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     Time To Feel My Pain

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    PostSubject: Time To Feel My Pain   Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:21 pm

    Ring Name - Brayden Cruise

    Weight - 6'0

    Hometown - Peterborough, Ontario Canada

    Signature Moves - Brainbuster
    - Superkick
    - Snap Suplex
    - Spike DDT
    - Neckbreaker
    - Suicide Dive ( At almost anytime )
    - Running powerbomb
    - Dropkick
    - Running dropkick while opponent is hanging in turnbuckle
    - Death Valley Driver
    - Diving Double Foot Stomp
    - Cutter
    - Figure Four
    - 450 Splash
    - Bridging arm triangle choke
    - Cradle Driver
    - Boston Crab
    - Sidewalk Slam
    - Hanging Suplex
    - Moonsault

    Finishing Moves - 1 - Top Rope Brainbuster
    2 - Spinning Lariat

    Alignment (Heel, Face or Tweener) - Heel

    Theme Music - Fade To Black - Metallica

    Character Description - The world isn't a very nice place and in the eyes of Brayden Cruise that statement couldn't be anymore true. At the young age of 17 Brayden was kicked out of his fathers house for the simple fact that he had no money. Not having any money to help his fathers drinking habbit did nothing, but send Brayden to the streets. That's exactly when Brayden found out what this world is all about and he saw something that wasn't very pretty. Now at the age of 20 he's finally signed his contract to compete inside the middle of the ring and it will be with NWA. Brayden wants to make people suffer just like he did and NWA is exactly where he wants to do it.

    Pic Base:
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    PostSubject: Re: Time To Feel My Pain   Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:06 pm

    Welcome to NWA bro. This is Redd.
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    Time To Feel My Pain
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