32 am

    Ring Name: Jason Cage
    Nickname(s): “Elite”
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 220
    Hometown: Orlando, Florida
    Personality Traits: N/A

    Pic Base: Daniel Bryan

    Theme Song: “I Won't Give In" by Asking Alexandria

    Disposition: Tweener (Read Gimmick)
    Gimmick: Once known as Jacob Steele. Fan favorite, but will do whatever it takes to secure the win. Very cool headed guy until someone says the wrong thing to him, then you’ll wish you hadn’t said anything. One of the best Technical wrestlers you’ll ever see.
    Specialty Match: Submission Match/Ultimate Submission Match
    Goals in NWA: After having success in other federations such as NWF, EWE, LEGION, EAW, S.E.X., etc., and capturing multiple Championships throughout his career, Jason Cage wants to continue to prove his dominance as a Technical wrestler and obtain what everyone wants; the NWA Championship.

    Common Moves:
    DDT Variations (Double Underhook, Elevated, Fireman's Carry, Jumping, Lifting, Running, Single Underhook, Snap, Tilt-a-Whirl, Springboard Tornado, Rope Hung, Falling Inverted, Half Nelson Inverted, Lifting Inverted)
    Suplex Variations (German, Vertical, Belly To Belly, Back To Back, Stalling, Superplex, Snap, Fisherman, Hammerlock, Slingshot, Suplex Slam, Underhook, Cobra Clutch, Pumphandle, Tiger)
    Neckbreaker Variations (Argentine, Neckbreaker Slam, Running, Shoulder Neckbreaker, Swinging)
    Back Body Drop
    Backhand Chop
    Cross Armbreaker
    Dragon Screw
    Forearm Smash

    Signature Moves:
    Modern Revolution (Running High Knee) Can be used as a finisher
    Triforce (Triple Rolling Verticals)
    Bridging Dragon Suplex
    Calf Slicer

    Finishing Moves:
    Forced Confession (Omoplata Crossface)
    Eliteplata (Gogoplata)
    Call of Elite (Three-Quarter Nelson Suplex, can also be a Choke before the Suplex) Click the link to see the move.
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    "Elite" Jason Cage
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