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    Mark Shadow

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    PostSubject: Mark Shadow.   Mark Shadow. I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 09, 2016 4:13 pm

    Ring Name - Mark Shadow

    Weight - 235 Pounds

    Hometown - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Signature Moves - Shining Wizard, Pop-Up Powerbomb, Enziguri, Flying Crossbody, Suicide Dive, Top Rope Hurricanrana, German Suplex, Moonsault, Half Nelson Bulldog, Tornado DDT, One Legged Boston Crab, Sharpshooter

    Finishing Moves - Spear, Diamond Cutter (RKO), Twist of Fate (Rare)

    Alignment (Heel, Face or Tweener) - Tweener

    Theme Music - Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin

    Character Description - Mark Shadow is a man that has a constant obsession with the ways of the system, the ways of those that hold him back, he feels as if life is just one big game and he's always playing on the impossible difficulty. He desperately strives to create a world where everything is just, everything is fair, everything is right in the world as we know it. He is the self-proclaimed "Conductor of Change" due to his constant fight against the higher power. He wants to own the world, he wants to be the man that changes it, he wants to be the main part of the evolution of the world, and this company. He didn't start wrestling for championships, the gold, the glory, the fame, any of that... He did it to create change, on his own. Will that mean that he has to be dominant? Yes, and Mark Shadow knows that. Mark Shadow wants to be the most dominant human in the history of our planet, and will stop at nothing to accomplish that. He is willing to put his body on the line, he was willing to kill, he was willing to destroy just for that precious change that he desire so much. He has that monster inside of them that he hides, and that monster awakes the moment he steps foot onto that ring.

    Pic Base: Edge
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    Mark Shadow.
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