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    PostSubject: Prepare To Be Inspired!   Prepare To Be Inspired! I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 12, 2016 9:18 pm

    Ring Name: Tyler Inspire
    Real Name: Tyler Inspire
    Nicknames: “The Sensation of Innovation” “The Highlight of the Night” “Mr. Motivation”
    Birthdate: 7/6/90
    Height: 6’3”
    Weight: 240 lbs.
    Hometown: Columbus, OH
    Gimmick: Brash, confident, and young. Tyler Inspire claims to be the most innovative and excellent wrestler on the planet and has the skills to back it up. A young hot head with charismatic ambitions and a slick tongue.
    Alignment: Heel
    Entrance Music: “White Washed” by August Burns Red
    Ring Entrance: The lights go completely black in the arena as the intro of “White Washed” by August Burns Red begins to play over the PA. The fans boo in anticipation of the sight of Tyler Inspire. Suddenly the heavy riffs of the breakdown hit hard over the PA’s and multi-colored strobe lights flash with the bassline of the music as Tyler Inspire makes his entrance. After a moment of pausing to taunt the crowd, Tyler makes his way to the ring. He stands outside of the ring for a moment, loosening up and stretching before jumping up to the apron and flipping over the ropes and landing ACH style in a kneeling position.
    Wrestling Style: Technical/Lucha – Striker – High Flying

    Finishing Move: The Inspirator
    Finishing Move Description: Falcon Arrow into a double knee backstabber.  (also performed from middle or top rope on special occasions.)

    Alternate Finish: The Motivator
    Alternate Finish Description: Blue Thunder Driver into a double knee backbreaker/lungblower.

    Set Up Move(s): Brace Face (Tommasio Ciampa style trio of running knee attacks into the opponents face while sitting in corner but Tyler uses the knee with his brace.)
    Superman Punch (Can be hit from anywhere.. Springboard, rebound, catching opponent in mid-air, etc..)

    Trademark Moves:
    1. Wake Up Call (Shuji Kondo’s Whale Hunt)
    2. TylerDriver  (OmegaDriver)
    3. RevolverBomb (Powerbomb into a sitout double knee facebuster)
    4. 630 Senton
    5. Saturday Night Special (Stu Hart Special)
    6. 2KO - KneeKO (Go2Sleep. Uses the braced knee to hit opponent in the face)
    7. Double Rotation Moonsalt
    8. Shooting Star Senton
    9. Fall From Grace (Tyler lifts opponent high into the air with both arms and lands a superkick to the face while opponent is free falling their way back to the mat)
    10. 450 Kneesalt (450 splash that lands in a single knee strike to the opponents face.) (Can be performed from multiple scenarios – springboard, top rope, to a downed or standing opponent or from the phoenix position which would then be a Phoenix 450 Kneesalt, etc..)

    Other Moves:  
    Kickboxing kicks (Lower, high, mid, inside, front, spinning heel, roundhouse, pele, etc..)
    Open and closed fist strikes
    Knife edge chops
    Knee and elbow strikes

    Suplex (All forms – Tiger, Dragon, German, Snap, Fisherman’s, Xploder, T-Bone, etc…)
    Death Valley Driver (also performed into the turnbuckle)
    Reverse Death Valley Driver
    DDT (All forms – Reverse, Implant, Tornado, Diving, Suicide Dive Tornado, Spinning Head Scissors etc..)
    Backbreaker (All forms – Sideslam, Tilt-a-Whirl, STO, Argentine, etc..)
    Neckbreaker (All forms – Diving, Spinning, Snap, Front Flip, etc..)
    Brainbuster onto Knee

    Somersalt Plancha
    Corkscrew Plancha

    Figure Four Leg Lock
    Dragon Sleeper

    History: From the earliest moments of Tyler Inspire's life, he wanted to perform. No matter what he was into at the time, he excelled and worked hard to be the best he could be. Tyler didn't find out the love he had for professional wrestling until he was a teen. Currently playing junior varsity football and basketball for his school, he was headed towards a bright future that involved college until his love for professional wrestling took over. At the age of 15, he worked hard and saved up his money to train for wrestling. By the time he was 19, he had made a name for himself and traveled to Japan for the first time. He had become a cult icon in the independent wrestling scene and his career quickly took off until he suffered a horrible injury on tour in Japan in late 2013. He was 23 years old and just budding into his career. The fans adored him and he adored the fans. His matches were filled with dazzling moves and high flying stunts that the crowd loved and he always played into whatever they cheered for. Until the ACL tear in his right knee. Many of his close friends will say that Tyler changed during that period, becoming distant, angry, and obsessed with making a comeback. The man that returns to the ring is nowhere near like the man that he was before. Still a highlight reel with all the talent in the world but his attitude isn't the same. No longer a man who cares for the fans or the sport, but only to succeed and willing to do whatever it takes to do it.
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    Prepare To Be Inspired!
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